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Chapter Eight: Waking up.

"Grandma! I'm here!" A little girl with bushy brown hair opened the door to her Grandmother's small cottage, and ran around inside, searching for her mummy's mother.

"Come out Grandma!" She said while she took a shift turn up the oak stairs…but then she tripped over something cold.

"Ooof. What was tha- Grandma…?" The girl studied the scene before her: her grandma, with a small pocketknife, stabbed right through her heart.

Tear decorated the girl's large brown eyes. "Grandma…?"

Hermione whimpered and wrapped her arms around herself. She hated this. All of the nightmares…experiencing all that happened to her as a child…

"Another nightmare kitten?" Came a voice from behind her bookshelf.

She stood from her black velvet covered bed and walked over to him. "Yes…" She answered in a small whisper.

The man emerged from behind the bookshelf, and kissed the top of her head. "Keep reminding yourself they have already passed. Besides, once you leave here, you won't have them anymore. At least you have something to look forward to."

Hermione nodded. "And when am I to leave?" she asked.

The man took her hand and played with her fingers, "Are you eager to leave?"

Hermione closed her eyes. "No, I-"

"No need to hide it kitten, I can plainly see you miss those imbeciles you call "friends". Though I also know you wish not to leave this room I have made for you."

Hermione gazed around the room, which was decorated with many bookshelves, a large black velvet covered canopy bed, two red leather couches, and a roaring fireplace. That was true. She loved it here…all the knowledge of the world at her fingertips…

His voice brought her eyes back to his face, "But of course, this will become reality. Once everything…goes…well."

"Of course." She said. "But I wish not to leave you-"

He snickered, "Hermione, I will always be with you…or at least, my voice. I myself have a hiding spot ready, with men-more of less- waiting to assist me….I feel your friends approaching…you shall wake now."

And with that, he disappeared from her sight. All he left her, was a golden chained necklace, with a small raindrop shaped pendent, which was filled with phoenix tears...


"Look at her Dray…so peaceful…"

Draco placed an arm around Harry and gazed down at Hermione's sleeping form. She did look rather peaceful…and rather different. Her bushy hair had gone limp, darkened to a shade of very dark brown from lack of sun, and grown down to her waist.

Harry sighed and felt a couple of tears run down his face. He stood up and turned to Draco, "We'll be late for transfiguration. We better go."

Draco nodded and took Harry's hand, and the two walked over to the door. Draco frowned for a moment and looked back at Hermione. Stupid false hopes. She didn't look any different…aside from her eyes fluttering…wait…

"Um.. Harry…" Draco pointed to Hermione with at this point as tossing and turning.

Harry's eyes widened and the two quickly ran over to Hermione. Harry looked at Hermione frantically, "Draco, get Poppy. Quickly!"

"On first name basis with the school nurse Harry?"

Harry rolled his eyes, "Quickly."

"Fine.." Draco said as he dashed off to find the witch.

Harry held Hermione's hand ad smoothed back her hair. "Hermione, if you can hear me then…well…just, please wake up. Come on…"

He watched her eyes flutter open. She shivered and took a deep breath. "…Potter…." Came her small whisper of a reply.

Harry nodded and caressed her hand. He smiled and held back tears, "Welcome back."

Don't you dare scowl. Came a voice from inside her head. She smiled. He was with her…

"Thanks, Harry." Hermione smiled, and watched the worried Mediwitch shoo Harry away.

"Ms. Granger, are you…your…awake…"

Hermione chuckled, "It would seem so…er, I'm a bit hungry…if food is a t all possible…"

Poppy nodded, "I'll be right back. Just, stay put."

Hermione smiled as Poppy left the room, leaving her with Harry and Draco quite close to her bed. "So Harry…" She started, "You and Draco now, hmm?"

Harry blushed, and held Draco's hand, "That's not the half of it. Hermione, I'm a, err, Draco and I, we're Vampires."

"Really? Wow. What type?" Hermione asked.

"Day Stalker." Draco answered.

