Meg Giry lead the way into the lair, but there was no one there. She looked around and climbed out of the water, looking around for any sign of her friend, Raoul, or the man they called Phantom. No one was there.

"Where is everyone?" someone whispered.

"How did he get away?" another demanded.

Meg hurried forward, towards the bedroom. One inside she peered around, but there was once again nothing. Bellow she caught a glimpse of something white. One of the masks that he wore. Tentatively she picked it up.

"Meg!" someone shouted, causing her to turn away.

"What?" she asked, tucking the mask in her belt and leaving the room.

"Was there anything?"

"No," she replied, "nothing."

Carefully she moved around the lair, amazed by all the bizarre items it contained. There were so many candles, and broken glass littered to floor. Papers everywhere, and a burnt miniature stage.

"how strange," she breathed, following the line of broken mirrors.

She found the curtain covered passage and pulled the velvet cover back. No one seemed to notice her, so she ducked inside. Darkness quickly enveloped her, but she followed it, placing one hand against the wall and followed it towards the exit.

As she approached the end, she could hear someone ahead of her, breathing raggedly and staggering in the darkness. Ahead she could see light, the dull orange glow given off by the burning theatre.

"Oh my!" she gasped, stopping when she caught sight of the man ahead of her, "you…"

The look he gave then was so pitiful she could hardly see him as the murderer everyone claimed him to be, though she know it to be true. His face gave that away, that horrible face.

"Leave me alone," he said roughly, slipping slowly to the ground.

"Meg!" a voice echoed from the passage, "Meg, have you found anything?"

She looked towards the man in front of her, and then back down the tunnel, "I…umm. No!" she called, "just a dead end! I'm coming back now!"

She waited for the grunt of response before turning back to the Phantom and holding out the mask that she found, "Here, this is yours."

He reached out and took it from her, "Why?"


"Why help me?"

"I don't know," she replied, ducking back into the tunnel, "maybe…maybe because you didn't hurt my friend."

With that she ducked back into the tunnel and felt her way towards the entrance. Somehow she just knew it. Knew that he hadn't harmed Christine. She emerged in the lair once again to find the mob leaving, some taking a few items that seemed to be of value.

"Take something if you want," a stagehand grunted.

Meg nodded, though she didn't expect to find anything. But, as she left a black violin case caught her attention. She quickly picked it up and followed the mob back into the water, and out of the theatre.

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