19. The Bloodletting

As she drifted in and out of sleep, her mind kept on reverting back to the two men on the ship with her. The lull of sleep was too much as she finally succumbed to the much needed sleep she had deprived herself of. The dream didn't begin right away. Her mind was dark but peaceful now that Kazira was pushed to the back of her thoughts. A moment later, a scene came into view. At first all she could see were walls the color of pale purples and blues. The colors seemed to merge if her eyes focused on them for too long. The furnishings began to materialize slowly after her vision settled. As the large four post bed came into view, the colors of the room dimmed to a dark purple. She realized that she was home in her chambers. She looked down at herself and saw that she was wearing her usual night attire; a black tank and long skirt with the spilt higher than her mother preferred. She was home.

Or was she?


Riddick had been exploring the better half of the West Wing over the last hour. His meal had been alright, but he hated dry provisions. When they landed he planned to get himself something special. His mind drifted to the strange girl; wait not a girl, a strange older –than-she-looked woman who was now in control of the ship whether he liked it or not. Growling to himself, he made his way out of the room he was in and on his way to the cockpit.

"Fuck this. I'm not taking that bitch's shit."

It took him a few minutes to reach the door to the cockpit. With his hand on the door, he was about to shove it open harshly when he heard a soft moan from the other side. Now, opening it slowly, he could see Kimera reclined in the Captain's chair fast asleep. Advancing on her as silent as the night, he withdrew his shiv and placed it to the delicate skin of her throat. She let out a breathy sigh as a small smile made its way onto her face. His brow rose in confusion. He could end her life so easily. A dark sneer appeared on his face as he applied more pressure. He was fully planning to slit her throat until he heard that one word escape from her mouth.


He removed the blade slowly from her throat as he crouched down in front of her. His shiv had bit into her skin. The small trickle of blood was caught on his blade as he watched the wound heal slowly. Bringing the shiv to his nose he inhaled. His pupils dilated to a larger size as the scent of her blood assaulted his senses. It smelled like… life. He never knew life could have a scent. It reminded him of the sexiest perfume a woman could wear but then the scent changed to that of spring rain. So many sensations were running through his system just from the scent of her blood. He eyed the blood on the blade. His pink tongue snaked out to lap at the small amount of blood on the blade. As he pulled his tongue back into his mouth to savor the taste… his mind went into over drive.

"Oh shit!"

Bright colors shot from behind his eyes but there was no pain, only the greatest pleasure he had ever experienced. He had become rock hard at the taste of her blood. He was flat on his back as he took large gulps of air into his lungs. His legs felt limp, his arms could barely handle his weight and his head was filled with the dark shape of a female figure moving in the most delicious way possible. He looked down at his body and saw the huge bulge pushing against his pants. Images flashed through his head of a room with dark colors and swaying fabrics of soft textures. The brush of silk across his skin made his breath hitch. He was lying on a bed that molded to his body. The sheets caressed his body on its own as he felt himself float. The female figure materialized above him. He couldn't make out her face be he knew it somehow. The hair was long but the color never stayed the same long enough for him to remember it. Her hands… those hands had touched him before. They had been on his skin for hours on end, holding, stroking, scratching, and soothing. Her skin changed as her hair did making it impossible for him to figure out who she was and how he knew her. All he knew was that he never wanted her to stop.

As his mind was wrapped up in the illusions of fucking the mystery woman, his body was going haywire on the cockpit floor. His hips were thrusting rapidly as if his mystery woman was really right there with him. His hands were pinned above his head as he held onto one of the pipes protruding from the console. His eyes began to roll up into the back of his head. His body was glistening with sweat and his face showed the same strain. He could feel the impending orgasm that was bound to leave him weak and completely spent. The climax hit him so suddenly; he couldn't keep himself from yelling out loud. The roar that escaped him was enough to rouse Kimera from her deep sleep causing her to fall right on the floor in front of Riddick.


"What the hell?"

Her ears were ringing as they usually did after being dragged out of such a deep sleep. That dream had been the best she'd had in a while. Who had that mystery man been that had entered her dreams… her bed… her body? As she rubbed the sleep from her eyes, she could feel something wet on her throat. Her hand drifted down and she felt the sticky substance there. Even before she looked at her hand she knew it was blood; her blood. She licked her red fingers and cursed. Her blood tasted like her dream. It wasn't uncommon for Helcastians to have their emotions seep into their blood. She was so caught up in her thoughts that she actually jumped when she heard the shuddering breath from in front of her. There in front of her lie Riddick on his back. She noticed the odd way his body was moving. Her eyes widened in understanding, then lowered in anger as she now knew what had happened. The bastard had cut her. On top of that he had tasted her blood as well.

