In the Aragorn Angst Yahoo Group, weekly prompts are given. The rules are quite simple: tie in the given prompt word in a ficlet less than 500 words. No higher than R, no slash, no Mary Sues.

Though Aragorn is not required in all of them, it is my own personal goal to tie him into every single prompt. So in the following weeks, you can expect ficlets concerning Aragorn (and many other characters) in many different scenarios. I expect every ficlet will not be above the G or PG rating, and the majority of them will be book-verse with small elements of movie-verse mixed in here and there.

Reviews, of course, are much appreciated! The first three ficlets shall come through the week of 3-19-06, following ficlets shall come weekly. So, if you like just to read short little gap-fillers, please do read on, and enjoy!

Prompt One: 'Lost'
Ficlet: The Quest
Rating: G
Fourth Age, Minas Tirith

Elessar was in the middle of an important discussion with Prince Imrahil when his office door suddenly slammed open. They both looked up, and they were startled to see a young girl rush into the room, crying. The startled guard at the door gave an apologetic shrug at the prince and the king's glances. However, their attention was soon back on the sobbing child.

She rushed past Imrahil and clung onto the king's legs. He picked her up and quickly shushed her, rubbing her back and whispering to her words of comfort. Finally, she quieted, and he looked at her in the eyes.

"What is wrong, penneth?" he asked her, a frown on his face.

"I… I… I lost Elwen, ada!" she cried, and started to sob into the man's shoulders.

'Elwen?' Imrahil mouthed to Elessar as he shushed her once more and rubbed her back.

'Her doll,' he mouthed to the prince, and Imrahil nodded, giving the king a small smile. He remembered well when his daughter was young, and oftenhe and his wifehad seen episodes such as this.

"Shh, don't cry, Eleniel," he whispered to his daughter. "She will turn up."

"No she won't!" Eleniel sobbed. "She was kidnapped and now she is gone forever!"

Imrahil made a noise which sounded oddly like he was trying to cough over a laugh, and the king shot him an exasperated look. Imrahil only gave him a helpless shrug, and then he grinned.

"How about you and your adar go on a quest to look for your dol- Elwen," he quickly amended as Eleniel started to shoot him a withering glare. Then the young princess started to process the thought, and her tears were soon replaced by a smile.

"A quest? Like ada's quest?" she asked eagerly.

"Yes… well, almost," said Imrahil with a smile.

Elessar smiled at her daughter, and then glared at the prince. As much as he loved to spend time with his daughter, he did not have the time now to go looking for a missing doll. Suddenly, an idea came to him, and he grinned.

"And Prince Imrahil shall join this quest. Won't you, Prince Imrahil?" asked the king to the prince.

Imrahil was going to refuse when Eleniel turned her eyes on him. He could not stand her gaze; it was just as beautiful as her mother's and just as commanding as her father's. She got the best out of both of them… and he absolutely hated it.

"Of course," he said with false happiness. Eleniel and Elessar both looked pleased, and Elessar, still holding his daughter, left the office in search of 'Elwen', Imrahil trailing behind them reluctantly.

The guard at the door closed the door behind them, and when Elessar turned the corner, he was sure that he heard muffled laughter coming from behind him.