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Summary: Well I can't say to much or it would give the story away but in this story we discover some of Fagins past, and Dodger meets the girl of his dreams. Nancy and Bill are still alive. This is my first fan fiction.

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Chapter 1

The night had finally come. All was quiet and dark outside except for the soft glow of the moon bathing the hilltops. Elizabeth looked out the window on the 3rd floor of the orphanage and smiled.

She was 16 years of age and taller then most girls her age. She had long, wavy, jet black hair that was pulled back into a loose braid. She lived at the orphanage but only as a servant, no better then a slave. She was never allowed any pleasures while the sun was still up so she treasured the freedom that the night brought.

She shook her head and turned away from the window. Any other night she would have just sat here staring and the moon dreaming. Dreaming of the life she would have once she escaped, but not anymore. Tonight was the night. Tonight she would take her freedom.


Jack Dawkins yawned as he opened the door to the loft. It was nearly midnight and he had been "working" all day. He looked around and snuck in quietly as to not wake the younger boys that accompanied the loft. Jack, who also went by the name the Artful Dodger, noticed that there was a glow coming from the back room of the loft. Fagin's room.

Dodger was one of Fagin's boys. Fagin was a notorious thief, and he took in young boys of talent, who had no place to go, and put them to work. Work as in picking pockets, stealing food, silver and such. Dodger, who was now 16, had been working with Fagin for a near 7 years now. The job wasn't that bad. He got good pay, good food, and a place to sleep. What more could a man want?

Dodger looked curiously at the back room. The door, which was only some blankets hanging form the ceiling, was slightly pulled back and he could see Fagin sitting on his bed staring at what looked to be a picture. It almost look like he was about to cry. No one really knew anything about Fagin, it was like he had no past. This was the first time Dodger had seen any signs of Fagins past which made him wonder. Who was in the photograph?


Elizabeth waited about an hour after she heard the head mistress retire before she gathered up her things and started down the stairs. Over her years of servitude, Elizabeth memorized the routine of the head master and mistress and workers of the orphanage. About 6 months after she started Elizabeth had begun to make a stash under the floorboards of her cot of stuff she had swiped over the years: A knife, some string, an old cloth bag and her prized possession, some men's clothes. The only thing she had that truly belonged to her was a round silver locket. Every time she opened it she found a new source or strength. She would not fail in her escape.

Elizabeth opened the front door quietly and looked around cautiously. No one was around. She stepped out and closed the door. Now the only obstacle that stood between her and freedom was the 8 ft. iron fence. Once before on a bet she had climbed it, lost a whole days meal but in doing so she won the men's clothes (and the kitchen boy lost his Sunday best). Elizabeth was about 5" 7 but very thin and had strong arms. She was able to climb up and over with not much difficulty. When she dropped to the ground she just sat there for a minute, staring in disbelief. She was free. On the hill top in front of her she saw the outline of what might have been a dog. Luna. Elizabeth knew this animal. It had stood on that hill many nights before when she watched out her window. It had become her friend. It was a wolf. Elizabeth didn't know much about wolves but just looking at her friend gave her strength. I told you I would see you soon my friend. Elizabeth looked at her locket and smiled grimly. Now for my revenge.


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