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Chapter 1 : Say Goodbye

Tia'ja's eyes popped open with excitement as she jumped out of her bed. She was about 8 years old, and was a half human, half yautja hybrid. She had the skin color of a yautja, a dark greenish cream color with black spots, and the dread lock styled hair that all yautja's had, she also had the same amber colored eyes her father did. The only way you could tell she wasn't a small sized yautja was when she removed her mask, she didn't have mandibles, she had the face of a human. A cute little nose and full lips, just like her mother.

She ran through her palace like home as quickly as she could, listening to her bare feet hit the tiled floor with every step. She dashed into her brothers room and began yelling at him, "Wake up Calvin! Mother and father are leaving today!"

Calvin rubbed the sleep off his eyes, "Ok, ok, I'm up." He began to sit up from his comfortable sleeping position. He was only 4 years old, and looked completely yautja. He was a younger image of his father, only he had blue eyes, definitely something from his mothers side.

Tia'ja quickly grabbed Calvin by the wrist and dragged him out of his room, then down the huge hall towards their parents room.

Tausha and Clay were barley waking up when their bedroom door slammed open. Tausha screamed in horror as she clung to Clay for dear life. Clay didn't even move a muscle, he just laughed at Tausha then held her close. She was the human he had fallen in love with, he would have protected her from anything that busted through that door. He loved everything about her, her long dark hair, her beautiful blue eyes, and especially her soft lips.

Tausha relaxed when she heard Tia'ja yell "Good morning!" She watched as Tia'ja and Calvin jumped onto the bed. "Good morning little ones."

Tia'ja snuggled up right between Tausha and Clay, "I wish you guys would take me with you, why not just leave Calvin with grandfather, I'm old enough to go on an adventure with you."

Clay laughed as Calvin glared at Tia'ja, "I'm stronger than you!"

"No you're not!" Tia'ja tried to get up to prove herself, but Clay hugged her as he held her down.

"No fighting today, I want you two to get along." Tausha motioned for Calvin to come sit next to her. So he plopped next to her and gave her a hug.

"I love you mommy, I don't want you to go." Calvin gave Tausha the saddest puppy dog eyes he could.

"Awe, come on now, it'll only be for a few years, by the time we come back you guys will be big and strong." Tausha kissed Calvin's huge forehead.

"Don't lie to him mother, grandfather told me that you guys would be gone for at least 10 years." Tia'ja had a sad face now, "Please take me with you?"

Clay smiled then scratched Tia'ja's head, "It's too dangerous for children like you to come along. There are many dangerous animals we're going to hunt. You two stay here, train and become great hunters, when we return we'll all go on a family hunt, alright? But you two have to be strong enough to take care of yourselves, so train hard."

"But all the other yautja's hate me father." Tia'ja was almost in tears.

"They only fear you hun, because you're different." Tausha kissed Tia'ja's cheek. "The minute you're strong enough I give you full permission to kick each and every one of their asses."

Tia'ja giggled, "Alright, I will."

The family spent a little more time talking and playing around before Bar'vex-na entered the room.

Tausha was the first to notice, "Bar'vex-na hey, is the ship ready for us?"

Bar'vex-na shook his head yes, he was amazed that Tausha had actually learned the yautja language, she wasn't the best, but it was easy to figure out what she was trying to say.

Clay laughed as he tossed Tia'ja up in the air then caught her as she came back down, he looked over at Bar'vex-na, "Good morning father, how are you?"

"I'm fine, are you ready for your hunt? Or are you starting to have second thoughts?"

"We're ready father, I trust you to protect our children." Clay sat Tia'ja down and looked at her. "Me and your mother are going to leave now. Watch over your little brother, protect each other and grow up strong. We'll see you when we return. I love you." He hugged Tia'ja then rubbed his forehead against hers.

"I love you too daddy." Tia'ja kissed Clay's top left mandible.

Tausha hugged Calvin and kissed him, then did the same to Tia'ja. "I love both of you very much. Don't fight each other, and listen to everything your grandfather tells you, he's very wise." Tausha winked at her children then turned to say her goodbyes to Bar'vex-na.

Clay patted Calvin's head, "Stay strong son, protect your sister, she's gunna have it a lot tougher than you. Always stick up for her." Clay hugged Calvin and told him he loved him, then went to Tausha's side.

"Goodbye Bar'vex-na, see you in a few." Tausha laughed and hugged Bar'vex-na.

Clay walked up beside Tausha and placed his hand on her waist, pulling her to his side. Then he smiled at his father. "Thanks for everything, we will bring back many honorable trophies." Clay bowed his head then surprised Tausha by sweeping her off her feet.

Tausha giggled in excitement, "Clay! I can walk!"

Clay just hugged Tausha closer to his chest, "I know that, but I want to carry you." He began to run his mandibles over her neck.

"Please you two, not in front of the children. Save it for your trip." Bar'vex-na had turned his face.

Clay just laughed, "Alright! Goodbye everyone, we love you."

Tausha smiled and waved, "We'll be back soon!" She winked and blew a kiss to Tia'ja and Calvin, "I love you guys, later!"

Clay turned and began to walk out the door. Tia'ja tried to fight back her tears, but she couldn't, "I love you guys!" She yelled at the top of her lungs, she jumped off the bed and started sprinting towards the door, but Bar'vex-na caught her and picked her up.

"Stop crying young one, set an example for your little brother." Bar'vex-na wiped the tears from Tia'ja's cheeks as she looked at Calvin. He was still staring at the back side of Clay.

"Mommy and Daddy will come back right?" Calvin walked to Bar'vex-na and took a hold of his hand.

"Of course! They both took on a hard meat queen, remember?" Bar'vex-na picked up Calvin with his free arm, "It'll be hard for any beast to give them a good challenge." He took the children outside so they could see their parents take off.

Once outside, Tia'ja got as close as she was allowed to watch her parents ship take off. She stood her ground and enjoyed the wind from the ships blast off brush through her hair.

Tia'ja stood in the same place for a good half an hour after Tausha and Clay's ship had disappeared into the many stars of space. She kept looking up, wishing for her parents to return.

"Come on girly, let's get some breakfast, then we'll start you on some basic training." Bar'vex-na picked up Tia'ja and began carrying her and Calvin back to his home.

Calvin squinted his eyes as he smiled, "When father gets back, I'm gunna be strong enough to beat him!"

Tia'ja tried to smile but couldn't, so she just nodded her head, "Yeah…. me too."

End of Chapter 1

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