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(Ino's house)

"Shikamaru… where are you?" Ino yelled from the bathroom

"watching T.V." he sighed from the living room

"can you come here?"
"why?... what do you want?"
"I need helping zipping up my dress"

"(sigh) this is troublesome" he got off the couch and lazily made his way to the bathroom "I told you not to buy a dress with the zipper in the back"

"I know… but this was the best looking one there"
"I dunno, I liked that white one"
"haha, silly… only the bride is aloud to wear white"
"mm, I still can't believe they let Sasuke back in" Shikamaru sighed
"and Sasuke-Kun and Sakura- Chan are getting married" Ino Squealed
"yeah that too… why did they let him back?"
"well" Ino began "because Sasuke saved Kohona from snake-man they let him back, but they will be watching him very closely… and if he tries to leave they will kill him"


"yeah well… Sasuke wont be leaving anymore now that he wants to start a family with Sakura-Chan" Ino smiled
"what about Itachi?"
"I don't know, I didn't stay long enough to find out about him, I was so happy for Sakura-Chan that I wanted to get my dress"
"I know… you practically blew the door down when you came home… Ino your dress is zipped up you can move away from me now"
"troublesome" Shikamaru yawned at he headed back to the couch

"SHIKAMARU!" Ino yelled
"EEP!… bloody hell woman don't yell like that your going to kill me before my time" Shikamaru glared at Ino
"what do YOU think your doing?" Ino crossed her arms
"going… to watch T.V… what else would I be doing"
"that's a good question Shikamaru.."
"what are you blabbing about?"
"oh so now I'm blabbing?" Ino glared at Shikamaru "get over here right now!"
"w..w..why?" he stuttered
"yeah FIVE HOURS… I have PLENTY of TIME, damn woman"
"oh yeah?" Ino crossed her arms once again "what are you planning on wearing?"
"my… suit?"
"you better do your hair… you're the ring bearer"
"hmpf, ill do it in a couple of hours"
"no you wont, you'll do it NOW"
"(sigh) alright if you shut-up afterwards"

(Sakura's house)
"dear are you ready?" Mrs. Haruno yelled into her bedroom

"no.. I'm not" Mr. Haruno answered

"then hurry, the wedding is in 3 hours"
"(sigh) why does she have to marry HIM.. of all people" Mr. Haruno sighed
"dear we have to be happy for her"
"I know… but I would be a lot happier if she would marry someone I would approve of"
"(sigh) dear" Mrs. Haruno walked up to her husband and wrapped her arms around him "if I remember correctly my father never approved of you either, but I was still in love with you and I would never have listened to him. It's the same with Sakura she fell in love with Sasuke and we should be happier for her"
"I know… but considering he could be dangerous, I don't feel its safe to let Sakura marry him"
"it doesn't matter hunny, if you don't approve of Sakura marring Sasuke then she will never forgive you"

"I know"
"and dear, you did meet Sasuke and he was very nice…plus he has a lot of money and a very nice house. I think Sakura will be very happy with him"
"I hope so, but I swear he hurts her in anyway then I will hunt him down"
"I know dear" Mrs. Haruno walked back into the washroom "if you could.."
"what dear?"
"er… nothing, and one more thing dear"
"what is it?"

"make sure you look good"

"I know dear"

"we ARE the parents of the bride" Mrs. Haruno chirped "(sigh) too bad his parents wont be able to be there for his wedding" she sighed "its sad when you think about it"
"indeed dear… have you seen my cuffs?"
"why don't you care?"
"because I don't approve of him"
"I don't care if you do or not… we will go there… and…. and… smile…and show that we are happy for are daughter"


"and one more thing"
"what?" Mr. Haruno growled

"if I hear another bad comment about Sasuke then YOU will be sleeping with the dogs tonight…UNDERSTAND?"

"yes" Mr. Haruno whimpered

"good… now get ready… and for heavens sake do your hair"

(Naruto's house)

"I never thought Sasuke would ever get married" Naruto said as he stared at himself in the mirror "damn… this stupid tie is making me angry"

"hehe, Naruto- kun its alright.. let me help you" Hinata walked up to Naruto and did his tie
"thanks Hinata, I don't know what I would do without you"

"no problem Naruto-Kun, you have to look good you ARE the best man" Hinata smiled
" I know, I guess I'm lucky that Sasuke said I could be his best man"
"that means me and Sasuke are FRIENDS!" Naruto smiled


"but he beat me.."

"to what?"
"getting married to the one we love"
"u..uh." Hinata blushed

"that's right Hinata… after this I want us to get married"

"oh Naruto-Kun"

"it will be beautiful Hinata"

"we will have it on a hill"

"with flowers all around us"

"you in a tux"
"and you in a flowing white dress"

"(sigh)" both go into a day dream

(couple minutes later)

"(gasp) Naruto-Kun… we have 1 and a half hours till the wedding… we have to get ready"
"I'm already ready"

"silly, you still have to do your hair"

"oh right"

"can I do it Naruto-Kun?"
"of course you can Hinata"

(Tenten's house)

"Tenten are you ready?" Neji called from outside the door

"yes.. I am"

"hurry down, the wedding starts in half an hour… we have to get there and find a seat"

"I'm coming Neji-Kun"
"so Neji…" Tenten reached him at the stairs

"you happy you're one of the best men?"
"(shrugs) I guess… I don't really think much about it, but I cant believe he asked that dobe to be the other"


"its annoying that I have to be up there next to sunshine boy"
"haha, they did grow up together and they are best friends"


"(sigh)" Tenten went into a daze "Neji we have to get married next"
"WHAT" Neji was caught of guard

"you don't want to marry me?"

"its not that Tenten, but don't you think that's moving to fast"
"(sigh) we have to go… we'll continue this talk after we get back from the wedding"

"alright (sigh)… lets go) Neji got into his car and Tenten followed


"oh wow its so beautiful in here" Hinata smiled

"I agree" Ino ran up to Hinata "oh Hinata you look so pretty in your light blue dress"

"thanks… I like how long it is… just below my knees… it shows off my figure really well"

"I agree" Ino smiled

"and your red dress Ino… I like the diamonds on the straps"

"well I like how yours has no straps… makes your shoulders look pretty"

"hehe, same with yours"
"yeah… but I like how mine is a bit shorter… goes just above my knee" Ino smiled

"HEY! You two look GOOD"

"Tenten, hey" Hinata smiled

"wow you look beautiful in your grey dress" Ino chirped

"thanks Ino" Tenten blushed a little "im not a big fan of dresses

"I don't know why not… you look so good in them"

"well I have to go up to see Sakura" Ino smiled

"why…?" Tenten questioned
"I'm the bridesmaid"

"REALLY" both Hinata and Tenten yelled together

"and you get to wear your own dress?" Tenten asked

"actually yes… Sakura just told me it had to be nice.." Ino smiled "well I'm off, later" Ino ran off

"lets sit down, alright Hinata" Tenten asked

"yeah, okay"

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