The Phantom of Hogwarts

Chapter Eighteen

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The Garrons settled in the drawing room for a light lunch of tea, sandwiches, and pastries.

Liona nodded with approval as she examined her son's clothing, "You look very handsome, Anatoli. The red and tan colors make you look like a proper professor unlike black, which makes you look like a grim gravedigger." she remarked.

Anatoli rolled his eyes and glared at his father, "I see Mum didn't force you to change." he noted.

Abraham grinned, "She tried but I can still tell the difference between black and blue. Besides I'm too old to change my habits."

"Too stubborn is more like it." Liona muttered.

"Sorry, love." Abraham said cheekily.

"Da, I was hoping that while you and Mum were here you could visit that healer at Saint Mungo's that I told you about." Anatoli suggested.

"No thank you, Anatoli. I'm happy with what I have now and no quack healer is going to mess with it." Abraham stated firmly.

"But, Da, there have been so many advances over the years. A former student of mine is now one of the leading experts in treating age induced blindness. She could improve your eyesight dramatically." Anatoli countered.

Abraham fixed his son with a menacing glare that had been known to make the bravest squirm but it didn't seem to sway Anatoli.

"I came here to meet my grandson and to celebrate Christmas. And I intend to do just that. Have I made myself clear?" Abraham asked.

Anatoli sighed, "Yes, Da."

Abraham nodded, "Good. Erik, be a good lad and come with me to the music room. I'm anxious to hear you play." he said smugly.

"Of course, Grandfather." Erik replied.

Without another word Abraham rose and left the drawing room his sharp memory serving as his eyes. It was all Erik could do to keep up.

Liona favored her son with a sympathetic smile as she sipped her tea.

"Pay him no heed, Ana. You know how proud he is." Liona advised.

"Too proud to realize that in a few years he'll be as blind as a newborn pup. What if something happens to you, Mum? How will he get by? He'd have a fit if either Nette or I invited him to live with us." Anatoli growled.

"You worry too much, Ana. Besides I know better than to just roll over and die while my Bram still needs me. I will talk to him about this healer though. Now that he has two grandchildren to keep up with he just might be persuaded to meet her." Liona said brightly.

"Thank you, Mum." Anatoli said gratefully.

As the sound of heavenly music drifted into the drawing room Liona locked gazes with her son.

"So tell me, Ana, how is fatherhood treating you?" she asked.

Anatoli smiled, "How do I describe it? I'm complete is one way to say it, I suppose."

"How so?" Liona inquired.

"Mum, do you recall the Mirror of the Erised legend?" Anatoli asked.

Liona nodded then after a moment she spoke, "You believe the legend has come true for you? In spite of what happened?" she asked quietly.

Anatoli nodded and closed his eyes allowing his son's music to caress his soul, "I do." he whispered.