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Chapter 1

A small, dark figure and it's feathered companion sat perched on the narrow ledge of the high building overlooking the street. Pedestrians below could easily mistake him for a gargoyle by the way he sat hunched over into himself, remaining completely motionless. His eyes were focused unwaveringly on two people on the sidewalk.

One was a young boy with laughing brown eyes and spiky brown hair; he had the quick step of a child on the way to his favorite place. He wore bright clothes that matched his outward emotions, but looking deeper one would notice some residual sorrow. The other appeared to be a middle-aged man. He trailed slightly behind the boy, his stride stiffer than the boy's enthusiastic skip. At closer inspection one would notice that the man had eyes the same shade as the boy's, though the man's were darkened by some unknown grief.

The figure above either didn't notice the man's grief or chose to ignore it. The figure's eyes narrowed as they settled on the man. A growl started deep in his throat and worked its way up. When it finally reached the creature's mouth it sounded like murderer. The bird next to it looked on solemnly.

The figure's eyes now settled on the boy. The creature's features underwent a marvelous transformation as he watched the boy. It's eyes softened, the ever present snarl faded, and a fond smile formed on it's lips.

This change vanished as the man and boy disappeared into a large parking garage. The time for reminiscing was over. The time for vengeance was now, it thought. Then the hawk began to peak the side of the thing's head.


"Hello Dr. Onishi. Koji" Optimus greeted the two with a nod as they arrived in the command room.

"Hello Prime" Dr. Onishi returned the greeting.

"Hi Optimus" Koji said, ignoring the formal atmosphere of the adults. Dr. Onishi smiled at this. Heaven forbid that any child of his wife obey the formalities of anything.

"Koji!" Sideburn called out from the door.

"Hi Sideburn" Koji called back. He looked to his father and was given a nod of permission.

Optimus watched the boy leave with Sideburn in the direction of the barracks. Things were definitely different now that Dr. Onishi was back, though it was not necessarily a bad thing. It had been awhile now since Optimus had last caught Koji staring solemnly into space when he thought nobody was looking. Under his father's care Koji was becoming more enthusiastic. He was no longer the lifeless doll he'd been since his father's kidnapping.

"Prime?" Optimus jerked his head back to face Dr. Onishi. "You said you had something to discuss with me," Dr. Onishi reminded him.

"Yes. Fortress Maximus…"

"Soooo… how's it going?" Sideburn asked.

"Ok" Koji answered.

Sideburn didn't look convinced. Koji had been really bad off after his father was taken. Everyone had thought it was the trauma of witnessing Megatron taking his father away that made Koji so upset and caused the nightmares that caused him to wake up screaming. Sideburn had even overheard Optimus admitting to T-Ai that he regretted calling Koji and exposing him to that.

But two weeks after Dr. Onishi's kidnapping Koji confessed to Sideburn that that wasn't the case. Four months before the Autobots showed up Koji's mother was killed in an accident leaving her family devastated. The only reason Koji had kept "living" was because his father needed him and vice versa. Without his father Koji saw no reason for living.

"Hey Koji" X-brawn called from the corner.

The Dark figure stole quickly down the corridor, his feathered companion followed a short distance behind him. The sound of a child's voice echoed from around the corner.

"Sooon…. Sooooon their souls shall be mine---Ow!" the figure exclaimed the hawk started pecking him again. "Ok Eris, I won't take anybody's soul!"

"What was that?" the boy's voice asked.

"Now look what you did. They heard you" the creature admonished the bird. The hawk let out a piercing shriek of indignation.

"Is there a bird in here?" another voice asked.

"Some stupid chicken probably fell through the vents or something," a blue Bot said as he rounded the corner with the boy.

"Ahhh!" the Bot cried as the hawk attacked, trying to scratch out his eyes. He stumbled back nearly stepping on the boy.

So preoccupied with watching his friend struggle with the bird, the boy didn't see the dark figure coming up behind him.

"… that's the only real problem righ—" Optimus was cut off by an explosion/.

"Isn't that the way Koji went?" Dr. Onishi asked.

Optimus took off at a run.

"Sir or ma'am, just put the boy down" Prowl said, trying to calm the creature down. Somehow it had grown from it's original three feet two inches to thirty feet.

"I don't think it's listening Prowl" Sideburn said. X-brawn made what appeared to be agreeing noise through the ceiling, which his head was stuck in.

"Yeah. He's just gripping harder" Koji winced as the thing's hand was crushing his ribs.

The thing's grip tightened even more as Optimus came barreling around the corner with Dr. Onishi close behind despite the difference in the length of their legs.

"An archangel!" Dr. Onishi gasped.

"An archangel? Sideburn, did you piss off God again!" Optimus yelled.

"Ummm… Which god?" Sideburn asked nervously.

"Ben, put my son down" Dr. Onishi ordered.

"Wait, you know this thing?" Optimus asked.

"Yes, he was a friend of my wife" Dr. Onishi said.

"UNTIL YOU KILLED HER!" Ben roared trying to smash Dr. Onishi with his fist. He easily jumped out of the way.

"I didn't kill her Ben. I loved her. She was my wife and the mother of my son" Dr. Onishi said, a small amount of pain slipping into his voice as he thought of how his wife died.

"Demons can't love" Ben snarled.

"Um… demons?" Optimus asked.

"SILENCE!" Ben roared punching Optimus with his free hand. Optimus was thrown back into a wall and then crumpled to the ground

"Uncle Ben, stop it!" Koji yelled. Ben merely turned his snarl his snarl on the boy. "Ben!" Koji yelled in what he considered a fair impression of his mother. Apparently Ben thought so to because he cowered and shrank like he would if it was Eris yelling at him.

"Huh?" Ben looked around him when he remembered that Eris was dead. Unfortunately he only remembered this once he was three foot two again. "Tubububub" the bat muttered. Then he grabbed a startled Koji with his bat feet and flew through an open vent in the ceiling. Ben fluttered back down to yell "Come on" to the hawk that was now perched on a startled Dr. Onishi's shoulder, rubbing it's head against his cheek while cooing.

The hawk looked angrily at Ben for interrupting but flew after him into the vent.

X-brawn, who's head had penetrated the vents, watched in shock as a little bat like creature flew by with a speechless Koji and a hawk that seemed to think it's mission in life was to peck the bat's head repeatedly.

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