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Chapter 13 - Lovers Battle

As Tia'ja moved through the forest she noticed the greenery getting thicker, the area was completely uncharted in her scanners as she checked it with her mask. She growled a little, unsure of where she was going and beginning to realize how lost she was. 'Even if I do survive a fight with Arrel, how am I going to get off this planet?'

Buried in her thoughts she failed to sense a pair of Yautja eyes staring her down. His eyes followed her every movement, he could have easily taken her out then and there, one simple shot could have ended her but instead he fired off a warning shot. Blasting the ground just before her next foot step.

Debris flew as Tia'ja was knocked back from the blast, she managed to keep the mask on her face despite the size of it compared to her small bone structure. The blast had happened just inches in front of her and the heat actually burned her a bit.

She got to her feet as quickly as she was able but heard the roar of the Yautja as he jumped down from his hiding place amongst the trees. Tia'ja adjusted her vision with the helmet and turned in time to see the male charging at her, she could feel each pound of his footsteps vibrate through the ground as he approached.

Her dreads whipped through the air as she twisted on her heels to face the Yautja, a low warning growl emitted from her throat just before the impact. The male Yautja slammed his fist forward and just barely missed Tia'ja's head as she dodged to the side and lightly caught it.

Tia'ja guided his fist as it flew over her body, she rolled back and kicked her foot deep into his abs, flipping his body over hers and sending him crashing behind her. She felt the earth shake when he landed and got back on her feet in mere seconds. Her body hunched forward and she ejected her wrist blades, standing ready to really start the battle.

The male Yautja's cloak had been down the whole time and he shook his head as he slowly got back to his feet. An odd sound that seemed like a laugh came from him as his own wrist blades snapped out.

Tia'ja stood straight up and removed her mask, tossing it to the ground and showing the Yautja a humans glare. After removing the mask and seeing clearly she knew exactly who the male had been and it made her heart throb painfully. "Kee'vek……" At the same time she felt this knew feeling of pain, she felt more anger than she ever could have imagined. "This whole time….you lied to me. You pretended to actually have feelings for me…when really all you were interested in was a thrilling hunt."

Kee'vek showed her the same respect she had just shown him and removed his mask before staring over at her. "A hybrid is one of the most interesting things to hunt. Hybrids can be stronger and sometimes even smarter than just your normal prey."

Her blood seemed to boil as her fists tightened, "Then it'll be an honor when you die by my hand!" She lunged forward and slammed her wrist blades hard against his, sparks flew when the metal clashed and she even felt him back up slightly.

Kee'vek easily regained his stance and shoved her back, throwing her away from him with little effort, she was so much lighter than your usual Yautja. As soon as her back hit the dirt he sprung forward, he wasn't going to kill her fast because he wanted to toy with her first.

Tia'ja's eyes grew wide the moment she saw his body in mid air and his fist aimed directly for her face. With quick reflexes she rolled and kicked off the ground, jumping up and just narrowly avoiding his punch as it crashed into the earth.

She didn't take the time to just look at him as his fist left a small crater, instead she swung her leg with full force in an unavoidable counter.

A firm hit crashed square in Kee'vek's back, sending his body face down into the dirt where Tia'ja was just lying. An instant later he felt her kick him hard in the side, she was aiming to break a few ribs but hadn't put enough force into her attack to accomplish that.

As Tia'ja pulled back for another kick she felt his cold fingers wrap around her ankle, he jerked her leg out from under her and sent her back to the ground with him.

He moved so fast Tia'ja barely had time to catch her breath before she was pinned under his massive weight. She squirmed to get free with all her might and couldn't believe he was actually straddling her. "GET OFF!"

Instead of obeying her Kee'vek gripped her shoulders tightly and lifted her off the ground, it was only for a spilt second before slamming her back against it. He heard a loud huff of air escape her lungs as the wind was knocked out of her.

Kee'vek's mandibles clicked as he pinned her there and stared down at her, she was just glaring up at him with death rays of hatred. "…..Are you giving up?"

Tia'ja smirked slightly and slammed her knee up hard, nailing him dead center in the back once again. Instead of knocking him off though, she only got the satisfaction of hearing him growl in pain and annoyance.

"If you're going to kill me just do it!" She bared her little human fangs and thrashed once more trying to get free of his grip.

The grip around Tia'ja's arms loosened as Kee'vek shook his head, "If I was going to kill you, you'd be dead already."

Tia'ja stared up into his eyes, still completely angry but she knew he was telling the truth. "Then what are you doing?" She pulled her arms free and pushed him off of her before getting to her feet.

Kee'vek moved forward and cornered her against a tree then reached one hand toward her. He could see her taking deep breaths through her nose as she backed up as far as she could.

She wanted to turn away as soon as she felt his clawed hand caress her cheek but for some reason she didn't. Her eyes closed shut as she started to breath normally, "Why? Why are you doing this?"

Without answering Kee'vek just moved closer to her and pulled her into a strong hug. Holding her tightly against his chest. "Because there is something special about you…."

Tia'ja looked up in time to see his lower mandibles twitch, probably in nervousness. She slowly wrapped her arms around him, returning his hug then lightly she rested her head against his chest. "I think this is love?….Kee'vek, I think I lov….."

She didn't have time to finish as Kee'vek was pulled back and thrown away from her. Tia'ja felt two huge Yautja hands slam hard against her chest and pound her back against the tree.

A loud snap was heard as the tree cracked from the impact and Tia'ja felt the hands move up to her neck, squeezing tightly as they lifted her high off the ground. A growl came from Tia'ja as she gripped the hands tightly and tried to get free, she finally got to look at her new enemy and felt a chill of fear run down her spine.


End of Chapter 13

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