Chapter Two

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"So did my dad ever do anything like that?" Harry wanted to know.

"Anything embarrassing, or just anything stupid?" Remus asked.

"Either," Harry replied with a grin.

"Well, he was once caught wandering the castle naked…" Sirius said.

"He was a sleepwalker, and had a habit of not wearing pajamas – not a good combination," Remus explained.

"Actually, he was wearing a robe when he left the dorm. I just thought it'd be funny to magic it off him before sending him on his way," Sirius said, grinning. "Bit of payback for the skinny-dipping dare."

Harry laughed, and Fred said, "Good one!"

"In the stupid department…the incident before the Quidditch Cup Match of our seventh year was a bit brainless…but then, Padfoot had a hand in that, too…" Remus mused.

"Hey, no fair! It was his idea to get drunk," Sirius protested.

"And whose idea was it to vandalize the Ravenclaw common room?" Remus asked pointedly.

"I don't remember. It's all a bit fuzzy by then…" Sirius said innocently.

"Wait a minute – you got drunk and vandalized a common room before the Quidditch Cup final?" Bill asked.

"Well, the night before the match, actually. As I said, it was James' idea. He'd had a fight with Lily, and I had a fight with the girl I was dating, and he thought it'd take our minds off it a bit…at least, I think that was the reasoning…" Sirius explained.

"So, I assume you didn't play in that match?" Tonks said.

"Oh, we wouldn't have…except Moony made such a noble sacrifice," Sirius said, smiling at his old friend.

"I couldn't believe it when I found out they had hangovers the next morning," Remus began. "I was pretty angry with them, because the rest of the team was good, but Padfoot and Prongs were the best two players. I had to sneak down to the kitchens and ask the house-elves for several galleons of coffee – "

"Which you almost poured on us!" Sirius interrupted.

"Like I said, I was mad. So, I finally got them down to breakfast, still not having a clue about the vandalization, and no sooner does James pick up a piece of toast then I hear Minerva yell 'Potter! Black!' across the hall."

"She hadn't spotted us yet, though, so James and I ducked under the table and started crawling away. It's amazing how an entire house can ban together in a situation like that and conspire to get you out safely…" Sirius said.

"Except Lily. She was as ticked as I was. She stuck her head under the table after you and demanded to know what you'd done. I pulled her back up just as our wonderful Head of House got there," Remus said, and smiled at Professor McGonagall.

"I asked you whether you'd seen them, and you told me they went to the locker room already," McGonagall said, slightly accusingly.

"Well, I assumed that's where they were headed, so it wasn't a complete lie," Remus said apologetically. "And then Lily asked what they'd done, and when you told us, I said I did it, so they could play in the match. Which is how I wound up not watching our last ever school Quidditch victory, and scrubbing 'Ravenclaw Reeks' off walls instead."

"'Ravenclaw reeks?'" Tonks asked, looking at Sirius dubiously.

"Hey, we were drunk. It was the best we could come up with," Sirius said. To Remus he added, "We did get you a bag of blood pops and a bar of Honeyduke's chocolate to thank you."

"You should have thanked Minerva," Remus said, then added, "At least, I always assumed you knew I was just covering for them," to Professor McGonagall.

"I had no idea, and I'm highly shocked that you would think I'd bend the rules just to win a Quidditch Cup," McGonagall said, though she didn't sound too shocked.

"Of course, Professor," Sirius said, winking at her.


I've always imagined Sirius was a Beater in school. Remus and Peter, of course, aren't athletic.

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