Chapter 22

It was the day Jack was starting kindergarten, he was so excited. He had woken Louise and Darren up at 6am so he could start getting ready. The four of them were outside the school waiting for Cindi to show up.

"Why isn't she here yet?" whined Jack.

"She'll be here, I'll go and call her again," said Darren taking out his cell phone.

"Don't look so worried we have plenty of time, school doesn't start for another half hour," said Louise kneeling down to reassure a panicked Jack.

"I know but I wanted you to be there when I first went in," said Jack, "What if I get lost, or the other kids hate me and I don't know what to do."

"Don't worry you'll be fine. Kyle is starting today as well, you might even be in his class and if any of the kids give you a hard time you tell the teacher or tell Ellie and she'll sort them out. But I'm sure you'll be fine, what sort of person wouldn't love you"

"But it's scary"

"I know it is, but you'll be fine I promise," said Louise.

"She's on her way," said Darren coming off the phone.

"Good, people are starting to arrive," said Louise

"She's bringing a date," Darren said quietly so only Louise could hear him.

"To her sons first day of school," said Louise


"Great," said Louise.

"How are you feeling now? You seemed a little worried before," said Darren to Jack.

"I'm okay," said Jack, then he started to talk to Ben.

Five minutes later Cindi arrived with Zack on her hip and a fifty something balding man.

"Ewwww is that…" said Louise

"The guy that tries to pick up housewives outside Wal Mart, yup that's him. He still walks a little funny from where you kicked his little man," said Darren

"The guy is sleazy why would she bring him to an Elementary School? In fact why would anyone give him a seconds thought?"

"Because she thinks that it will rub me up the wrong way to see her with someone…"

"And you'll realize what you're missing," Louise finished as Cindi and the weird man got closer.

"Why doesn't she get that I just want her to be happy?"

"Cause she needs psychological help"

"Louise, Darren hi," said Cindi cheerfully.

"Hi," said Louise

"Sorry we're late, you know what it's like in a new relationship," said Cindi leaving them with no doubt as to what she meant.

"Uh yeah, Jack's over there he's been waiting for you," said Darren

"Oh right, anyway this is Doug," said Cindi indicating to him, "Doug this is my husband Darren and Louise I told you about her"

"Nice to meet you," said Louise pleasantly.

"Yes it's very nice to meet you," said Doug leering at Louise, "in fact you look familiar do I know you from somewhere?"

"I was model right up to last year, and then a few months ago I kicked you in the nuts for feeling me up outside the supermarket," said Louise pleasantly.

Doug's face fell, "um, uh I… oh"

"That's a lie," said Cindi viciously, glaring at Louise.

"Why would I lie? Look at him," said Louise

"He's my partner, we're in love and you have to try and poison us with your lies, you gonna marry him as well," said Cindi

"No, no thank you. I'd rather… well actually I can't think of anything worse than that"

"Partner? We had sex, you said if I came to this then you would…" said Doug.

"It's a children's school," snapped Darren, who knew exactly what Cindi would have promised.

"Exactly let's just stop this, go inside and pretend we're all happy families," said Louise then she pushed Ben in his pram into the school and called to Jack.


"He seemed alright, do you think he's alright?" Darren asked Louise for the thousandth time.

"Jack will be fine, we go to pick him up in an hour, I just hope your ex-wife isn't there with the local sexual predator," said Louise.

"It's a shame he's not in the same class as Kyle, do you think if I had a word with the head teacher they could…."

"Stop! There's a reason he's not in the same class, children need to bond and be able to make new friendships for personal development and shit like that," said Louise.

"I know but it's all new to him, I don't want him to be scared"

"Look you were telling me I was worrying too much and making too much of fuss this morning, the teacher said if there was a problem they would call us," said Louise.

"Yeah I know, I can't help but worry though. He wouldn't know what to do if someone started to pick on him"

"I know he's too gentle to let them know to back off, but Ellie does I asked her to keep an eye on Jack and Kyle and trust me she's just like me she knows how to look after herself," said Louise.

"Oh god, he'll be seen as the bully getting Ellie to tell the bullies to back off. I remember when you stood up for Jess on your first day, you almost got suspended for dunking Ray Hudson's head in a puddle," said Darren.

"It's alright Momma has been warning her all week that she can't physically assault kids younger than she is or smaller"