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Chapter 6: Everything's Normal… Well… "Normal"

Everyone looked at the role reversal mamodo. Surprised and a little confused. He was scared earlier but not now.

"What changed?" asked Zoro getting up like nothing happened.

"Well nothing… I just thought you were going to beat us to a bloody pulp…" said Neo with a nervous laugh.

Everyone but Violet anime fell.

"I understand what Neo was saying… we were only doing these as pranks… this experience made him realize that if the mamodo is stuck as a human in the human world then he would loose many of his friends and the human would be stuck as mamodos… while gaining a long life span they would watch their human friends and family die… I agree completely with Neo…" said Violet.

Neo nodded in agreement. "That's right… Just burn my book… in hopes that won't happen to any one again…" said Neo, "And it's the only way to reserves the spell…"

Everyone looked at Neo… it had to be done… there was a silence, the person who broke it surprised everyone.

"I'll do it…" said Brago.

"Thanks…" said Neo.

"Reis!" read Robin.

The purple orb hit the peach book… Violet dropped as it irrupted in flames… the book was burning slowly so Neo faded away.

"I'm glad I was able to 6 teams, it was fun playing all those pranks Violet… sorry for doing that… oh by the way… I noticed that swords man is the only one that is wearing the clothes he was changed in… um… well don't blame me if you come out naked…" said Neo.

Violet began to cry… though she could help to let out a small laugh about the naked comment..

The book completely burned… Neo was gone… there was a puff of pink smoke surrounding the 5 teams that were switched… The mamodo was fully clothes… however…

"Look away now!" yelled Nami who was naked.

Usopp and Sanji took their partners spell book and used them to block their… areas. Luffy didn't care… he didn't hide his shame. Violet took off her cloak (who wore a violet tank top and jeans underneath) and gave it to Luffy… Eido took off his shirt and gave it to Nami.

"What about us?" yelled Sanji.

"Get something yourself…" said Zoro.

"What was that?" yelled Sanji.

"At least I'm not butt naked…" said Zoro.

They began to fight… again…

"We better get to ship…" said Nami with a sigh.

"And I have a great way too…" said Violet with a mischievous smirk...

Luffy had given the cloak to Sanji… he and Usopp along with Zatch went streaking towards the ship.

"How did I agree to this!" yelled Usopp as he running.

"Because you're the fastest runner…" said Luffy.

"Why is Zatch joining us?" asked Usopp.

"Because it seemed like fun!" said Zatch.

The others fallowed closely behind…

"So Violet are you okay?" asked Nami.

Violet was still crying a bit, "Yeah I'm fine…"

"My lovely flower Violet to repay you for lending your cloak to me…" said Sanji in a loving way.

"Still not interested…" said Violet bluntly.

"Say did Buggy change back…" said Eido.

"Well I think it was delayed because he was airborne when Neo's book was burned… I think when he lands things will be normal for him and his mamodo…" said Violet.

It was true, Buggy and Fein landed on their ship… right in front of Alvida. She stared at the sight of a little kid Buggy and an adult Fein… it was weird when a puff of pink smoke enveloped them and they were normal again…

"That was strange…" she thought.

Meanwhile the three streakers managed to get back to the ship… not too long later the others got back… after getting dressed and eating lunch they said their good byes.

"Thanks for lunch…" said Violet.

"Your quite welcome…" said Sanji.

"Like I said… still not interested…" said Violet.

"So what are you going to do?" asked Usopp.

"I'm surprised you haven't heard of me… I also go as Purple Violet…" said Violet.

Everyone was confused… except for Robin… "Oh so you're the infamous Pirate Prankster…"

"That's right… well I should get going… I'm going to find Buggy's ship" she said and a had a bag of toilet paper and cartons of eggs, "I decided to go a little immature with their prank…"

She left, "Well we better get going… I think the cook's bad luck with women might rub of on me…" said Eido.

"What's that?" yelled Sanji.

"See ya guys later!" said Eido.

"You alter Yuki…" said Hyde.

After Eido used the spell both began to fly away, Nami checked the log pose and everything was all set.

"Let's set sail!" said Nami.

"All right!" said Luffy and Zatch.

And so they set sail and left the island that would later be known as "The Place Where Monkey D. Luffy once Streaked"

The E… Wait… let's see what happened with Violet's prank…

Violet had just egged and T.P.ed the ship. Mohji who was ridding Ritchie saw her…

"Hey you kid get away from the ship…" said Mohji.

"Oh crap its old man Mohji!" said Violet who ran away.

Ritchie understood what both Mohji and Violet had said a laughed as best a lion could

The End…

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