Majesty: The Misadventures of the Lost Brother

Disclaimer: She doesn't own Majesty or the company that founded Majesty. …this must be a first, Fairy Red doing a fanfic about a non-Nintendo related game…

A/N: Say whatever you like, you can't deny that Majesty is a fun game! Anyway, his is a story about this 15-year-old American kid who somehow stumbles into the Majesty world, where he is known as "Jaeris" of the Temple of Lunord. There he meets Krypta priestess Ryoko, her Discord warrior brother Tenchi, and the little brother cultist Shining Moon. Got it? Good, let us begin!

Chapter One: Ardania


John was your average 15-year-old American kid. He lived in California with a mom and dad, and three younger sisters. He had blonde hair and blue eyes, with tanned skin. He was a junior in high school, even if his grades weren't exactly up-to-scratch. John had a small group of friends he always hung around with, and they all shared many common interests. One of them was the PC game called Majesty.

The day was as ordinary as any other. It was 2:26 PM on a Friday, and John and his friends were walking home from school. "Hey, how far are you guys in Majesty? I only have a few areas cleared," said one of his friends.

"I'm barely started," said another quietly.

"I have most of the beginner and advanced levels cleared," said another friend.

Maybe I should impress all of them, thought John, and he boasted out loud, "Well, I have the whole map cleared up!"

"Whoa!" said a friend. "Really!!? Cool, how did you do it?!"

"You even cleared the master quests?!" demanded another friend.

"How did you beat the Liche Queen?!"

John smiled smugly. "It was soo easy!"

The truth was that John didn't even open his Majesty CD case.

"Wow," said the friend again. "You even cleared Darkness Falls?"

"Childs play," answered John.

"Cool," said the other friend. "I bet you played the game non-stop since you said you bought it a week ago, right?"

"You're amazing, John," said a friend.

"Yeah, well, maybe if I can come over to your house, then I could give you a few pointers."

As John walked up the driveway to his house, his friends waved goodbye. "See you tomorrow, John!"

"Bye," called John back, walking into his house. "Mom, dad, I'm home!" he announced.

"John, go clean the attic," responded his mom.

John sighed, swinging his backpack onto the table and taking his shoes off. "I love you too, mom," he answered under his breath as he made his way to the attic. "It's so musty up here," he complained to himself. "Why can't they ask my sisters to do it? Noo, they have to ask poor John, who had a really long day…"

He stacked a few boxes in a corner, swept away some dust, and rearranged some of the furniture.

"There," said John half an hour later. "I finished…" He made for the door, and tripped over a box. "Ow! Son of a…" he shook himself off, and was about to pick up the box when a particular book caught his eye. The front cover read "Magic Spells". John looked around, and picked the book up. "Ooh," he breathed. "A magic book! I wonder if it really can do magic?"

"John, are you almost done up there?" called his mother.

"Er, yeah, almost," called John back, leafing through the magic book. "Hey, this one looks cool," he said, reading the spell name. "Whoa… 'Nuuchichiruyu'… Sounds strange. I wonder if I should try to cast it." John looked around. "It's worth a try," he decided, reading the spell.

John believed in magic, but he never tried it himself. Now was a good chance. His father didn't approve of 'magic', and his mother always thought that this family couldn't cast magic. And his three younger sisters think magic-users are old hags and wizards.

"Okay," said John. "I gotta to gather herbs and stuff… Fine, wait here," he said to no-one in particular, and hurried to his room to gather herbs and stuff he needed to cast the spell.

"John, aren't you done yet?" demanded his mother.

"Not yet," said John hurriedly as he thumped up the stairs.

"For goodness sake, John, just vacuum the dust up!"

John sighed. He was the only one in his family who was allergic to dust, so they always made him clean the attic up whenever it got super-dusty. Tch, thought John. If only my mom wasn't an ex-boot-camp-drill-sergeant-military person… Bah, never mind. I want to cast this spell…

He followed the instructions of the spell, mixing the herbs right.

"Now, this incantation is hard to read…" John squinted as he struggled to read the thin text that contained the incantation.

As he was muttering the incantation, he didn't realize that magic was beginning to move around him.

"Hah! Okay, got it!" he said triumphantly. John read the incantation louder, and suddenly… "Whoa!!!" Everything was going black around him. "What's…?" the question stopped before it could be completed. As quickly as it got dark, everything around him was clear, bright, and sunny. "What the heck? Where am I?" asked John, standing up. Looking around, he saw that was at the edge of the forest. And to the north was a grand city, with a huge palace in the middle.

"I heard something," said a voice, the bushes rattling near John.

"Eh… hello?" asked John.

A hooded head stuck up of the bushes. It stared at John.

"Hey, hi, er… could--could you tell me where I am?" asked John.

The hooded head narrowed it's eyes, and disappeared.

"…gee," said John walking towards the city.

"Halt!" yelled someone.

"Aah!" yelled John in surprises, whirling around to see a guard marching towards him. "I--I didn't do it!" he said instinctively.

"Guilty conscience, eh? Who are you, and where are you from?!"

"Uh…uh…tell me where I am first," said John. "You see, I'm kinda lost. I didn't mean to end up here, it was an accident."

"What do you mean?" questioned the guard.

"You see, I tried a spell, I thought it sounded cool, but it took me here. I didn't think the spell was actually gonna work."

"Spell? A spell brought you here?"


