Author: Dunamess-
Title: Lust for Love, Life, and Blood
Rating: NC-17 for graphic violence, language, sexual situations
Disclaimer: I don't own Riddick or any of the characters from the Pitch Black universe. So don't sue me cuz I have no money, it's all for college.
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Lust for Love, Life, and Blood

1. The Revelation

Bloody and burned was the only explanation for her situation. She had been lying at the bottom of that pit in an abandoned harvesting plant for the last three years. That is if she was keeping time correctly. Any human would have been decomposed by now, lucky for her she wasn't. Helcastians were special like that, and she was the dominant female of her race. She had no real need for regular food. Instead she feed off of the small amount of sunlight that filtered thru a crack in the ceiling; now she was the plant.

Eyes that would sparkle like jade were now partially glazed over in defeat, and yet, she lived. Hair black as midnight now shredded and shaped with the earth. Her flawless brown skin was now a mass of healed welts over a pale contrast. "Why can't I move or escape? How the hell did I get myself into this, and here of all places?" Her mind was running her ragged; senses heightened to their highest level. 'HIM!' her mind screamed "Him who? I don't know anyone anymore." Great she was arguing with herself now.

'HIM, who tried to take you from yourself, HIM who lied not only with words, but body as well.' Her left eye twitched at the imposing memory. 'Him, atop of a whore who cost him less then a pint of ale, thrusting into her in an almost animalistic way. All because you refused to be in the whore's place, to be a whore yourself. One such as you should never have been drawn to such a creature, a human.' The last part was hissed in disgust. "Poor Mortals" Her mother would always say that to her at least 10 + times a day. According to her they were marked to live short and despairing lives. "We must feed from them my child or fall prey to our own bloodlust. If we do not, we make things more difficult for both of our species. I warn you child, never let your hunger for their blood lead to another hunger. Such desires will only bring about your demise." Kazira worried about her only child constantly. If she had any idea that this would have been the outcome of the mission for her daughter, she would have slit her own throat.

'Forget that now. Can your hear it? Can you hear the heartbeats of your salvation?' her mind must be striving for her insanity, because, in fact she could hear them. One was steady and calm while the others were almost giving her a headache with their speedy and uneven beats. If she didn't know any better she might have thought they were afraid. 'Not of you, no one but HIM knows where we are'. That's when she felt it, like a strong tug in her gut. 'BLOOD!' her mind shrieked. 'Move girl, MOVE!' the tug turned to a punch and she knew the bloodlust had begun.

"Goddess forgive me for what I am about to do" she whispered from her spilt lips. Her hand twitched, but she did not feel the pain from the broken bones, all she felt was hunger. She cried as her body moved against her will.