He was so close. He could feel it. Gaara's own observations assured him that he was definitely, definitely, no more than another step away to finally securing himself into a friendly relationship with one of Konoha's citizens.

This knowledge kept him smiling even though it was his last day in the sunny village. As far as he was concerned, he was skillful enough to acquire a new pal in a matter of hours let alone a day.

Gaara really was pulling out the big...err, kunai today. Gourd polished, mouth still burning with the unusual substance labeled 'toothpaste', Gaara eagerly tore open the pages of the book once more.

However something was wrong there was no greeting bold text, just one more message in the same purple colour of the cover and surrounded by glitter.

"CONGRATULATIONS! You have successfully completed our step-by-step guide helping you turn your acquaintances into friends. We hope you have enjoyed your journey and are facing a long and happy friendship with your new companion."

It could not be happening. The book had won. Desperately and feverishly he tore the book apart until only the back cover remained clutched in his grasp.

"Enjoy our work? Try our sequel!"

His eyes widened. The novel had spawned! He would take on its predecessor, this... 'sequel'! There was only one place where he could think of looking (an idea like checking out the local bookstore evaded him momentarily in his excitement).

Rumours of his actions had spread throughout Konoha and the waiting room of the Hokage's tower emptied as the frightened people dispersed upon his dramatic entrance, doors flung wide open as his eyes flicked wildly about the room.

Gaara hastened to the table and dug through the magazines frantically, pausing only to flick through the one with an interesting 'Gourd fashions of the season; sassy new styles for you sandy ladies out there!' article

Then, he saw it, like a beacon of glowing light and glory, the same purple writing that had caught his attention on that fateful day.

"Ah, Kazekage, you requested a meeting?" He glanced up. The Hokage of the Leaf Village was his excuse for being here. Shoving the book behind him he grinned with unrestrained glee.

"Just to thank you for your hospitality and to tell you I'm departing tomorrow morning."

"It has been an honour having you here." They bowed politely "I did have some people to attend to here but apparently they have resolved their own issues." She glanced around the empty room again before bowing once more and leaving.

The journey home was going to be a good one for Gaara. The arrival back was going to be even better. The Hidden Village of Sand wouldn't know what had hit them.

The book was the last thing he carefully tucked away into his packing and would be the first thing he would remove upon reaching his home. Good times lay ahead for the unknowing citizens that he ruled over.


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