DRAGON'S DESTINY 6/6: Higher Destiny

a Ranma 1/2 Altered Destiny fanfic by Gregg Sharp

i don't own these characters, that doesn't keep me from having fun with them.

note: if something that does not treat the manga as gospel offends you, continue on to the next
story. this is gonna offend you real bad. otherwise, kick your shoes off and enjoy.



Nabiki looked over at Ukyou. "I DO
wish that you'd stop doing that."

"This is just SO much fun!" Kasumi smiled, happy as a bluebird and currently flying like one on PCP.

"It's not so much the speed," Ukyou said, closing her eyes tightly. She was yelling
across at Nabiki as the current howl of the wind seemed to overwhelm everything else. "It's not even skimming the trees at this kind of speed."

Ukyou whimpered again as Kasumi noticed something, and made another 90 degree turn at speeds in excess of 120mph. "It's that she never seems to have heard of 'inertia'."

Noting the greenish tint to Ukyou's face, Nabiki called up to where her sister was holding the rope that connected to their rowboat. "Whatever you do, don't go any faster, Kasumi."

Kasumi, off in her own little world, of course only made out the last two words.
An expression of joy passed over her face. "Faster it is!"

This time two sets of screams could be heard echoing from the flying rowboat.


Mao Yin looked up and gaped for a moment at what she saw. There was a young lady in a skirt, blouse, apron combination, holding a rope, which was attached to a rowboat, from which
screams could be heard, and she was flying without the benefit of a plane.

Aforementioned young lady abruptly increased speed going from "Very Fast" to "Where'd She Stash The Rocket?"

"Damn," the young mystic managed. "That must've been one of those UFO thingies. Aren't they supposed to be saucer-shaped though?"

Now if she could just make it to the coastline, she'd find this "Nerima" and teach that Ryouga to leave HER behind.


"Mercury Aqua Rhapsody!"

"Sparkling Wide Pressure!"

"Aku Ryo Tai San!"

"Where did all these girls come from? Ranma, you coward to hide behind weak little girls!" Ryouga held one hand down and began summoning chi into it.

Akane stopped. "Did he say..."

Sailor Jupiter's antennae popped back up with a crackling noise. "...weak..."

"...little..." Flames began to appear around Sailor Mars hands.

"...girls?" Shampoo's hand clenched and formed an energy sword.

"DIE!" Akane's haymaker slammed into Ryouga's temple, causing him to step backwards.

"FRY!" Sailor Mars brought her hands together and launched a "fire soul" attack.

"GOODBYE!" Sailor Jupiter got up close and personal to thrust her next "Sparkling
Wide Pressure" directly into Ryouga's face.

Shampoo didn't bother with calling out an attack, just thrusting forward with her
chi blade.

"That's enough," Ryouga slapped the blade to the side and struck open palm to
Shampoo's face. Shampoo flew across the street and made an Amazon-shaped impression on the wall.

"FREEZE WAVE!" Ryouga struck the ground, mist shot out in a wave again. When the mist settled, there were some pillars of ice thrusting up from the frozen street where opponents had stood a moment ago. "Well, that was quick."

A pillar of ice shattered, Akane stepping out of the jagged remainder of it a moment later.

Shampoo groaned and started peeling herself out of the wall, which collapsed around her as she managed it.

"Heh, well..." Ryouga's eyes widened. Where had Ranma gone while he was dealing with these girls?

"DRAGON," came a voice behind Ryouga. Ryouga turned to see a beachball sized sphere of chi formed between Ranma's hands and glowing blue-white.

"Uh-oh," Ryouga managed.


A few moments passed as Ranma collapsed and the dust settled.

Shampoo shattered the prisons of Jupiter and Mars. Akane broke the ice holding Mercury in place.

"They injured." Shampoo noted the thready pulse. "They not do too good."

Ranma gasped. "Ok. I think I know what I did wrong the last time."


"That's it!" Nabiki pointed. "That's the mountain in the guidebook. Supposedly the cave is on the eastern side of the mountain, to face the dawn."

Kasumi slowed to a mere crawl. She was beginning to feel tired anyway. Even with her flying ability taking most of the weight, her arms were sore from holding on to the rope.

"Can we land now?" Ukyou tried not to sound too desperate.

"THERE!" Nabiki pointed. "That's got to be it."

Kasumi flew directly to the cave, only smashing the rowboat into the ground twice as she did so. Unfortunately, she was so tired she didn't notice the rope give way the last time.

Nabiki and Ukyou, watching the rope continuing on without them into the cave, gulped. They then looked at each other as the new acceleration made itself felt.

"Kasuuuuumiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!" The rowboat slid down the steep slope, picking up a fair amount of speed as it did so.

Kasumi entered the cave, looking at all the little glowing sparks floating about. "Oh my. How pretty."

There was a single spotlight floating in midair, with writing in Chinese on it. Kasumi nodded, this was exactly how she had expected it to look from Ranma's description. Now where were Nabiki and Ukyou?

Kasumi decided to be polite and respectful while she was waiting. "Hello? My name is Kasumi Tendo. You know someone who's, well," Kasumi blushed, "somebody special to me."

Kasumi's blush deepened as she thought about him. If she wore glasses they'd have fogged up. "Oh dear. Anyway, I'm wondering...he's gotten injured and has had a great deal of power loss. It seems he's transferred a lot of his power to me and a few others to save our lives. Uhm, well it's a bit awkward.

" You see, he's got several fiancees and he's supposed to face some powerful enemies. We'd help, but we don't have the full power he started out with, either. So, uhm, I'm really sorry for disturbing you, Magic Cave-san, but my sister's the one who is supposed to make the wish. She says she's got it all figured out, but she's not here right at the moment."

Kasumi paused but there was still no sign of Nabiki or Ukyou. "Anyway. Ukyou is the only fiancee who doesn't have a powerup yet, and she could really use one if she's going to hang around us. And we've, well, those of us who've shared Ranma's lifeforce have sort of a special bond. It's really not fair to her not to have that.

"So anyway, there's a lot of problems that happened along the way. I mean I really
really like Ranma, but if he chooses one of us, everyone else will get hurt. I don't really want
that to happen." Kasumi listened for a few moments but it was completely silent in the cave. "It's too bad I can't just wish that you'd solve these problems."


Somewhere in another dimension, a little black cat who sometimes went by the name
of Robin Goodfellow was rolling around on the floor, laughing its tail off.


"Doctor Akagi, your report?"

"The genetic samples from young Saotome show that he's a New Type, so genetically
advanced towards perfection that he might as well be another species."

"Hmmm. Maya, take a memo for the PM. Go ahead and approve that marriage law for Nerima, with the condition that genetic samples are needed. Dr. Akagi, we may not be able to clone him, but we CAN arrange for him to have a lot of kids. Children who are genetically superior to the bulk of humanity. Hah! Let's label this the 'Human Enhancement Project' - that'll work."

"As you say, sir." Doctor Akagi turned and walked to the elevator. And if she had a private fantasy about the young man in the report, who was to criticize her for it?


Ranma had one girl under each arm, if one were to look close, one would see that they were actually supporting him as they walked.

Shampoo was giggling like a schoolgirl.

Akane merely smirked. "Oh yeah, Ranma, tell us again how you've got the hang of this chi
transfer thing again."

"Not my fault." Ranma glanced to where a blushing Ami and Rei were supporting him.

"Yup, just like my sempai," Lita nodded. "Course, you couldn't know we heal fast in our
Senshi forms and it wasn't necessary for you to do anything."

"Shampoo, why are you glowing?"

"What you mean, Akane? Oh, Akane is glowing!"

"We're all glowing," Amy observed, switching places with Lita so she could use her
computer to scan. "I'm getting powerful energy spikes from all of us."

"Oh no," said Ranma as he realized why this feeling was familiar.


MUCH Later:

"It's a snow woman!" Sailor Moon dodged the creature's blast. "Waaaahh!"

"Foul creature who perverts, uhm, winter sports, no that's not it."

"Ranchan, stick to the blasting and leave the speeches to others."

Ranma tried again, noting that there were now twenty of the snowwomen appearing. "Uhm,
evil ski slope rejects, er, oh hell. DRAGON STORM!"

"Told you." Ukyou smiled at Ranma.

"Would you like some cookies?" Kasumi asked Usagi, using a chi wind burst to sweep the
little piles of snow into nice tidy piles.


DONE! Oh can't you see it, oh the horror, of Kasumi flying and baking chocolate chip cookies, and oh the terrible horrible story of Ranma getting all the girls.

actually i was planning on having Ukyou get into the cave, make a wish, and all his "fiancees" would meld into one being. Kasumi's niceness, Akane's strength, Shampoo's sex appeal, Nabiki's intelligence, and Ukyou's cute all in one package.

But the idea of Sentai Team Ranma was too much to pass up. Especially with a chi-bonded Amy, Lita, and Rei. Especially as back when this was first written, it hadn't been done a whole lot.

The cause of poor Ranma's suffering? Well, it's cause he's a character in a comedy show.

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