Author's note: Hello everyone, I'm back for my third and final story of my DotD trilogy. Before you get started on the first chapter, I just have a few things to say about my final story.

This will be the darkest story of the three for both horror and the insanity, just like my idol when it comes to horror stories, Stephen King.

I hope the plot and ideas in my story would make up the fact that out of the three stories, this will be the shortest. I'm not saying how many chapters, but I tell you that it will be less then ten chapters.

I hope that this won't stop you from reading my final part and I'm sorry it took me so long to post the story but I had a very important report to do in my English class.

This is written in no one's POV.


Chapter One


An argument is like a country road, you never know where it is going to lead. -Unknown

She can sense it . . . she was completely gone. There were no options left for the soon-to-be twenty years old as she sat there at the edge of her bed, pondering over and over if she should just end it. She had nothing left, NOTHING, but just the tiny bit of humanity, just enough to remembered how she got into this mess in the first place.

It was his fault she was in this "condition," his fault, His! If he had just listened to her, none of this would have happened. She wouldn't have to commit such a heinous act of murder, god the blood on her hands were still fresh, the blood from that narcissist woman. The girl, who was also responsible for her mental state.

For the blood on her hands

For the loss of her humanity

For his...death.

(Mental state, what the hell are you talking, I'm not mental)

(That load bullshit and you know it)

She shook her head. (No, I'm not crazy, none of this ever happened, I didn't commit the murder, I didn't lose my humanity and he isn't dead)

(Open your eyes, you idiot, you sitting here in the dark, alone. You haven't slept and eaten anything in days and look what you're holding)

She stared at her hand, dried blood covered her arm just below the elbow, and looked at the thing she was holding with her sticky, smelly fingers.

A gun.

(Boy, how in the hell did this happened)

She stared out into space, into the mirror that showed a reflection of a girl she couldn't recognize.

(How did it all happened) she thought


Three Weeks earlier . . .

When they were little, they took a vow that they will always be there for each other, through thick and thin no matter what. Secretly, the ten-year-old girl made a vow to always protect her eight-year-old friend, to make sure he never gets hurt. They shook on this vow before heading off to their favorite store.

(I will always protect you) She thought, smiling at the little boy.


Although the little boy grew up into a very tall, skinny teenager, she was still there fighting his battles and he was always there to clean up the mess afterwards. He didn't mind a girl protecting him. He got use to it growing up with her.

Not even the Dead that walked the earth one morning could stop her from keeping that vow she made when she was little. Sure wounds were flicked, blood poured in buckets and scarred were embedded into their bodies and mind, but they were still alive with the help of one another.

Don't believe what people say on the street, their friendship was very intimate but platonic as well. But all that change when their friendship was shattered and destroyed in one blow after another, and who would have guessed that it all started with a girl.

Anna was her name, the narcissist bitch of seventeen, who cares more about her hair then anyone else in the world. Then how in the hell did she and Matt click, Bianca was still trying to figure out that one. It was one of those out of the blue kinda things that happen two months after they arrived here in the Lubbock Texas Outpost.

"Isn't she wonderful" Matt would tell Bianca all the time.

"Yeah . . . she's really something" Bianca would say as she watches Anna combing her long chestnut brown hair in front of her little compact mirror.

Matt spent the rest of the winter with that girl, the only time Bianca sees him is when he comes home to sleep or go out to get food. He spends most of his hard earning money on HER, gives all the food he finds to HER, and as shocking as it seems will go out to the dead world to get things like hair spray for HER.

Bianca hated her, god, she lost track of all the times she or her friends had to hold her back from getting her hands on that narcissist girl. Why she hated her so much, well for two reasons.

It made her realize that even Matt can make stupid decisions and judgements when it comes to girlfriends. And the other was something no ones know about but her and she hates to admit as well..

She didn't like to share him.

Not even Matt knew about this, it was just something that was bury deep inside Bianca that she was too ashamed to tell him. When Anna came into the picture, she took HER Matt away from her. She hated feeling that she's being possessive, but that just how she feels.