In one fluid movement she was on her feet as she made her way to his left side. With her hands on her hips, she really took a look at him. His body was going through small shockwaves as another small orgasm went through him. Looking further down his body she saw that the front of his pants were drenched with what she guessed was semen. To her amazement, his pants began to rise again after the last tremor went through him.

"Ho, no fuckin' way. How much did you take!?"

She knew he was in no condition to answer her. She took a step closer as her boot hit his shiv. Picking it up, she sniffed it. She could smell the remnants of her blood still on the blade. Looking from the blade to Riddick's trembling body, she started to get worried. He had only taken a few drops and he was reacting like this. If she didn't do something soon, his body would run itself down and most likely cause brain damage. Whatever illusion he was fucking was draining the life out of him.

Against her better judgment, she knelt down beside him. Reaching up, she took a hold of his hands and slowly pried them from the pipe. The moment his hands were free they went for her. She had no time to move as he pinned her beneath him. Her eyes went wide as memories from the past caused her to freeze up. She thought he was going to unzip his pants and rape her, but to her even greater horror he began to rub himself against her instead.

At first his hands were harsh but then they became more gentle and sure. His hand was covering her right breast as his other spread her legs so he could fit between them. The moment his hardness touched her center she shuddered. He began to grind himself against her again only this time not as hard. His lips were resting against her throat mouthing words there that she was trying to make out. The hand that had been on her breast slid down to her stomach as it slowly began to bunch up the material of her shirt. The feeling of his warm hand against her chilled skin made her fangs appear. Her eyes were fluttering from the unknown sensations. She managed to free her left hand. Instead of pushing him away, she clasped his head closer to her. She could feel the small bites that he gave her. Her eyes took on a soft golden glow as her body began to move against him in the same rhythm. It felt like she was back in her dream, but this was so much better.

She could hear him whispering something against her throat. It sounded like a name. Was it hers? As he continued to move against her, she released her other hand and pulled his head up towards hers as their lips met in a kiss that was free of all the past anger and hatred from before. Her hand drifted down his back. Her nails sharpened suddenly as she bunched up the offending material of his shirt and ripped it clean off his body. He hissed softly into her mouth. She could smell blood. She must have scratched him by accident in the process. Her hand drifted lower as she cupped his ass in her hand. Her nails dug into the flesh of his behind causing him to arch away from her as he thrust into her harder. She wanted so badly to remove their clothing, but in the back of her mind she knew taking that final step would be the stupidest thing she could do. She could never mate with anyone out of her species. For now though, she would enjoy this moment while she could.

She felt a tingling in her stomach that told her she was close to the edge. Turning her head to the side, she took her nail and broke the surface of her skin causing a few droplets to appear. Riddick's attention was immediately drawn to the blood trickling down her neck. Dipping his head, he lapped at the blood, slowly savoring every drop that touched his lips. At first his mouth was gentle, and then she felt teeth. His mouth began to suck hard on her neck as his teeth broke the skin enough for him to gain more blood. With her legs wrapped securely around his back, she clung to him. She had never experienced anything like this. Her nails raked his back causing beads of blood to gather and pool at the indent there. She dipped her fingers in the blood. The moment her fingers touched her tongue everything around her crashed. The orgasm ripped through her body with such force that she left the floor.

With her back arched at such an angle, she thought it might break. Riddick was moving against her now in a frenzied pace. As his orgasm began, it caused a second one to wash over her. Her hair was clasped firmly in his hands as his breath fanned across her skin. His head was resting directly over her fast beating heart. Kimera lay pinned under a murderous escaped convict who had just shown her the most incredible thing ever.



Riddick felt at peace for once in his life. His body was sore but in a good way. Even with the cold air circulating through the cockpit, he felt warmth. He began to move until a small moan stopped him. Looking up, he came face to face with none other than the crazy girl. She had a small smile plastered on her flushed face. His hand was shoved up her shirt and clamped firmly on her right breast, but she wasn't killing him. Odd. He flexed his hand over the flesh and was rewarded with a breathy moan in return. He kept his focus on her face waiting for the moment when she would wakeup and rip his throat out with those sharp fangs of hers. Instead, she drew him closer to her. She was cradling him. His head was pillowed between a perfect set of tits and he was happy.

"What the fuck just happened?"

All he remembered was walking down the hall intent on telling her off. How did he get from there to here? Blinking to clear his mind a bit, he slowly released Kimera's breast as he slid it from under her shirt. The whine that escaped her made him smirk. So the bitch liked him. Go figure. Getting his hand free, he propped his body up above hers and just… looked. He'd never taken the time to look at her. He noticed now that she looked really young. She couldn't be a day past twenty. Her full lips were parted as she slept and that her skin was a golden caramel color. His brows scrunched together. Color? He hadn't been able to see colors since before his shine job. As he licked his lips in thought, his cock twitched. He could taste her blood on his lips. Eyeing her for a moment, he got an idea. Lowering his head, he kissed her left cheek. She stirred only slightly. Her eyes opened a little. She was looking at him, just assessing the situation. He was a little bit surprised when she leaned forward and kissed him softly. She continued until she noticed he wasn't responding. When she spoke, her voice made his cock twitch again. He felt ensnared somehow.

