A/N: (Breakouts out poppers) 25th fanfic on this site!Okay this story is a little like Pokemon AngelsVol. 1.5 and 2.5, side story basically. This take place anytime during the story, unless I elaborate on a certain spell. I will still continue work on Quest of Kings while I'm writing this.I got the idea for this while talking to my boyfriend winter knight on the phone. Also I do have plans in the future for more specials like this. Enjoy Quest of Kings Special: The Switch!

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Quest of Kings Special: The Switch

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: The Mamodo and the Switching Spell

It was just your average day on the Merry Go or Going Merry… whatever the ship's called... in the galley Zatch was caught in a giant Zatch-sized rat trap and Luffy was hanging upside down with one of his legs tied with a rope. Tia came in with a sweat drop.

"This again?" said Tia.

Both Zatch and Luffy nodded, Tia managed to free Zatch and Luffy.

"Just don't try to steal food when I'm gone…" said Tia.

Tia left the room for a second then returned to see that both Luffy and Zatch were stealing food from the fridge.

"HEY!" yelled Tia and began to choke Zatch.

Meanwhile Usopp was doing watch when he saw a small boat, in side someone in the boat was holding up a peach colored book… with him was a kid, with pale skin and sand colored hair, the boat was clearly headed towards the Merry Go… which meant the teenager and kid were a bookkeeper and a mamodo.

"There's a mamodo coming over!" yelled Usopp.

Yuki, Kanchome and Kolulu stopped playing a card game, Brago and Robin looked up from their books, Zoro stopped training, Nami sat up from her sunbathing, Sanji temporally stopped paying attention to Nami, Chopper and Ponygon stopped organizing medicines and came on to the deck, Tia stopped choking Zatch and Luffy stopped eating meat from the fridge and all three went out on deck. Just as the small boat approached the Merry Go, Usopp climbed down. All 7 of the Bookkeepers had their books ready. Both the mamodo and cloaked figure jumped on deck.

"So Neo, looks like there are mamodo, 7, time to have fun." said the bookkeeper who was distinctly female.

"Right Violet." replied the mamodo, Neo.

The bookkeeper removed her cloak and it was girl in her mid teens, Sanji's visible eye turned to hearts.

"Oh my love why don't we…" said Sanji but Violet said not interested…

Violet held out her spell book, "Biohciws!" read Violet, a strange red gas came out of Neo's mouth. Robin, Brago, Ponygon and Chopper managed to avoid it but the others did not.

"Reis!" read Robin, a purple ball fired from Brago's hand. Both Violet and Neo dodged it.

"You know it wouldn't be fun with those 4, if it weren't for the book then I would be able to tell which on is the mamodo." said Violet.

"Yeah and Brago is a front runner so we better go!" said Neo.

Both jumped down back to their boat. And began to leave.

"Try not to let their books get burned they'll be stuck that way forever." said Violet as they left.

"It wouldn't be fun other wise… for both of us, I mean I'd actually feel kind of guilty if that happened..." said Neo.

And so they left in a hurry. The red gas began to clear, all 4 who were weren't effected by the attack gasped at the sight they saw…

Later Luffy began to wake up, he was in the guy's cabin.

"Good you're awake." said Chopper.

Luffy turned to the ship's reindeer/doctor was okay.

"Yeah… what happened? asked Luffy, his voice sounded a little odd but he paid no mind to it.

"You were affected by the mamodos um… attack…" said Brago who was also in the room.

Luffy noticed something strange, both Chopper and Brago seemed a little bigger, both were shorter than Luffy, but at that moment the seemed taller.

"Did you get taller or something?" asked Luffy.

"Um… no." said Chopper.

"You won't believe this… Luffy." said Brago.

In the girl's cabin Tia began to wake up.

"What happened?" she asked, he voiced sounded a little odd but she didn't really care.

"Meru meru mei!" said Ponygon (Translation: You were affected by the mamodo!)

Robin who was also in the room and awake and Tia stared at the horse like mamodo.

"What?" said Tia.

"Meru meru…" said Ponygon with a sigh (Translation: Chopper's not here…)

"You were affected by the mamodo's spell…" said Robin.

Tia noticed something odd, both of them seemed a little smaller.

"Did you guys get smaller?" asked Tia.

"No…" said Robin.

"Meru, meru mei…" said Ponygon (Translation: You um…)

Back in the guy's cabin, Brago brought over a mirror to Luffy. Luffy was shocked.

"What's going on? I look like a little kid!" yelled Luffy.

It was true, Luffy was indeed a little kid now, about 6 or 7.

Back in the girl's cabin Ponygon brought over the full sized mirror.

"I'm a… I'm a teenager!" said Tia.

Tia was indeed a teenager about 17 or 18.

Tia noticed that Yuki and Kolulu were still unconscious, Kolulu looked alight older than herself while Yuki looked slightly younger. Not only that but Nami was also unconscious looked like a 7 year old.

"This is weird." said Tia.

"Meru meru, mei mei!" said Ponygon, (Translation: If you that weird check out the boy's room)

"Um… what?" asked Tia.

In the Guy's cabin, Luffy noticed that Usopp, Zoro and Sanji were all unconscious and looked like 7 year olds as well, not only that but there was an older Zatch who looked about 17… the odd thing was he didn't have the face lines… not only that but there was an older Kanchome who had a human mouth instead of a duckbill.

"This is so cool!" said Luffy.

Both Brago and Chopper gave each other questionable looks, then realized it was Luffy, anything weird like that would always seem cool… but the ages and the boy's appearances aren't the only thing that's changed…

Next Time: They discover the switches aren't only ages... but something else... what is it? I won't spoil it...