"Really? But you don't look like a Wizard," he said.

"No, I'm not a wizard," said John, thinking that this was a strange place. "You see, I'm American."

The guard tensed. "A--American?" he repeated.


The guard stared for a few minutes, then suddenly yelled, "GUARDS!!! SEIZE HIM!!!"

"Seize him?!" repeated John as guards hurried out of the palace and grabbed John.

"Take him to see the king!" said the guard, and the guards started to take him to the palace when suddenly someone stopped them.

"Wait! Wait, you're making a mistake!" A man with a red and white turban and white tunic and pants hurried to them.

Whoa, he's fast, thought John. I didn't see him two seconds ago!

"He said he was American!" said the guard, pointing at John. "How can I be making a mistake, Zintar, if he said so himself?"

"Don't be ridiculous!" scoffed Zintar. "Remember, about 7 months ago, we sent him to that kingdom to retrieve something at the bidding of Lunord! Surely not even you guards of the palace would defy the word of a god?"

Lunord? Hey, that sounds like something out of Majesty, thought John, remembering one of his friends play Majesty.

"He looks nothing like him," retorted the guard.

"They may have changed his appearance," answered Zintar. "But his aura is as clear as ever! It's him, the one we thought to be lost… It's Jaeris, of course!"

"He died, according to the Krypta high priestess."

"She must have been mistaken, for Jaeris stands here alive and well!" Zintar turned to John. "Well? Go on, tell him who you are!"

John stared at Zintar. What a weirdo… Who the heck is Jaeris? But if I say yes, I might get out of trouble… "Yes, of course I'm Jaeris!"

"What? But--But you just said that you were American!"

"He's been gone a long time," mused someone in the crowd.

"Yes," agreed another man who was dressed like Zintar. "Who knows what they did to Jaeris in America? Maybe they tortured him or something."

John nodded. "But--But that… His clothing…" spluttered the guard.

Zintar grabbed John's arm. "That's enough, he needs to be resting at home," he said to the guards, and he and the other hurried to a pyramid-looking building.

That was really weird, thought John. "So, uh… What happened while I was gone?" asked John casually.

Zintar glanced at him. "You certainly do sound much more cheerful… Not much, everything has been going around OK… but we still need that item Lunord asked you to retrieve from America. You did, didn't you?"

"…no, I didn't," answered John slowly.

"Oh," said Zintar, looking disappointed. "I hope Lunord won't be angry… When one of those American Helia girls stole the treasure of Lunord for their kingdom, I, of course, knew that would anger Lunord… I sent you because I thought you were the most experienced of the adepts here… I'm sorry you failed."

"It wasn't Jaeris's fault!" piped up the other adept. "He said that the Americans tortured him. Maybe they drove him to insanity or something."

"But I'm fine," insisted John. "Really. Just… uh, tired."

The adept noticed Jaeris's bag. "Hey, what's in there?" he asked.

Oops! I forgot about that, thought John, glancing at his backpack. Eh?! How on Earth did THAT get there?! I left it on the table! "Oh, a few things from… er, America."


"Well, Jaeris, you know where you're room is. I'll see you tomorrow." Zintar lanced sideways at the adept. "You too," he said. "Welcome back home, to Ardania."

John stared, nodded, and followed the adept up the stairs. "Hey, uh, where's my room again?" he asked,

"Right there, Jaeris," said the adept, pointing to the door on the left to him. "It's really nice to have you back, all the other adepts really look up to you," he said.

"Oh, uh… thank you," said John uncertainly as he entered the room, closing the door. He flopped belly-first onto the bed. "Oof… owie, too hard…" He rolled onto his back, looking at the stone ceiling. "Ardania, Zintar said… Wow, that magic spell really did work, huh…? I'm inside the game Majesty? Or am I actually IN Ardania…? Well, being in this situation, I guess I have no choice…"

He looked out the window. The sun was shining brightly.

"Whoa!!! Hey, it's the middle of the day!" He jumped out of the bed. "I can't waste the day away in here!"

The adept hurriedly opened the door. "Is something wrong, Jaeris?" he asked, looking around. "Something attack you? Or did you see something frightening?"

"It's the middle of the day!" said John. "I have to be outside! I can't stay in here!"

"Oh, don't worry, I offered to take over your day patrol for tomorrow. After I rest, I'll patrol. Don't worry, Jaeris, I have it covered!"

John stared for a second. "No, that's not-- Patrols?"

"Yes, remember, you usually took the day patrol. But seeing as you have just come back from America, you'd be better off taking the night shift. No one else is available."

"Patrol? As in patrol the city? Isn't that the guards job?"

"Oh, no, they only guard the peasants and tax collectors. We're fast, and we can teleport, so the king decided to build us the Temple to Lunord agreeing that we keep the kingdom safe."

"Oh… Uh, okay."

"By the way, Jaeris, I left a new set of clothes for you in the chest. I bet you're getting tired of those American styles."

"Yeah…" said John slowly. After the adept left again, John opened the chest to discover a set of adept clothing, and a sheathed scimitar. "Hey, craziness! A sword," said John excitedly. "I guess being this 'Jaeris'…" He looked out the window again. "Okay," he decided. "Seeing as this is for real, I'm not 'John; anymore… I'm now Jaeris Moonshadow of the Temple to Lunord!"


Not a bad beginning, huh? Do tell me what you think, okay? See you then!