"What's wrong?" The deep sexy rasp of her sleepy voice wrenched something inside him. He lowered his forehead to hers. He watched her, unblinking. Most would cower under his stare but she merely returned it to him. Hers seemed more intense as he noticed her eyes were two colors.

"Why can I see in color?" He watched for a sign that she would lie to him, but all he saw was guilt wash over her.

"I, um, my blood caused it. It has healing capabilities. It won't last for long though. You didn't have enough of it to make the process permanent. Are you mad?" She braced herself for his angry words, but none came. Now she was confused. "Why aren't you pissed at me?"

He raised his hand to her face and was actually hurt when she flinched away from him. The frown on his face disappeared as he ran his fingers through her hair. The long tendrils glided over his skin in a wave. He watched in fascination as her hair shimmered between shades of light brown and bright red. His head lost some of it's fogginess as he remembered the illusion he had been in. He had seen himself with a woman wish hair that changed colors. Her body felt the same as Kimera's did; the scent was so similar it frightened him, and that mouth…

"What were you dreaming about when I came in here?" His kept his voice as calm as possible. He knew that at the moment she was scared of him for once. His hand stroked her cheek in a way to calm her. She leaned into the touch automatically, but stopped herself a few seconds later. Sharp eyes the color of emeralds focused on him.

"I was dreaming of home. I was in my chambers with my walls of purple and blue. My huge bed was there and my sheets were the spun black silk Ali had bought for me at the fair 5 years ago. I dreamed of my room the way I remembered it. Why do you ask?" She studied his face. The feral smile she received bothered her a little. He leaned down and nuzzled her earlobe. She felt sick at his whispered response.

"Because babe, I just woke up from a dream where I was fucking your brains out in your room, on your silk sheets and coming inside you over and over. So tell me, how did I end up in your dream? Hmm?" Her eyes went wide in horror. Sharing dreams wasn't supposed to happen. Such things were sacred and reserved for people bound to each other. She started to get a pain in her chest. How had she become bound to a mortal!?


She sat up abruptly and would have head butted Riddick if he hadn't moved so quickly. The movement let her know her blood was still flowing strong in his veins, which wasn't a good thing. She pushed the thought aside. Looking down at herself, she saw the damp spot directly over her crotch. Rolling her eyes to the sky she cursed the Holy Mother for her carelessness. Her shirt was wrinkled and her right breast ached. She cursed herself because it ached for his touch. Damn her body! She shot him a heated glare then shoved him a good distance away from her. She was surprised he didn't fight back, but then again, things had changed between them. Trying to wrap her head around an explanation that wouldn't set him off she, scooted in the opposite direction of him so she could rest her back against the console.

"I guess my emotions were so wound up that I kind of broadcasted it." She glared at him again. "It also didn't help that you tasted my blood. That just amplified it a hell of a lot more. You could have died ya know. If I hadn't…" she stopped. Her face reddened.

Leaning forward out of the shadows of the corner he smirked at her. "If you hadn't what? Let me hump the shit outta you?" His snort of laughter only made her embarrassment worse.

She angled her head down and away from him. "Yes. Since my emotions were so high, the same thing applied to my blood. A mortal like you tasting it was like taking a brain stimulant that was instantaneous with its effects. The more you climaxed the greater was the risk of you having a stroke, heart attack, or going catatonic. Every time you climaxed, my blood released a neurotoxin into your system as a safety mechanism."

His face was grim as he watched her. "Safety from what?"

"From ever getting fed on by anyone I didn't want feeding from me. My mother started giving me a serum after an incident happen when I was younger. I was, well… a man on Helzard tried to rape me once. He attacked me and bit me. He fed off the taste of fear in my blood which got him off even more. He took so much that I wasn't able to defend myself. He almost succeeded, but luckily my mother's guards were looking for me and found me in time before he could finish the deed. Since then, my blood was altered for safety reasons. I'm not the oldest, but I am heir to the kingdom. If I am to be able to find a husband, I must be pure of body. So you see, it was needed."

He watched her as she spoke. She had become more and more deflated through the telling of her tale. Rising fluidly to his feet, he made his way towards her. She had her head between her legs and her arms wrapped tightly around her head to shelter herself from his eyes. Without a second thought, he bent down and scooped her up in his arms. She burrowed her face into his chest and inhaled his scent.

Leaving his tattered shirt on the floor, he left the cockpit and made his way to the West Wing. She never made a sound during the walk to his room, but he felt the wetness run down his chest that told him things were never going to be the same between them.