When you been with someone for going on for ten years, it hard to see him with anyone else beside you. She needed to stop thinking about this, it makes it sound like there was more to this then just friendship.

But, the main thing is Matt's happiness so she just has to learn to deal with this girl . . . just as long she didn't cross paths with her.

She spoke too soon.

Bianca was walking down a crowed street and was accidently push into Anna, grabbing her hair to prevent her from falling. Anna screamed and tried to smack Bianca with her sharp, press on nails but missed terribly.

"Stupid bitch!" Anna shouted then realize who it was. "Oh, it's only you, Matt, my boyfriend's "best" friend"

"Hello, Anna" Bianca said, in a dull voice.

First time Anna was introduced to Binaca by Matt, she didn't like her. She heard rumors and tales about Bianca that were everything but pretty. Stuff about her murdering old ladies, burning buildings, watching people die in zombies games and she wasn't comfortable with her friendship with her boyfriend.

She didn't believe it was one of those platonic kinda relationship, she didn't think anybody believes in that word. So, whenever she was around the tomboy, she made sure she knew where she stands when it comes to Matt.

"Wow, it's been weeks since the last time I saw you since I've been hanging out with Matt all the time. ALL THE TIME" she said, taking out her compact mirror and fixing up her hair.

"So I've heard" I said.

"Ew, you got grease in my perfect, chestnut hair" she said "Matt loves it when he runs his fingers through it" She said, smiling.

Bianca bit her lip hard and would have dropped kick her in her pretty little face but held it back. (Just think of Matt, Just think of Matt) she thought and calmed down.

"Where is Matt anyway" Bianca asked

"Oh, he's just out buying me things again" Anna said "He's so sweet"

"He is, isn't he" Bianca said and started walking away.

She was grabbed by the shirt and was turned around by Anna "where are you going, do you want to hang out, go shopping" she asked

"Not really, I'm not like one of those girls" She said "shopping isn't the only thing left in the world to do"

"I think you've been eating too much stale food to say that" Anna said, tugging her to move. "Come on, we can sit down and chat with a nice cup of tea"

Bianca pulled her arm away from her, nearly causing her to fall down but she kept her balance. "Wow, you're pretty strong for a girl" she said

"Look, I don't know why you're being nice to me all of a sudden, but let's make it easier on the both of us and walk away" Bianca said, trying to walk away again.

This time, the sharp press-on nails dig right into her skin as she was grabbed again and was turned around to face Anna. "Then do us all a big favor and butt out of Matt's life for now on"

"What the hell are you talking about"

"I know you, do you know how because Matt never stops talking about you and all the crap you two have been through. That's all he talks about and I don't give a shit what you've been through"

"I'm still lost here, now let go of my arm"

"Well then to keep it short so even you could get it, stay away from him, I know you and girls like you don't like it when a much prettier and better girl comes into your friend's life. You start building up that jealously and will do anything to keep him away from me."

Bianca stared at her with disbelief "you've gotta be fucking kidding with me"

"New flash, I'm not, now you stay away from MY boyfriend, you have one go be with him" she said

"Your boyfriend happens to be my friend, there is no way I'm butting out of his life when I've been with him for nearly ten years. Now if you don't let go of my arm this minute, you're going to lose all that pretty hair of yours" Bianca threatens.

"Don't you dare threaten me, you bitch, I have ways of eliminating you from his world?"

Bianca place a finger on Anna's forehead, and simply pushed her to the ground. Anna fell right on her butt and looked up at Bianca, growling.

"You're lucky your Matt's girlfriend or I could've done a lot worse then just pushing you down to the ground" Bianca said, walking away.

Anna just sat there on the cold street, not even caring that people were staring at her as she was walking by. "You'll pay for this" she said (you'll pay)

"What a bitch" Bianca said.

She walks down to the Supply Station to see if they were stock up on food. She cringed when she saw Jimmy there, talking a few people or handing out some food. Lately, she couldn't stand being around Jimmy when she's all by herself. He gets real "touchy" and "close" with her as if they were something more than friends.

