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Chapter Eight


For death is no more than a turning of us over from time to eternity--William Penn

Garret closed the door to Bianca's mother's room and slide down to the floor and lean against the wall. He went over to her apartment to tell her about Jimmy telling them what happened to Matt and the horrible site he witnessed after Bianca snapped. When he finished, her mother just sat there in her chair with her hands tightly clutching onto the chair's handles with enough pressure that they were turning white. Garret could have sworn he heard her muttering sentences like "She's not my daughter" underneath her breath.

She told Garret she was to be alone for a minute so he left the room but the minute turned into half an hour he went to go check on her. When he opened the door, he nearly fell to his knees when he saw Bianca's mother a foot above the ground.

She'd hung herself.

The only respectful thing he could've done was cut the rope and carry her to her bed and covered her body with the blanket then leave.

Garret ran his hands through his hair and sat there for a minute when Kristine ran up to him.

"Garret, Garret, we got to go now" she said.

"Why, what's wrong"

"The gate in the back of the town is smash open and the Dead are coming in. We need to get "The Monster" and stop them before they reach the city"

Garret quickly got up and decided to take care of this before getting Kristine to help him bury Bianca's mother. "Where is Bianca anyway" he wondered


Fresh dark blood fell from her shoulder and hit the dirt with a splat. Bianca stared at the thick red liquid as it soaked into the dirt. She placed herself in a sitting position and leaned against the jeep and just stared out into the dead world that stretches out for miles. She tore her collar on her shirt and lower it; a little to check the bullet hole on her should. Her arm and chest were covered in blood and right in the middle of her shoulder was a quarter size bullet hole with blood pouring out.

It was getting a little hard for her to breathe as she clutches onto her wound to stop the bleeding. But that didn't help since the bullet exit out of her back because she could feel the warm blood pouring down her back and soaking into her shirt.

(No point trying to stop the bleeding) she thought and released her hand from her shoulder.

She sat there for a minute, staring at her hands that were stained with her victims' blood as well as hers. She closed her eyes and tried to remember what the hell happened since all last night had all been a blur to her. She couldn't remember much expects fire, bloodcurdling screams, the look on horror on Jake's face from what he saw and the last expression on Anna's face before she was run over to death.

(You need to get out of here) a voice said.

(Oh fuck, not you again) Bianca thought.

(yes, yes, it's me, the weird voice that drove you insane in the first place) the voice said.

(go away) Bianca said (I know I'm losing it again if I'm hearing you)

(You need to get out of here; you don't wanna wait here and be eaten alive, do you?)


(Then get off your fuckin ass and get out of here) the voice said.

She tried to get up but ended up falling in the dirt again. She opened her eyes and found herself looking under the jeep and at the bones and torn up flesh and clothes of Anna. She spotted the gun Anna use under a bloody piece of cloth and reach out and grabbed it. Bianca sat herself up and tucked the gun on the side of her pants and took a deep breath.

Grabbing her arm again she picked herself up from the dirt and turned around to see a group of zombies eating something from far away. She sighed when she finally remembered what happened to Jake.

She remembers looking back to see Jake screaming and running over to one of the dead on the act of committing suicide and letting them eat him alive. For a second she felt bad for the fifteen years old's awful fate. She was hoping he would die when he was dragged all over the lands by the jeep but she guessed that only made him lose his sanity and increase his determining and put his fate in his own hands. The only person whoever did that type of suicide was that girl Jimmy told her about when they were at the Albuquerque Outpost. Her name was Lindsey and while she was dealing with Boss and trying to get out of the Outpost since the dead were taking it over, Lindsey didn't make an effort to move or run and decided that her fate was to be eaten by the dead.

The little remorse for Jake didn't last when the dead smelled her blood and started walking toward her while holding pieces of bone and flesh that came from Jake. Bianca looked behind them and could see the tips of the buildings at the Lubbock Texas Outpost. She could easily walk pass the dead since they were slow and there were only a few of them left but she couldn't find the nerve to do that. Not after what she almost did to her friends.

