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Chapter 3

Sakura rushed downstairs and greeted Ino. "Morning, pig."

"Morning to you too, forehead-girl," she said. "Anyway, sorry if I woke you up or something. Godaime-sama just informed me that we will be going on a mission today together with a team. You have about...well, actually, you don't have time. Just pack right now and we're leaving."

"What!" Sakura exclaimed. "But I haven't gotten ready yet!"

"That's why I was sent to get you. Now let's go and pack," Ino stepped into Sakura's house and dragged Sakura by the arm to Sakura's bedroom. Ino impatiently waited while Sakura hastily packed up her clothes and necessities. After a while, Ino headed for Sakura's bathroom. "I'm gonna use your bathroom, forehead-girl."

Once Ino was gone, Sakura spotted her diary. She contemplated whether or not she should take her diary along, but after a few seconds she quickly grabbed her diary and placed it in her bag before Ino came out of the bathroom.

"Are you done yet?" Ino asked, coming out of the bathroom.

"Yeah, let's go," Sakura said.

"Alright, you guys are all here," Shikamaru said. "Man, this is so troublesome. Now I have to talk about the mission with you."

Ino, Sakura, Neji, and Lee stood before Shikamaru, waiting for the details about the mission.

Shikamaru sighed and whispered something about troublesome this and that before revealing the details of the mission. "Alright, so it seems that the group of ninjas who were sent the other day to retrieve the stolen data from Uchiha Itachi and Hoshigake Kisame were unsuccessful. The ninjas just arrived early this morning and were half-dead. Godaime-sama said that she had underestimated the missing-nins and overestimated her ninjas. After much thinking she finally decided to make another group, unfortunately, and made me the leader of this new group. We are to get back the stolen data. Ino has great mind techniques that are helpful for spying. Sakura is our medic-nin. Neji and Lee are the main attackers and defenders in case we fight the missing-nins. lastly, I am the strategist and leader. Man, this was a lot of words."

"I can't believe you're this lazy," Ino commented.

'This is rather going on a mission that involves Itachi. Oh well, it's better me than Sasuke-kun,' Sakura thought to herself.

Hours past by and the group was leaping from tree to tree. They were approaching the border soon. After about another hour, the group finally reached a small town situated near the border. They stopped and entered the town.

"Neji, use your Byakugan to see if the missing-nins are anywhere near us," Shikamaru ordered.

"Yes," Neji answered, turning on his Byakugan and scanning the area. As the group approached an inn, Neji spotted the missing-nins in his field of vision. "I see them inside the inn. They are inside room 105 looking at the profiles."

"That's good. So, everyone lets go. We will be 'spending' the night here since it's dusk already," Shikamaru declared.

"What if they realize that we're ninjas? What if they attack us in our sleep?" Lee asked.

"Why don't we take off our forehead protectors once reserve our rooms? That way they won't know that we are ninjas," Sakura suggested.

"That's a great idea," Shikamaru responded.

They group rented two rooms for the night. Shikamaru, Lee, and Neji were in one room while Sakura and Ino were in another room. Both rooms were next to each other. Dusk quickly faded and evening was approaching. The group decided to spend some time in the village. After taking off their forehead protectors they left the inn and explored the town. Little did they know, two shadows watched from a distance.

The first figure examined Sakura, who was running around from store to store, and then looked down at the profile in his hands.

Name: Haruno, Sakura

Age: 17

Hair: Pink

Eyes: Green

Height: 5'4''

Specialty: Genjutsu, medical jutsu

Background: First in family to become a ninja. Became a genin at twelve, became a chunin at fifteen, and officially qualified as a medic-nin at fourteen. As a genin, trained under Hatake Kakashi. Teammates were Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto. As a chunin, trained under the legendary Sannin and Godaime of Konohagakure, Tsunade. Successfully completed twenty C-rank missions, thirteen B-rank missions, and two A-rank missions the previous year. Failed two B-rank missions and one A-rank mission the previous year.