"That's quite stunning. Would you mind, could I see your wings?"

Harry nodded, and stood back. His grip on Draco's hand tightened and they both let their wings loose.

Hermione looked upon both of them. She nodded and leaned back down on her bed. "You two will make superb mates for each other…you have bonded already, correct?"

Harry raised an eyebrow, "How did you…"

Hermione sighed. "I can feel it radiating off of the both of you. Other people can't feel it because right now they're too clouded with rage, hate and shock….speaking of which, how's Ron?"

Draco squirmed a little bit, tucked in his wings and edged toward Harry. Harry smiled and wrapped an arm around Draco while placing his wings around him protectively. "Ron couldn't handle it…he tired, err was going to attempt to kill Draco. Not that a rusted pocket knife could do much harm." Harry said with a light snort.

Hermione's eye flared. "He should be 100 supportive. I'll have to give him a proper tongue lashing when I see him next."

Harry laughed, "Ron will probably come in later and see you. I bet Poppy's getting the little weasel right now-"

"HERMIONE! You're awake!" Ron said, shoving Draco to the ground, and kissing her with such passion, it was disgusting.

Hermione shoved Ron off ad glared icily at him, "Prat."

"But, 'Mione, you're awake. You look different." Ron said a bit confused.

Hermione snorted. "Nice to know your eyes are fully functional." Hermione turned her gaze to Draco, who was being helped up by Harry, who was glaring at Ron. "Ronald. Apologize, now."

"Hermy, you don't understand. Potter and Malfoy, are-"

"Vampires, Ron I know. And guess who you are? The little ar-" Hermione paused for a minute and gathered her breath. She shouldn't say anything rash…."The little red head boy who is, sorry, was the best friend of Harry Potter! You should be absolutely FINE with who he and Draco are."

Ron backed away slowly. "You…YOU'RE WORKING FOR VOLDEMORT AREN'T YOU! I knew it! You're a Death Eater aren't you!"

Hermione shot up and slapped Ron on the cheek so hard, the area of flesh turned purple. "Never, ever make that assumption. If you ever say something like that again, whether it's to Draco, Harry, or myself, I…you'll regret it."

Nice save. Hermione rolled her eyes, ignored the voice inside of her head, and continued glaring at Ron.

Harry, who was grinning like maniac, spoke off after the shock of Hermione yelling like that wore off. "Um. Hermione, I love you. Weasley, out before I hex you into next year."

Ron puffed out his chest, trying to look tough (but ended up looking like a five year old demanding candy), "And why should I go? You can't hurt me. You'd get expelled!"

Draco smiled and fingered his wand. "Weasel, have you heard of the Ministry Law number 567.5?"

Ron snorted. "No." Came his witless reply.

"Well," continued Draco, "That law decrees that, no matter the situation, if a vampire feels it needs to protect his or her mate and or close family, friends, ect, they have permission to kill or harm that person in any means possible. Now, reconsider the option my love just gave you."

Ron gulped audibly and ran out as fast as you could say "red-haired-idiot".

Draco smiled and looked over at Hermione, "You look tired. Harry and I should leave you to rest." He glanced over a Poppy who was carrying in a tray of food, "And to eat."

Harry nodded and hugged Hermione. "See you later, yes?"

Hermione laughed, "Of course Harry. See you later Draco."

The two simultaneously said their goodbyes and left the room. Hermione turned toward Poppy, and thanked her for the food. Poppy left a couple minutes later, after instructing her to take all three of the potions left on the counter next to her. She had also been notified that her professors would be paying her a visit later.

Hermione bit into her grilled cheese sandwich and after a few bites, she put it down. Suddenly feeling very full.

That's not good for you. You need to eat.

Hermione sighed and drank her potions. 'I don't care.' Came her response.


'Shut up…I'm trying to sleep…'

Fine…but I'm making sure you eat a full dinner tonight…or at least a full breakfast tomorrow. You hear me?

'Yes, mother.' Hermione responded before she let her drowsiness consume her…


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