Chapter 7: Special Delivery.

Harry, Hermione, and Ron, apparated Ginny to St. Mungo's. Harry called for a healer, and one came running out with a wheelchair. While helping Ginny sit down a painful contraction swept through her and she reached out and hit Harry full force in the face.

"I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY NOW!" she screamed as the healer rolled her down the hall.

The rest of them sat down, while Hermione apparated home to get the twins and let the babysitter go home. She returned within 10 minutes.

Harry was pacing the floor, muttering to himself. Ron tried to settle him down, talking to him about how worried he was when Hermione was in labor. He finally sat down to help Hermione feed the twins. He took William in his arms, and fed him. William clung to his uncle and was a perfect angel. Hermione and Ron smiled at him.

"See mate," Ron said, "You're going to make a great dad."

For the next four hours, they talked, the read, they got wired on coffee. Finally at 2:43am on the morning of July 9th a healer come out.

"Are you all here for Ginny Potter?" she asked.

"Yes," said Harry anxiously as Ron gently woke Hermione up.

"I'm Jean. Well first I'd like to tell you she didn't have twins…"

"Oh Harry I'm sorry," Hermione said.

"Yeah mate, we knew you were hoping for twins," Ron chimed in.

"Well she didn't have twins," Jean said…"She had triplets."

"TRIPLETS!" Ron and Hermione exclaimed. Then they heard a thump.

They turned around to see Harry had fainted.

5 minutes later

Harry opened his eyes to see Hermione and Ron staring at his face.

"What happened?" Harry asked as his friends helped him up.

"You fainted," Ron said, "After Jean here told you Gin had triplets."

"Oh my God, Ginny! Can I see her?" he asked.

Jean smiled, "Of course, follow me."

"Go ahead Harry, we will let you two be alone." Hermione said.

Hermione and Ron sat down with their twins, and smiled.

"Wow," Ron said, "Triplets. Five kids we all have."

"It's amazing," Hermione said, "I'm so blessed to have you and the twins." She kissed him and snuggled against him.

15 minutes later Harry came out, and said come on back.

"Harry, what did Ginny have? Ron asked.

"Two girls, and one boy."

They all entered the room and saw the nurse holding the boy, while Ginny held the girls.

"Come in an meet your new nieces and nephew," Ginny smiled.

Hermione and Ron exclaimed, "They are beautiful."

Hermione took one girl while Ron took the other. Harry took his son.

"This is James Kaden Arthur," Harry said proudly.

Ginny then spoke up, "Hermione you have Lily Jane, and Ron you have Addison Molly."

"Those are beautiful names," Hermione said.

"Things couldn't be more perfect," Ron replied.

Harry looked at his wife, their children, his best friends, and their children and said, "No, no they couldn't."

The end

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