Now he remembered. He had picked it up off the table of magazines while waiting to meet with the Hokage. Not even glancing at it, his sand had taken it up in a desperate attempt for some form of entertainment during the boring hours of his stay in Konoha. Temari had made it very clear to him that he was not allowed to kill these people and with his usual hobby banned so rudely, he was willing to try almost anything. Now he had extracted it forcefully from the bottom of his gourd, eager to see what it was. The title stood out in bold, purple, capital letters.


Interesting to say the least. Was this volume challenging him? Before he shredded it, he couldn't help but wonder if this was one of the things that Temari would classify as a 'Citizen of Konoha' therefore making it un-hurtable/desacrateable. Even if it wasn't, he was still willing to spare it as it was property to the Hokage. He was not however, going to allow this book to win. He had plenty of acquaintances in Konoha from the Chuuin Exams. This would be easy.

He opened it to the first page, kunai at the ready incase it decide to move to more hostile attacks. Skimming through the first paragraphs he reached the steps and focused his attention onto the nearest labeled 'STAGE 1'

"A good idea is to first greet your subject, then chat to them about a situation you are both familiar with. An example would be to start a conversation about something you have both experienced e.g. where you first met. Hopefully, this will lead to further discussion. Remember to keep everything light and casual, so remain friendly and polite. If all goes well you may be able to arrange future meetings."

Less than five minutes later, Gaara was roaming the streets looking for the subject he had chosen to make his new friend. He couldn't help but feel a little excited. Serious fight with the book or no, he had always wanted to be closer to someone. Close enough to talk to, make sandcastles with and maybe to erase them of his 'To Kill' list. Finally he saw them, window shopping outside of a cake shop. Remembering what the book had said he called out.

"Sakura! Hello!" The girl glanced around, looked at him for a moment, and then as though deciding it couldn't possibly have been he who called her, looked back at the window. He tried not to get angry. The girl was simply ignorant. He walked right up to her and tapped on her shoulder. "Hello." She jumped away from him and her eyes widened.


"How are you?"


"ANSWER ME!" Oh, he was supposed to be 'light and friendly' "Please." She was glancing around almost like she was looking for an escape route.

"I...I'm fine..."

"You remember me don't you? I'm Gaara..." She stared at him. He decided this was because she did not recall him at all. That was fair enough really. They didn't have much of a chance to get to know each other after all. He had probably just melded into the crowd to her. "Remember? After the final exams? I tried to kill you in the forest?" She continued to stare. "Do you remember?" She stayed motionless so he shook her shoulder slightly.

"What? Yes! I do! I'm sorry!"

"Hm, fun times no? We should get together again maybe..." He waited eagerly to see if it had worked. According to the manual, now she would agree and they would organize a place and time. It may have been because of these expectations, that Gaara was surprised and hurt when she burst into tears. Still, they could be tears of joy. "Well, what do you say?" He smiled broadly at her. She stopped crying...and ran.

Damn book hadn't won yet.

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