Bianca didn't like him that way, she never had and never will, frankly, she never sees herself in a relationship expect with her first love, Marc. Sadly though, Marc was dead thanks to Matt shooting him in the head because he was infected by the "Zombie Virus." She played with the ring that was on her finger, the ring Marc gave her, as she walked over to where Jimmy was at.

Jimmy spotted Bianca and smiled "Hey there" he said

"Hey, what are you doing here" Bianca asked

"Just checking on the food supplies"

"Really, are we ok or do we need to go out and get some more" she asked

"No, we're fine for a couple of more days" he said, then noticed something was wrong. "Are you ok?"

"I'm fine, just had a little chat with Matt's girlfriend"

"About what" Jimmy asked

( Well then to keep it short so even you could get it, stay away from him, I know you and girls like you don't like it when a much prettier and better girl comes into your friend's life)

"Nothing too important, she just being a narcissist bitch like always" Bianca said.

"So in other words, she was just being herself" he said

"Right" Bianca said "do you want to get something to eat"

"Sure, why not" he said

While they were walking to the nearest food court, Jimmy tried to wrap his arm around her waist. Bianca took a step to the left to prevent him from touching her.


Anna stormed to one of the apartment buildings where she lived with some of her cousins. She walked up to the seventh floor of the building, muttering obese languages, pushing and shoving people out of her way and stopped in front of the door that said "7G" on it. She opened the door and walked inside to see three of her cousins sitting at a table, playing poker and smoking.

"Kevin! How many time did I tell you not to smoke inside the room!" she screamed at the top of her lungs and smacked him across in the back of his head as she walks past him.

"What the fuck is wrong with you, Anna" Kevin shouted as he put out his cigarette. Kevin was the oldest of the four that lived in the two-bedroom apartment. He is tall, big, muscular twenty years old that wear baggy clothes and has tattoos all over his arms.

"Don't start with me Kevin, I'm not in the mood" Anna shouted and walked into the bathroom.

"What's up her butt" The second oldest of the four asked, who is named Andy. Andy was a tall, skinny nineteen year old who has a multicolor dye in his hair.

"Beats me, two please" said the youngest of the four. Jake looked older than his age with his height and the way he dresses but he was actually fifteen.

Anna came out of the bathroom, while brushing her hair and went over to open a window to get the smoke out of the room. She looked at her three cousins and scoffed "I'm sick and tire of you three, sitting around and playing poker all day. Can't you three go out and get some food or supplies?"

"Weren't you doing that since you wanted to make sure that you got everything you needed" Kevin said

"But you'd stop doing that ever since you started going out with that one guy" Jake said

"Which was a bad choice since he hangs out with that one girl" Andy said "she gives me the creeps"

"Who wouldn't after all the stories I heard from the Flagstaff Outpost and the fights she had in the Albuquerque Outpost before the Dead destroyed it"

"Yeah, she'll tear you apart when she's finds out you're just using him to get things for your own selfish needs" Kevin said

"And she won't find out if a certain someone keeps his mouth shut, huh, Kevin" Anna said, right into his face.

Kevin ignored her and places his cards down "full house, you fuckers" He said

"Dammit" Jake shouted as he and Andy slammed their cards on the table.

"Are you even listening to me!" Anna shouted

"Yes, for crying out loud, you yell at me like I need to do something about YOUR problem with Bianca" Kevin said

"I'm glad you see it my way, now hit me" she said

Jake started to choke on the chips he was eating and the other two just stared at her.

"What did you say" Kevin asked

"You heard me, hit me, right in the eye" Anna said "make it as black and blue as you can"

"I told you all those hair products will get to her one of these days" Andy whispered to Jake.

"SHUT UP!" Anna screamed causing them to cringed.

"Are you fuckin crazy, you may be annoying and a bitch, but I'm not going to hit you" Kevin said

"Don't you get it, if I get hit I can use it in my plan" Anna said

"What plan" Jake asked

"None of your business now hit me"

"No" Kevin said

"HIT ME!" Anna shouted



"NO!" Kevin shouted, losing his patients.



