Oh my ghost, I'm alive! It's been a while since you guys have seen me, I'm 16 already. (I'm a real girl!) Anyway, this little ficlet was inspired by King Tuck. It's short. Really short. So short that it only involves one scene of the episode. But I had to write it so… here you go.


The chariot pulled to a stop in front of the newly acclaimed King Tuck. As the winner of the earlier battle stepped off into the sand, he surveyed the damage around him. People dirty and sweaty, dressed in white ratty clothes and… bright red berets? Aw, Tucker!

The champion turned his attention to his best friend, noticing that he was flanked by the two most popular girls in school, Paulina and Star. Shaking off the want to groan, he listened to what Tuck had to say before making any unnecessary moves. The Pharaoh congratulated him on beating the ghost boy, and just as he was contemplating his best means of attack, a shadow passed in front of him.

The shadow was yelling at him, making his eardrums want to burst with their loud and hateful words. Somewhere in the yelling, he could make out his name, but between the sun being in front of him, causing this persons face to be in shadow, and the sheer loudness of their voice, he could not tell who it was.

Two larger shadows approached, one on each side of the screamer. As they pulled them away, the sun fell onto the persons face, and the champion realized who had been yelling. Sam.

The sight of Sam in white with gold jewelry and eyeliner was enough to make anyone laugh. The truly comical part to the champion though was the fact that she had been yelling for the ghost boy. She wanted to know where he was. She thought he was dead. She was devastated by this thought. She cared.

Behind the safety of his metal helmet, Danny Phantom grinned.

I don't know, I just had to write it.

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