Senko: I can't help it! It's my ItaSaku phase! I can't stop making the stories! x.X anywayz, this story came from a story I heard from my best friend and also came from the manga Death Note. This story's plot is rather similar to "Worlds Apart's" plot just because it deals with a book. Yeah I kinda like books and I love reading (fanfiction, that is) -.-

Summary: She was never one to believe that the future could be foretold, shaped to one's desires, or even fixed. Yet when she is given the opportunity to do so, her views are changed and she begins to realize that messing with fate could produce bizarre results. ItaSaku

"Qoutes" - dialogue

Italics - emphasis, outer Sakura

/text/ - inner Sakura

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Chapter 1

"And with this magical love potion, Sasuke-kun will finally fall for me!" Ino squealed. "Ha, forehead-girl! I will finally beat you!"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Those things are fake, you pig," Sakura replied.

The two seventeen-year-old girls were trotting down the street. They had both given up on Sasuke when he left, but when he returned a year ago they couldn't help but compete for his affection again. It's not like they were as serious about it as they were when they were twelve, though. They just found that occassionally joking around about winning Sasuke's love actually helped them talk more and spend time together more. It was as if Sasuke held the two together. You might be asking why Ino got a magic love potion if they weren't serious about their rivalry for Sasuke's love. See, Ino believes in superstitution, fortune telling, and magical love potions. Sakura, on the other hand, doesn't. So when they passed by a psychic's place, Ino couldn't help but drag Sakura with her. In truth, Ino didn't actually get the love potion for selfish reasons; she actually got it because she wanted to learn the ingredients of the love potion in order to create a special potion she had in mind.

Ino faked a gasp. "H-How can you say that! Those words are forbidden, forhead-girl, FORBIDDEN! Never shall those words ever be spoken, do you hear me!"

Sakura sighed. "Whatever..."

And then Ino laughed. "So, what's up with you today? Today, you're all whatever this and whatever that. Is it the time of the month?"

Sakura glared. "No. As a matter of, I'm just frustrated that I can't master this new healing technique."

"Ugh, you are so too into this medical ninja thing. Relax for a while. Lately, you're all about goingn to training and learning as many new things as possible. It's good to be motivated but it's unhealthy when you get frustrated and yet you still keep getting yourself frustrated. You need some fun, some new adventures to get you away!"

"I think I have enough fun and adventures when I'm sent on a mission every month and almost get killed."

"NO! I mean the fun and adventures romance! You have never dated anyone!"

"Don't tell me you're actually saving yourself for Sasuke...that's unhealthy. You need to experience the joys of youth!"

" have been hanging around Lee-san too much."

"Let's focus on what's more important here - you need to be normal. You are turning eighteen next year! When you look back on your memories, it won't be very nice remembering studying medical scrolls and almost getting killed."

"Fine, fine. Just shut up and I'll try to get a date. Happy?"

"Totally!" Ino beamed. The two girls arrived at the Yamanaka Flower Shop. Ino said her goodbye for the day and Sakura began to make her way home. Life seemed to follow an all too predictable routine for Haruno Sakura, until now. Deep in thoughts while on her way home, Sakura tripped and fell down.

"Oww..." she murmured, and then got up to see that she had tripped over a thin notebook. She picked and up and exmined for the owner's name; there was no name written on it. She glanced around cehcking to see if perhaps the owner was nearby, but there was no one. So she picked up the notebook and continued home.

Sakura stared at her ceiling. It was about ten P.M. and she had to get a good night's rest for tomorrow, but she wasn't tired. She looked over to her desk, which was situated nearby, and noticed the notebook she had found earlier. She got up from her bed and made her way towards the book. Examining it, she recognized for the first time that the notebook was very pretty. It was black, thin, and blank. She flipped over the cover. At the lower left hand corner was a sticker that said name, but there was no name written on it. She flipped through the pages, but there were no entries. This could only mean that Sakura can be the new owner.

"Sakura! Go to bed!" her mother yelled from downstairs.

"Yeah, I'm going!" Sakura yelled back, although she just took a seat at her desk and took out a pen and wrote her name down in the notebook.

What should I write down?

/Make it a diary/

A diary? I haven't had one of those long ago?

/Since Sasuke left./

Ugh, did you really have to tell me? Ever heard of a rheotorical question?

/Yes, I just had to tell you./

Fine, yeah, whatever. I'll make it a diary.

And so she began to write down an entry.