(Get back, get back, OR I'LL KILL YOU ALL!) She remembered yelling at her two friends while pointing the gun at them.

She remembers Garret backing away from Jimmy and was just staring at her, staring right into her eyes while Kristine started shaking violently.

"Please tell me you weren't part of the plan" she asked.

"No, we love Matt just as much as you do, we would never hurt him" Krisitne shouted.

"LIAR!" She shouted and pointed the gun at Kristine, who fell to her knees from the fear.

"I'm not lying, please don't kill me, please" Krisitne shouted and begged.

"Put down the gun, this is not like you" Garret shouted.

She couldn't get rid of the look of shear horror on Kristine's pale face when she pointed the gun at her and accusing her for the crime. She stared at the building again and knew she couldn't return and face her friends and mother anymore. It was just too painful and they probably hated her for pulling a stunt like that.

She stared at the buildings one last time and turned away from the Outpost, her home, friends, and life. The moans of the Dead were telling her they were coming closer so she started walking away, taking one painful step at a time.


Bianca didn't know how long she was walking or where she was going; all she knows that she was leaving a trail of blood in the dirt.

(This is bad) Bianca thought, (the bullet might have hit one of my main arteries)

Blood was still pouring out from her shoulder wound and running down her arm and dripping from the tips of her fingers. She could no longer feel her left arm or move it so it was just dangling there.

Her walking came to a halt when she spotted an abandon Hotel building just half a mile away with no zombies around. It looked like an old indoor Motel 6 building and it looked like it was in pretty good shape to rest for a moment. Without taking the chance to stand there like a sitting duck for the Dead, Bianca walked as fast as she could to the Hotel and went inside.

The inside of the Hotel was trashed and unrecognizable. There was trash everywhere, spider webs, dust, torn up papers, glass and human bones and dried up corpses. The silence was interrupted when a Zombie started walking out of one of the offices and started to moan.

Bianca wasn't afraid of them anymore, who would be afraid if you had the skills to kill them with your bare hands.

"Fuck off Zombie" she said, tasting blood in her mouth.

She quickly spit out red saliva and walked over to the staircases. As if history was repeating itself since she was in the same predicament like she was when she was in Phoenix, she struggles up the stairs while leaving a bloody trail behind her. Expect this time the Dead were slow to catch up, she was bleeding from her shoulder and most of all, the thing that made this more terrifying was the fact that she was now . . .


After reaching the top floor, she searches for any room that had a door intact with a lock. The last room she checked was just the room she was looking for and went inside. She stood still, listening for any moans or groans of a Zombie but heard nothing so the room was safe.

She quickly locks the door and barricade by scooting one of the full size bed against the door. Leaving blood smear hand prints on the door and bed, she walked over to the other bed and sat down at the edge.

Her eyes were half-open til she spotted something that was hanging right across from where she sat. Her lips started to tremble as her tire eyes widened like boiled eggs as she stared at a mirror that had a large horizontal crack right in the middle of it.

What brought fear and terror into her eyes were that she was staring at a young woman she couldn't recognize.

(Who is that person, who is that awful thing in that mirror) she thought and started to shake violently.

The image in the mirror pause in her mind when she started to remember seeing that same horrible thing when her daze mind and body were writing "You're Next" on Anna's bathroom in Kevin's black blood. She could see her reflection, but it wasn't her it was a reflection of a psycho, a madwoman, a…….monster.

"You monster"

"You insane bitch"

"You're sick, you're fickin sick"

"This is madness, insane, overkill and you know it . . . know it . . . know it . . . know . . . it"

"SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP!" She screamed at the top of her lungs and punch the mirror with her bloody fist.

