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Chapter 2

After Optimus regained consciousness and had had X-brawn pried out of the ceiling, he sent word out that all Autobot teams were to return to the base. He filled them in on everything that had taken place from the hawk attacking Sideburn to Ben flying out with Koji.

"So you're a demon?" Optimus asked after he was done. Dr. Onishi didn't answer. He just sighed and waved his hand. It seemed a sudden wave of vertigo over took tall the Autobots present.

"Oww, what was that?" X-brawn asked.

"Lifting of a memory blocking spell, just be glad Koji's mother never got around to teaching him to erase memories. Getting back memories that were erased hurts a lot more than unblocking memories" Dr. Onishi said wearily.

"A demon came after Koji a week after we met him" Sideburn said distantly.

"And Koji killed it and then did something to our memories" Optimus said.

"It's not common practice to allow people to know about demons and angels" Dr. Onishi sighed. "Humans tend to get a little trigger happy when something outside of their understanding occurs".

"But we're not human" X-brawn pointed out.

"But you're really not that different from them. You've got the same basic personality traits" Dr. Onishi pointed out. "Plus Koji isn't very proud of his demonic heritage. Neither am I" he sighed. Nobody pushed for further explanation of his last comment but they did wonder about it.

"So, who was that bat guy?" Sideburn asked, curiosity getting the better of him.

"That was Ben. He was a friend of my wife."

"Koji told me she died in an accident. Why did this guy think that you killed her?" Sideburn asked, ignoring the looks his teammates were sending him. Koji's mother being dead was news to them.

"My wife was killed by an old … enemy" Dr. Onishi said, not really sure if that was the right word to describe Sander. Eris and Sander had at one time been friends, well more than friends but that was a long time ago. Eris refused to marry Sander after he betrayed their people and then Sander tried to kill Ben. Their relationship went down hill after that.

"Why did Koji say it was an accident then?"

"Because that's what we told everybody. I don't think they would have believed us if we told them she was killed by a former archangel who had a grudge against her" Dr. Onishi stated.

"You still didn't tell us why he thinks you killed her" Optimus said.

"I'm not exactly Ben's favorite person. When he found out Eris was pregnant he just about killed me. The only reason he didn't was because Eris had just gone into labor and she was very scary when she was in that much pain" Dr. Onishi shuddered remembering when she launched a stream of lightning at the enraged archangel. It had been the only time anyone knew of that Ben had been defeated in his enraged mode by brute force.

"As nice as it is for me to recount the worst times of my life to you, it isn't helping me get my son back" Dr. Onishi said. The Autobots looked slightly sheepish that they had forgotten about Koji.

"But Uncle Ben---"

"No buts mister. Throw that grenade!" Ben ordered. Koji sighed and tossed the grenade at the unsuspecting tree. The ensuing explosion completely obliterated the tree.

"Good boy, now use the flamethrower--- Oww!" Ben exclaimed as the hawk came out of nowhere and started pecking his head again. "Eris, stop that! OWW! Ok, ok we'll leave that lesson for later"

"Umm, Ben? Why are you calling that hawk 'Eris'?" Koji asked. He knew Ben had been close to Eris but he hadn't thought they were still close enough that Ben would go off the deep end like this over her death.

'Then again Ben had always had one foot over the edge. It would have only taken one tiny push to send him tumbling into the realm of the clinically insane' Koji thought to himself.

"She's Eris" Ben answered pointing at the bird.

Aww, who was he kidding. Ben had always been nuts.

"You named your pet bird after my mom?" Koji asked.

"No, she is your mom"

Koji glanced at the hawk again. Ben really was insane if he mistook this hawk for Eris mother. Despite obvious similarities in personality—pecking Ben whenever he did something stupid, or it's obvious affection for his father--- the hawk could not be his mother. To be Eris reincarnated it would have had to be conceived after she died, which was only a few months ago. This hawk was at least a year or two old. Also his mother got her hawk like features from a Harris Hawk, this one was a Red Tailed hawk.

"Coocoo" the hawk cooed as it perched on Koji's shoulder and started cuddling.

Another thing against the hawk had against it. Koji's mother wasn't the cuddling kind.

"Why the hell do we have to wait for this stupid friend of yours? That thing could be hurting Koji Damnit!" Sideburn complained.

"Ben won't hurt Koji purposely" Hisao(AN: Dr. Onishi has pretty much merged with my OC Hisao by this point. Plus it's easier to type.) reminded them.

"'Purposely' being the key word in that sentence" Sideburn argued.

"Storming in without the right plan or back up won't go very as to keeping Koji safe. Chances are we'd end up hurting him in the confusion" Hisao sighed wondering how many times stuff like this would continue happening to his family members. When his wife was still alive they he had no problem protecting their son with her help. But now that she was gone he was on his own. Well, not completely. Only if his old friend decided not to help.

"Holy ---!" Sideburn fell back when another figure appeared out of nowhere. "Another demon", the 'Bot complained.

Hisao turned to look at the new arrival. He should have known his old friend would at least hear him out.

"Still refusing to make a conventional entrance Hao?" Hisao asked.

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