Hiya, um i really love Naruto.. and i always read the Naruto storys on here, so i decided i really wanted to write one, this is the first one i have ever written... please read and review.. but be nice... im kinda nervous.

this story is about Sasuke and Sakura.. :P my two favirote characters. this is about after Sasuke left.. and what happened while he was gone.. and how Sasuke and Sakura got together in the end, im really excited.. and i hope you all like it

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" sigh Sasuke...come back to me..."

She lay in bed, Haruno Sakura 18 years of age now, her pink hair covering her face as she silently cried to herself. Sakura grew very thin over the years she was small and fragile, but she had filled out nicely- curves in the right places. Sakura lived on her own, after her parents died 2 years ago she moved out and got her own apartment. Naruto-19 years, also grew-up, he matured over the years but still was a loud mouth. Naruto always liked to look at things and smile, he made everything a joke just to make sure that everyone was always smiling. 2 years ago Naruto and Hinata FINALLY got together, Hinata worked up the courage to ask Naruto out on a date- they went to the fair and found out they have a lot in common. They decided to go out on more dates and eventually Naruto asked Hinata to be his girlfriend. (Even after 2 years of being together Hinata still stutters around Naruto, and blushes like a tomato)

"Sasuke, they tell me not to wait for you... they say its stupid... sigh but there wrong.. Ill always wait...always Sasuke" Sakura covered her face with the blanket and cuddled close to her pillow crying silently.

"Good.. Don't listen to them" a dark voice said

"huh.. Who's there?" Sakura sat up in bed and looked around, but she couldn't see anyone in the room.

"Who do you think...Sakura?" (Sakura's thoughts- that...voice... it sounds familiar) " gasp Sasuke.? Sasuke...is that you?"


Sakura looks around, but she still cant see anything, the room was dark only a little light came from where the curtains parted a little on the glass door.

"Sasuke where are you?... I cant see you" Sakura said a little worried

"I know Sakura"

"why cant I see you"

"not yet Sakura" Sasuke said calmly

"What do you mean not yet?... Sasuke...please let me see you"


Sakura took another look around her room in hopes that Sasuke would let her see him, but seeing that he wasn't going to she sighed heavily and laid back down on the bed and pulled the blankets above her head.

"How do you do it Sasuke?"


" how are you invisible?"

"I learned it from..."


"sigh yes Sakura"

"I see"

Sakura couldn't hold back her tears anymore, but she pulled the blanket closer to her face in hopes Sasuke wouldn't be able to hear her, but he did. Sasuke walked up to Sakura's bed side and put his hand on her side, making Sakura gasp and hold her breath as a small blush came to her face. Sasuke knelt down close to Sakura's ear

"wait for me Sakura, just a little longer, don't listen to what they have to say...ill be back for you"Sasuke whispered


Sakura pulled the blankets back, but still she couldn't see anything only darkness

"Sasuke... please let me see you"


Sasuke then appeared in front of Sakura, he still looked the same from when he was younger, but his body and face matured into a handsome man, his hair was still messy and covered his eyes, his chest and stomach were toned, in Sakura's eyes he looked hotter now, then when he was younger. Sakura immediately jumped out of bed and rushed over to Sasuke.

Sasuke blushed a little seeing Sakura was only wearing a little pink night gown.

Sakura ran over to Sasuke and threw her arms around her, which made Sasuke stiffen a little but she didn't care, it felt like forever to her since she last saw him and all she wanted to do was hold him close and not let him go.


"Sasuke...please don't push me away...please...juss..gasp"

As Sakura was saying this Sasuke raised his arms and placed them around Sakura and pulled her close to him, and she began to cry.

"Sakura, don't cry.. Ill be back for you"

"why did you come?"

"Because...I, sigh"

"Sasuke?" Sakura pulled back a little so she could get a better look at his face. She took her hand and placed it on his cheek, Sasuke shivered a little.

"Sakura... I"

"Sh. Its okay Sasuke you don't have to say it" Sakura whispered

Sakura brought her face up a little so that hers and Sasuke's face were only a couple of centimeters apart



Sakura brought her face up to his, and lightly kissed him on the lips, Sasuke's eyes where wide open but after a second he closed his eyes and returned the kiss. A minute later Sasuke broke the kiss and looked into her eyes, he brushed a piece of pink hair back and smirked. He lifted Sakura up bride style and laid her down in bed, and kneeled down beside her.



"Don't tell anyone about me coming here tonight"

"I wont.. As long as you tell me the reason why you really came"

Sasuke raised an eyebrow "I thought you knew?"

Sakura giggled "I do, but I want to hear you say it"

"sigh I cam back cause... I wanted to see you"

Sakura smiled "im glad Sasuke, I missed you so much... I thought you were dead"

"don't think that, im not dead, and ill be back before you know it"

"Ill be waiting for you Sasuke..."

"And.. Sakura... don't tell anyone I came tonight... only between me and you"

"why not?"

"I don't want it to get back to Orochimaru"

"not even Naruto"

"NO.. Not even Naruto"

"okay, I promise..I wont tell anyone"


Sasuke started walking towards the window, when he felt to small hands wrap around his wrist, he looked down to see a frightened look on Sakura's face

"sigh Sakura, I promise...ill be back"

Sasuke knelt back down to her bed

(Sakura's thoughts- his face still holds no emotion... but his eyes... they look so sad, I wanna let go..I wanna trust him, but I don't want the last thing I see is his back... I never want to loose him again)

Sasuke gave Sakura a small kiss on her forehead

"it wont be like last time Sakura, ill be back...I promise"

(Sakura's thoughts- I have to trust him, Sasuke wouldn't promise anything unless he knew he could keep it)

Sakura let go of his hand, and smiled at him

"ill be waiting for you"

Sasuke then ran out of her room, through the glass door.

2 years later...



"bring Sasuke to me"


A small guy with bright blue hair ran down the hallway of an old castle, until he reached the training grounds


Sasuke was in the middle of using a fire jitsu on a tree, until he was interrupted. He turned around and was ready to attack the person that interrupted his training session.

"Orochimaru wishes to see you"


Sasuke turned around and started training again.

"Right now! Sasuke"

"hn, bastard"

With that Sasuke turned around and started making his way down the hallway his hands in his pockets and his face down with his hair covering his eyes, he went down the hallway with mirrors all along it until got to a huge door with snakes all over it, he opened it to find Orochimaru sitting on a chair with two snake heads coming up the side, the room was also huge, there were snake statues all over the walls, and beside them. The room was fairly dark only a little light came from the widows.

"What do you want Orochimaru?" Sasuke said with anger in his voice

"Now, now Sasuke... that's no way to talk to your master"


i hoped you guys liked it

first chapter might be a little mushy, but it will get better.. :)