Title: The Good Book
Rating: K+
Summary: Three men, three drabbles, one book.
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or the universe they live in.


Mary had given John the Bible as a present, and because he loved her, even though he didn't believe in the words, he kept it on his bedside table.

In the fire that had taken his wife's life, John's family had lost not only their mother, but most of their earthly possessions. Sam's clothes. Dean's toys. John's bible.

That night, while the boys sleep, John took the motel bible into the bathroom and burnt it in the tub, dousing it in cold water before it sent the smoke alarm off. It didn't change anything but it made John feel better.


Dean keeps his bible in the trunk, next to the salt. He'd stolen it from some forgotten motel room along the way because bibles were useful books to have, even if it was only to hit someone over the head with.

After the mess in Nebraska, when Dean started asking himself the big questions about life and death, it occurred to him to see what the Big Guy had to say on the subject.

Quite a bit, apparently. None of which made Dean feel any better about the situation, so he tossed the book back into the trunk. Bibles were useful for exorcizing demons and not much else.


When Sam was eleven, John decided that Sam was old enough to be left alone and started taking Dean on hunting trips.

They'd leave Sam alone in whatever motel they were staying at, surrounded by protection charms, with the doors and windows barricaded.

When his homework was done and he'd grown bored of flipping through the three channels available, he'd pull out the motel bible, open at random and start reading.

Sam had managed to make his way through most of it before his dad found out and decided he was old enough to go on hunting trips after all.