Dear Diary,

Today was boring like any other day. I went to the hospital and helped out as usual. I got the afternoon off, though, since there wasn't many patients. And then Ino-pig wanted to go shopping with me. But after that Ino-pig saw this psychic place and went and bought some stupid love potion. Oh, we met Hinata-chan while shopping. Hinata-chan is such a nice person, although she lacks confidence. Naruto is such an idiot for not noticing the signs that Hinata-chan sends him. She's been sending him signs for, what, years! I won't be going to the hospital tomorrow. I'll just meet with Tsunade-sama, study some scrolls, and then help Hinata-chan ask Naruto for a date. Well, I must sleep now.

That morning Sakura woke up bright and early. She quickly brushed her teeth, washed her face, and fixed her hair. After changing, she realized that she had forgotten to close her diary. When she approached her diary, though, her eyes slightly widened in shock. Someone had entered an entry below her's.

Dear Sakura,

Today will be a normal day. Hinata will ask Naruto for a date, but he will reject her because he had already made plans with you.

Could her mother have written this? No, the handwriting was too neat and elegant. She decided to brush off these thoughts; it could have just been someone who snuck into her room while she was sleeping. Maybe Shikamaru or Ino-pig came inside while she was still sleeping? That can't be, her bedroom door is still locked and only she has the keys and her keys are right there on her desk next to the diary. Oh that's right, brush off the thoughts. Sakura opened one of her drawers and placed the book in and closed it. Then she took her keys, put it in her pockets, and left.


The Godaime bolted up awake, drool still visible on her mouth. "Huh? Wha? Sakura?"

Sakura gritted her teeth in anger. "Aren't you supposed to be doing something aside from sleeping?"

"Really? Oh, yeah, that's right. Paperwork. I totally forgot."

Sakura sighed. "I cannot believe you are actually the Hokage. Anyway, I'm taking this medical scroll with me. Is that alright?"

Tsunade didn't even look; her eyes were beginning to close again. "Uh, yeah, sure."

As soon as Sakura left the room, Tsunade fell right back into sleep.

Sakura entered Ichiraku. Hinata had agreed that they would meet there. Apparently, today Hinata would finally ask Naruto out on a date. When she entered, she noticed that Hinata was not there yet. Naruto was, though.

"Ohayo, Sakura-chan!" He greeted, slurping in his ramen.

"Sakura-chan, Sakura-chan! I heard that your last mission was a really though A-class mission! When I got back from my mission, I was so mad that the old hag would send you on such a dangerous mission! I thought I might not see you again! But they told me that you got back the other day. I would have greeted you but the old hag sent me out on another mission. Anyway, to celebrate I've got two free coupons for Ichiraku! Let's have dinner together tonight! What do you say?"

"Yeah, sure," Sakura said. "That mission almost killed me! We should celebrate!"

Normally, Sakura wouldn't agree. But Team Seven was just so separated nowadays. Konoha currently had a shortage of ninjas so Kakashi and many other jounins are usually on missions. Naruto and Sasuke are also some of those jounins that are always sent on missions. Sakura had it easier since she usually just played the role of a medic-nin. Tsunade had agreed that Sakura would only be a medic-nin unless it was necessary for her to play another role. She only saw the rest of Team Seven a few times a month, so she had to take any opportunity she could to spend time with any of them.

"S-Sakura-chan...ohayo," a timid voice said from behind.

Sakura turned around, smiling. "Ohayo, Hinata-chan! Oh, sit here!" she said, getting up so that Hinata could sit next to Naruto. Sakura took the seat next to Hinata. "Well, Hi-na-ta-chan..."

Hinata stared at her fingers that were fidgeting on her lap. "Uh...y-yeah, Sakura-chan..."

Sakura whispered, "Ahem. Anytime now, Hinata-chan."

"I-I-I know."

"Hey! What are you two whispering about?" Naruto asked.

"Nothing!" Sakura replied, gently nudging Hinata on the arm.

Hinata turned towards Naruto. "Uh, uhm, N-Naruto-kun?"


"Uhm...uhm, w-would you like to, uhm, g-go on a date with me?"

"Sure, Hinata-chan!" Naruto beamed. "When?"

Hinata smiled in relief. "Uhm, how about tonight? L-let's have dinner together."

Naruto frowned. "Aw, I'm sorry! I already have plans with Sakura-chan!"

"How about tomorrow!" Sakura suggested. "You and Hinata-chan can go on a date tomorrow!"

"I have another mission," Naruto said.


The words rang in her head continously.

He will reject her because he had already made plans with you.

He will reject her because he had already made plans with you.

He will reject her because he had already made plans with you.

What was going on?

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