Vampire Notion

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Chapter One: Searching Forever.

Harry moaned in his bed; he couldn't bear the burning feeling in his back…it was unbearable. He tossed and turned, trying to find a more comfortable position on Professor Dumbledore's empty bed. He wanted to yell out in agony, but found he couldn't speak.

Remus stared at Harry, and sat down on a chair next to him. He turned his attention to Dumbledore. "Do you know what's happening?" Remus asked.

Dumbledore nodded, "It seems his true nature, is starting to show. I knew this would happen eventually…Lily and James were both half—."

"I know," Remus said cutting him off. "Do you think…he'll be okay right?"

The Headmaster nodded, "He will."

"It's a good thing we took him to Hogwarts…instead of leaving him with the Dursleys." Remus continued, "I'm really worried about him. After a while, he'll die if he doesn't find a—."

Dumbledore silenced him, a walked closer to a fully awake Harry.

"Harry," he started, "How do you feel?"

Harry groaned and sat up, but fell back again, "Horrible. My back feels like it's on fire, and my mouth hurts…as though someone were pulling my teeth out with pliers."

Dumbledore nodded, "Yes, normal."

The boy's eyes widened, "What the hell do you mean normal!"

Dumbledore calmly smiled, "I mean, that it's a normal symptom and was bound to happen Harry."

Remus spoke up, "Harry, both of your parents were half vampire…you're becoming a vampire. After tonight, you will be a full fledged vamp."

Harry shook his head, "That's impossible! My mum, her parents were muggles! How is that possible?"

"True, Lily's parents were muggles, but, James bit her, thinking I would help protect her, but all it did was transfer half of his powers instead of making her a vampire."

"But…how could my dad go out in the day time?" Harry asked.

Remus sat up, and stood next to Harry, "There are two kinds of vampires Harry; Day Stalkers, and Night Walkers. Your dad was a Day Stalker. Day Stalkers look different than Night Walkers; when Day stalkers feed, their canines sharpen and grow longer, while when the Night stalkers feed, their faces become all grotesque. Day Stalkers also have wings; males have black and white, while females have light blue, and red. One thing the two breed shave in common, is that their bodies naturally protect them, and they have abnormal speed and strength."

Harry nodded, "This is...a little hard to..."

"Digest?" Remus suggested.

Harry nodded again.

The door behind the three opened, and in walked none other than Severus Snape.

The Headmaster greeted him warmly, "Welcome Severus. You brought the potion?"

Severus nodded, and trusted the potion t the Headmaster and began to walk out.

"How is Mr. Malfoy?" Dumbledore called out.

Severus stopped and turned around for a moment. "He's...alright." He said, before turning around and walking out.

Harry felt dizzy and looked at the blue colored potion that Dumbledore had in his hand. "What's that?" He slurred out.

Dumbledore eased Harry drink the potion, "This," He said, "Will help with the pain, and it'll help you get some rest."

Harry nodded, and curled up on the bed. He was quickly asleep.

Dumbledore pulled up a chair and sat next to Remus while. Dumbledore rubbed his temples. "This is complicated."

Remus chuckled, "I recall you saying that when James went through the same thing."

"Yes, well, at least we knew who his mate was. He didn't have to search for her."

Remus snorted, "It was only obvious his mate was Lily. Do you think Harry will have much trouble finding his own mate?"

Dumbledore shook his head. "It doesn't take much for a Vampire to find his or her mate. Their blood smells different. It smells sweet and exotic, and it…sings to them. Most Vampires can't resist just going up to their mate and revealing their love."

Remus laughed, "I remember how hard it was for James to stay away from Lily, and wait to have her until we were back in the common room."

"Yes. When we tell Harry about this, I think he might be a bit distressed. After all, his mate could be a Vampire, or a wizard; a male or a female."

Remus nodded, "Right, Should we inform the Order about this?"

Dumbledore shook his head, "There is no need to. Voldemort has fallen, and I don't think that they really need know everything that's going on in Harry's life anymore…but, if anything were to happen, I think it might be wise, to have a few people that know about Harry. You, Severus and I are the only ones that know right now."

Remus nodded, "It'll be all over the campus once Harry's year progresses. One can't simple keep their inner beast to themselves…especially when Harry will have to…mate."

"I thought that might happen…"

Remus changed the subject, "Is Hermione doing any better?"

Dumbledore shook his head solemnly, "Unfortunately no. There have been no signs of her awakening. She's still in a comma."

A soft "oh" escaped Remus' lips. "We don't know what hit her? Poppy can't figure it out?"

"No, we've been researching, flipping through numerous books several times; but there has been no progress. She is alive though. I can't imagine what's going on in her head." Dumbledore said, a soft tone in his voice.

"Harry knows, right?"

"Of course, it's been two months."

Remus stared at the ceiling, "At least we were able to save Ron."

"Yes. But, his spell was o too obvious. A little internal bleeding can always be easily fixed."

Remus focused his attention back to Harry. He stroked his hair back from his forehead. "Do you have any idea," he asked, "Who his mate might be?"

Dumbledore simply smiled, popped a Lemon Drop into his mouth, and remained silent.


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