A fist flew right into her face and all went black.


Bianca fell onto her bed and took a deep breath and sigh in relief. She has been here for two months and was fully recovered from all her injuries she got even though it left her another couple of scars to remind her of her past events. But things are different now ever since she started living here. She got a small apartment room that she shared with Matt since thanks for bringing in the "The Monster" vehicle and helping out with food supplies, they deserve better then living on the street.

Bianca didn't mind being a Supply Gatherer because it didn't come with the daily beatings like back then and she still has her team with her. Garret and Kristine moved on to other groups and she hardly sees them anymore expect when it's time to collect more food. With Matt hanging out with his girlfriend, Bianca spent most of her days walking around, fighting in the Zombie's game or just lying here thinking while staring at the ceiling.

She was supposed to go over to her mother's room to talk but she started to doze off and a second later she fell asleep.

She didn't know how long she slept but was suddenly woken up by the sound of a slam door. Bianca groan and slowly open her eyes to see Matt standing by the door. She smiled but found it odd that he didn't smile back. He was just standing there with a glare in his blue eyes as if he was waiting for her to say something.

(Something's wrong here) she thought as she sat up on her bed and stretch a bit "Hey Matt, what's wrong"

"What the hell is wrong with you" Matt said

Bianca gave him a strange look "what do you mean"

"Just because Anna is different from you, you didn't have to hit her!" Matt said, rasing his voice a little.

"I'm lost here"

"Don't sit there and lie to me Bianca, Anna told me that you two were talking this afternoon and for some reason she said something that offended you and you hit her right in the eye"

"WHAT!" Bianca said, standing up. "I did no such thing"

"Oh, that's hard to believe, you not hitting girls" Matt said. "I can't believe you actually did that, don't you know how much Anna means to me"

"I didn't hit her, I was talking to her, but I didn't hit her" Bianca said, growling.

"Then how did she get a black eye then? Look, I know you don't like her, but she's my girlfriend can you at least show some respect for her"

"I have been showing respect for her, I bit my lib hard that it bleeds to keep me from saying things to her that would drive her away, but now I see she's a lying good-for-nothing bitch"

"DON'T YOU DARE CALL HER A BITCH AGAIN" Matt shouted right into her face.

Bianca had to bent her neck up to stare at him face to face, she couldn't believe he was acting this way."Well, she is because she's lying about me hitting her and I can't believe you're taking her side instead of mine!" Bianca shouted

"Maybe because I believe her instead of your lies" Matt said

Bianca's eyes widened, she couldn't believe what he just said to her. "Look Matt, as a friend, I'm telling you she is bad news, and I don't want you to get hurt"

"Stop protecting me!" Matt said "for god sake, I'm seventeen years old, Bianca, I don't need you to be watching over me anymore!

"I've been doing it for the past ten years and I haven't heard you complaining about it, unless your little Anna is telling you what to tell me" Bianca said.

Matt stared at her and shook his head "Anna was right, you don't like seeing me with other girls"

"What the fuck are you talking about"

"She's been told me that you don't like seeing me with other people that's why you're always coming up with nonsense to keep her away from me"

"That's not true, and you know" Bianca said "I don't give damn who you hang out with, but anybody is better then Anna."

"Well, if you don't like seeing me with Anna, then maybe you should just butt out all together then" Matt shouted

"Maybe I will"

"Maybe you should"

"Fine!" Bianca shouted

"FINE!" Matt shouted even louder and headed out the door.

"FINE!" Bianca hollers "let's see how Anna does when it comes to saving your ass all the time. You fuckin ASSHOLE!"

Matt slammed the door so hard it caused the picture frame that has a picture of them at the Flagstaff Outpost, to fall to the floor.

She stared at the picture when she saw that a long crack on the glass appeared right between them in the photo . . .


Next Chapter: Forgiveness: A relationship broken off, Matt find himself drunk and open minded and Bianca finds herself in a tight spot.