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James and Lilly have always been mortal enemies – but what happens when they decide to settle their arguments by dares and challenges– and go through the consequences the losers face?

Chapter one; The Enemies

Lilly Evans was not in a good mood. She was tired, annoyed and worse of all, had a full blown case of PMS. Well, that was what it seemed to a fellow classmate, James Potter. He smirked as she slid into a spot next to her friends that was – consequently – near his group. A young man that defiantly ruled the 'dark and handsome' area sat next to him, leaning backwards along with two other boys, one of them perched with a book in his hands and the other scrawny and anxious-looking. Lilly held her head in her hands and emitted a groan.

"Pass me the coffee, Reid," she said to her blonde friend. She passed her the coffee mug and the sugar.

"Are you okay Lilly? You seemed washed out," Reid said, pouring the coffee into the cup for her. Lilly stirred it absently.

"I'm alright," she yawned, covering her mouth. She tilted her head to the side, in a drunken sort of way as she lifted the mug to her mouth. Letting the warm drink wake her, she tipped her head back and drained the whole mug. "Is there anymore?" she said in a slightly clearer voice. But only slightly.

"Hey, Evans," James said loudly, jumping at the chance, "how's your mind going this morning? Slow as usual?" Lilly glared at the guy, still draining another cup of coffee.

"Compared to you, my mind works at light speed, Potter," she said, starting to feel awake once again. James scoffed.

"Your brain would probably bring the general speed down," he said conceitedly.

"If your brain was considered fast, then Mafloy's is considered superior." Lilly snapped back, buttering her toast. She saw James' mouth open to speak. "And please, keep your irritating voice to yourself. No one wants to hear it," he raised an eyebrow.

"Actually, I'm not to sure about that, but if you insist – I really don't want to waste my voice on you," he stressed the 'you' and turned around to finished his conversation with his friends – rather loudly. Irritated, Lilly faced her friends.

"I'm getting convinced that their brains are decaying," she caught Kitty, her other friend, staring rather intently at the group - but without the usual hate Lilly had in her glares towards them. In fact…maybe she was staring at them in adoration…"Kitty!"

"Huh? What?" Kitty said ripping her eyes away. Lilly sighed hopelessly, throwing her arms in the air. Was she the only girl in the school that was immune to the 'charm' of the


"Reid," she said, kicking her friend under the table. The girl shot around, yelping. "Stop gawping at them. They're not hamsters you know," said Lilly. "I don't know what you people see in them." She muttered, chewing on her toast.

"Well, for starters, they're gor-," said Kitty before she was interrupted by Lilly.

"Gorgeous, I know," Lilly finished for her. "I've heard that so many times that it's getting sad now." Kitty gave her a look. "Don't give me that,"

"I don't understand why you hate them so much, Lilly," said Reid, eating. Lilly gave a little 'psh'.

"I don't hate all of them, besides, Remus is like my brother." She said absently. "I just dislike Potter. He thinks the world revolves around him." She stood up.

"I heard that, Evans," said James, getting up at the same time as Lilly. His voice was cool, and he obviously didn't really care.

"Really? I thought you were either deaf or too think to understand," she said sardonically. He smiled at her mockingly.

"Well, thank you for thinking about me," he ruffled his already messy hair and smirked. "I had no idea you cared." Lilly tucked a long strand of red, curly hair behind her ear.

"Believe me, I try not to,"

"What a pity. And I thought you were starting to fall for me, Evans," he lay a hand across his chest in a mockery of sadness.

"More like disliking you even more," It was a pity that they had the same lesson next, Transfiguration.

"Whatever way you want to put it, Evans," he shrugged, and then ran a bit to catch up with the 'boys', namely Sirius (the dark haired one), Remus (the more studious one) and Peter (the smallest one). She, herself, could hardly believe that James Potter was a prefect- along with her, of course. What was the Headmaster thinking? She shook her head and waited for her two rushing friends to join her.

In the Gryffindor common room:

James ruffled his hair, blinking sleepily, his glasses at a weird angle. Remus was bent over a piece of parchment and a book, Sirius was busy daydreaming, and Peter rushed through his home work. The air around them was sober and quiet, sleepy and relaxed.

"I'm bored Prongs," sighed Sirius finally. Remus looked up.

"You wouldn't be if you started doing your homework, Padfoot," the boy said, pointing his almost blunt quill at Sirius. He looked at Remus as if he was crazy.

"When have I ever done my homework, Remus? I don't need to. All the information's up in here." He tapped his forehead. "Right, Prongs?" James laughed.

"Yes. In your air sac,"

"I thought you were the one that had an air sac," pointed out Sirius. "You certainly act like you do," They both heard the portrait open and looked in that direction. A very haggled and pissed off girl was walking through it, her hands gripping on her bag until her knuckles turned white.

"Hey, Evans! What's wrong with you? You look worse than usual!" stated James before his three friends could stop him. The redhead's right eye twitched as she turned around slowly, as if it came out of some horror movie. It was obvious her nerves were on end.

"Potter, if you can't say anything smart, keep your mouth shut. Oh, I'm sorry! That would mean that your mouth would be clamped together forever," snapped Lilly, basically shouting.

"Doesn't that apply to you instead?" James said.

"If you're not blind, you should be able to see that I'm in a very foul mood-,"

"As usual," James cut in. Lilly continued as if she hadn't heard him.

"So, for once, do the smart thing and leave me alone." The three other boys watched this intently as if it was a movie. They had no intention of stopping Lilly and James now their quarreling match had started.

"Lilly or James?" Sirius asked Remus in a hushed tone, his eyes still glued onto the scene. Remus thought for a second, before pointing to Lilly. "Thought so."

"Aw, are you in PMS mode, Evans? Do you need a warm hug?" said James nastily. Lilly felt like hopping on the spot and tearing the conceited jerk in to shreds there and then. But she contained her anger in one exaggerated and forced smile.

"Never from you," said Lilly, "I'd rather die first," James looked at her intently then shrugged.

"Most girls would jump at that opportunity to hug me, you know?"

"I said I'd rather die," snapped Lilly, her wand extracted.

"You're very welcome to try you know?" James said. Lilly stuffed her wand in her back, whipped around and stamped upstairs, fires flaming out of her green eyes. Once she had slammed the door, Sirius smacked him on the head with his book. "What!" James said, rubbing his head.

"That was going a bit too far," said Remus. Peter nodded in agreement. "Even Sirius agrees,"

"Well, I can't help it if she's like that," said James rather pathetically.

"Like what?" Remus asked.

"Like, you know like-oh, come on! For god's sake! She's the one that started the fight!" whined James like a little boy. "Come on, Padfoot, help your buddy out here!"

"Sorry Prongs, no can do – eating," he pointed to the nuts that lay on his lap. "You know nothing gets between me and my food,"

"Apart from Quidditch," piped up Peter. Sirius shrugged.

"Yeah, whatever."

"Padfoot! Look at Mooney! He's going to kill me!" whimpered James. Remus slapped his forehead.

"I am not going to kill you, stupid," Remus sighed. "Forget about it. You're a hopeless case."

"Yes, but I'm a hot hopeless case," said James seriously, making both Sirius and Remus burst out laughing, spilling the nuts.

Lilly Evans' subconscious mind;

I don't know what other people see in him. He's just this conceited little…idiot. I don't know if I can stand it any longer, ignoring how good he looks. It's like every time I see him, I melt – but once he opens that mouth of his, I just want to kick him…will anything ever get sorted out?

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