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Understanding the Lead-up of this story: This story is AU and is a stand-alone multi-chapter story. All dates and references are made for this story only and may not be true to the canon series in every aspect (Hence it being AU). The story takes the direction that the power rangers successfully defeated Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa in August 1997 back with their Ninja powers (The team then consisting of Tommy, Billy, Adam, Rocky, Katherine and Aisha). The world fell into harmony and the rangers assumed normal lives, following their own dreams and hopes for their futures. There were never any other power ranger teams that followed them, nor any new evil that presented itself since. As you read the story, you will gain more of an understanding of the back-story. I wrote this story as a spur of the moment thing quite a while ago, so leave a review and let me know what you think. Happy reading!

Rating: T (Rating will change for future chapters)

Genre: Drama / Suspense

Series: MMPR (Pre-Zeo) AU - Alternative Universe

Characters: Tommy Oliver, Kimberly Hart, Jason Scott, Billy Cranston, Zack Taylor, Trini Kwan, Katherine Hillard, Aisha Campbell, Rocky DeSantos and Adam Park.


By Chanelle Summer


Nearly 5 years following the defeat of Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa, the 10 original rangers are hunted down when a terrible secret threatens their lives. As a conspiracy unfolds, they soon discover their very existence is not what it seemed…

File # 230912 RANGERS, POWER


Report Dated 22nd day of August 1997

This report accounts the events that took place yesterday, the 21st day of August 1997. All details were witnessed by myself, and are told without alteration to the facts.

I have been involved in the direct investigation into the Power Rangers since the assembly of this commission, back at the start of January 1996. Through our undercover research, we were able to obtain substantial leads as to the identities of the six masked individuals. Our research thoroughly suggested they were indeed human, and from their closely monitored movements, we were able to assume they resided in the city of Angel Grove, California, either temporarily or permanently.

For some time, any concrete identification was deemed impossible to gather, being that the technology available to our headquarters was by no means in line with the technological systems used by the Power Rangers. After a fourteen-month investigation to present these identities to the head of the commission, the investigation was labeled as void and marked as permanently closed.

Yet, despite the unofficial ending of that particular investigation, the commission continued its immense interest in the dubbed 'superheroes', which led to our research delving into other core areas of significance. I was part of this research, and acted as head of our data and developments unit.

The day in question, was to be the final stage of our core investigation, and was led by Agent Robert Johns. After receiving final approval as to our planned intervention, Agent Lenten led us directly to an unknown location where the events currently under scrutiny took place.

It is our belief, after the witnessed battle between the Power Rangers and the alien empire, led by the so-named Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa, that the alien force was successfully overthrown and destroyed. Our satellite monitors have confirmed an almost 'explosion' of energy not previously witnessed or thought possible following this battle. It is my belief, and the belief of this commission, that such an event is concrete evidence that Lord Zedd's empire was destroyed and is no longer a threat to the security of earth.

The whereabouts of the Power Rangers is currently unknown.

It has been confirmed that an investigation into their identities will be reopened, following what we believe was their final battle. An outcome for such an investigation will allow us the opportunity to personally offer our gratitude to the team on behalf of the Government and the international community as a whole. I will be certain to update you on our success.

Signed. Hank Cranston.


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