A stingy sensation appeared when pieces of glass pierce though her skin and she sat down at the edge of the bed again. Fresh drops of blood dripped from her hands and soak into the carpet. Bianca started laughing, sure the pain was here but at least the voices were gone she thought. Her laugher only lasted for a few seconds as she stares at the mirror again that was now had a spider web crack with a bloodstained fist in the middle. She could still see the monster in the mirror, that ugly, murderess, monster.

"God, I hate you" she whispered to herself and pull out the gun she'd stole from whatever was left of Anna and started fiddling it around with her sticky fingers. After cursing and blaming this whole mess on Matt and Anna for a couple of minutes, she started thinking about how this whole mess started in the first place.


As her life slowing leaves her body, Bianca stares at the gun and found it ironic that she was about to finish where Anna had left off. There was no way she was just going to sit here all alone and bleed to death where there's a gun in her hand that could easily take her life in one quick second. But . . . either way . . .

She will die alone.

She took a deep breath, places the cold metal tip of the gun underneath her chin and closed her eyes.

(It will all be over soon) she said to herself.

(It will only hurt for a second then it will all be over) she said.

Heaven was clearly out her reach, her soul wouldn't be saved after what she did to those people even if it was for revenge of her one and only friend.

She pressed the tip of the gun deeper into her skin, (Good-bye, cruel world) she said and pulled the trigger.


Her eyes widened like eggs again when she heard a clicking sound instead of mentally hearing her brains being splattered all over the walls.

There were no bullets in the gun, not even one.

Bianca started to shed tears again and screamed, "DAMMIT, GIVE ME BREAK WILL YOU!"

With that she threw the gun at the mirror, shattering it even more to the point glass spilled all over the floor. She suddenly felt very dizzy from the large amount of blood loss and fell to the floor with a low thump. She picked herself off from the floor and crawl over to the nearest wall and sat down with her back against wall.

She was reaching the end of her life as she started to twitch, taking deep breaths and letting blood run down her mouth. Her sight started to get blurry and she felt like she was in an illusion when she stared at something that was standing two feet away from her. Something or someone she knew very well . . .

Matt . . .

Was she dreaming? She wasn't sure, but it was really Matt standing in front of her. The same tall, pale skin boy she knew and love deeply was actually standing in front of her. She couldn't help but smile because he wasn't covered in blood anymore like he was in her nightmares.

"Hey" he said, smiling with pure gentleness in his lovely blue eyes. "You have no idea how much I miss you"

Bianca stares at him but didn't have the strength to get up and hug him. Fate was once again cruel to her for not letting her have the strength to hug her best friend.

"Matt . . . " She said in a very weak voice. "I thought . . . I thought . . . you were . . . dead"

"Well . . . actually I am but I'm here to take you home" He said.

"Huh" she said.

"I'm here to take you home" He said, smiling. "Come on, everyone is waiting for you"

"Who's . . . waiting . . . for me" She asked.

"Everyone" he said, "your brother, your parents, our friends back at Yuma, Marc and most of all . . . me"

"But . . . they are all . . . (coughs up some blood) . . . dead"

Matt bends down next to her, stroke her hair and her soft, scratched up cheek. "I know" he said, sadly.

It didn't take Bianca to realize that it was time for her to go. Like the millions that died in the years the dead rule the world either by being eaten, committing suicide, getting killed by other people or turn into a zombie, it was her turn to go, to leave, to die.

"I don't want to die alone" she said, to herself.

She suddenly felt a warm sensation covering up her half-dead body and she realizes it was Matt wrapping his arms around her for comfort while her breath started to weaken by the second.

"You're not alone, you were never alone" Matt whispered. "You help my soul rest in peace and now I'm doing the same for you"

Her eyes started to get heavy as she felt her body starting to shut down on her. Life and fate wasn't cruel to her after all since they didn't let her die alone in this dark world that use to be full of life and meaning. Matt was here with her just like he has been from their childhood to now. With Matt holding her in his arms, she took one last deep breath and said only two words.

I'm free

For the first time in weeks she smiled as her soul left her body and the world . . .



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