Note from the Hokage: Hello, Kazekage-san. I understand that your village is in need of medic-nins. Sakura is my prized apprentice and I am confident that she will teach your students to become wonderful medic-nins. One of these days, there's no doubt that her skills will surpass my skills. Treat her well! Just because you are now Kazekage doesn't mean you are more superior than me,Gaara! I am still older and more experienced than you! Treat my pupil wrong and you shall face my wrath! I will send her to your village in a week. -happy face- sorry about the drools on this page. I kinda fell asleep while writing this and I'm too lazy to rewrite it.

The figure grinned widely, making his sharp teeth visible. "Look, Itachi, it's her."

The second figure glanced at Sakura and then at the profile. "Yes."

"What should we do?" the first figure asked.

"She's most likely part of another group the Godaime sent to retrieve the stolen data. We wait until she and her group attack us. Then we take her."

"This necklace is just so cute!" Sakura exclaimed, hugging the necklace that she just bought. It was a simple necklace but it had an outline of a heart as the pendant. The heart was silver. Inside the heart was a pink cherry blossom.

"Well, my bracelet is way better than your necklace," Ino glared, showing off her bracelet. The single bracelet consisted of three thin, purple plastic straps intertwining each other. Small, silver stars hung from each strap.

While walking, the two spotted all three of their other teammates. They quickly joined up with Shikamaru, Lee, and Neji.

"What's up, guys?" Sakura asked.

"Yeah, it's kinda wierd seeing the three of you together like this. Normally, Shikamaru would be staring at the sky wishing that there were clouds, since it is nighttime right now. Lee would be bothering Neji to train and Neji would be ignoring Lee," Ino commented.

"The missing-nins are in our room," Neji said, a serious look formed on his face.

"What! In our rooms?" Ino exclaimed.

"Yes," Lee repeated. "They are in our rooms. It seems that our attempt to make them think we are simply regular citizens have failed. I wonder why..."

Sakrua panicked. Her diary was in her room. What if they took her diary? What would she do then? "Well, we have to go and stop them! They could take our belongings!"

Shikamaru sighed. "It's too risky to just barge in and demand them to stop. Besides, only an idiot would take something of precious or sentimental value with them on a mission."

Sakura remained quiet.

"Anyway," Shikamaru continued, "we don't know how they found out we're ninjas. It seems that we must face them sooner than planned. Neji, Lee, and I will fight the missing-nins. In case the missing-nins slip away from us, I am trusting you two, Sakura and Ino, to make sure that they do not escape. Now, let's go in."

Of course, if you knew Itachi you'd know that he wouldn't be easily ambushed byjounins at all. He had either surpassed or equalled a Kage in strength already. He knew that Konoha'sgroup of ninjas discovered whathe and Kisame were doing, and he knew that right now they were approaching the inn.

Sakura followed behind the males of her group and walked abouta couple steps behind Ino. Ino was ramblingon about her new bracelet while Sakura tried to examined the inn as they entered. Strange, she didn't noticehow reddish the inn actually was. Or was it blood? Could Itachi and Kisamehave killed already? Wait, why is her team moving so far ahead from her?She tried to pick up her pace but realized that she was glued to the ground. Staring down at her feet, she noticedshe was all black. What hadhappened toher color? Looking around she realized that her teammates, who were nowdisappearing from her sight, were also blackish.

"Kunoichi," a cold voice said from behind her.

She blinked, and suddenly everything returned to normal. The colors of theinn and her teammates recovered. Everything seemed normal, except that a kunai was held to her throat. Sakura's eyes blurred and her head was dizzy;how could havefallen into such a powerful genjutsu?

"Sakura!" it was Ino's voice.

Struggling tolook ahead,Sakura could only make out a blurred outline of Ino.Her visionwas dimming and soon she fell victim to the darkness. Her body fell but never hit the ground. Instead she felt arms around her back and under her knees carrying her before she blacked out.

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