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Snow Day
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Chapter one


It is cold. That's the first thought that runs through my mind upon waking up that day.


It's cold, the bed is warm and I want to sleep. That's all there is to it in my mind. Cold room plus warm bed equals no way in Hell I'm getting up. So tired, need sleep.


I wish that voice would shut up.

"Minako! Get up, it's snowing."

Snowing, right… snowing! Ok, now I'm awake, defintely awake. I love the snow, I have got to see the snow. I jump out of bed to look out of the window, catapulting Artemis off the bed in the process.

"Jeez," the white cat mumbles, glaring at me, only for me to stick my tongue out at him in return. I look out of the widow and see that it's completely white out there. Heck, it's whiter than Artemis, but then again that cat really needs a wash. Snow's so pretty, I love snow; so pretty, white, pure and shiny. I could look out there and watch the snowflakes fall for hours…

"Minako!" Artemis yells my name again, breaking me out of my thoughts. I really wish he'd shut up for once. He points to the clock.

"You need to get ready for school; you're going to be late!"

Oh great. School. Damn. I don't want to be late again; I hate detentions, they're so, so, so… disruptive to my life! Yeah, that's it. I take off at top speed and get down to the kitchen in ten seconds flat, washed, dressed and everything. Okay, maybe it was more like ten minutes, but whatever. I grab something out of the fridge, not caring what, and stuff it in my mouth. Yuck, last night's cold pizza. Why oh why did I leave that in there? How clever of me.

Artemis comes slinking into the room. He's about to open his mouth when I grab him and quickly throw him out the window, well, not literally but hey, we're on the ground floor, it doesn't matter. Then it dawns on me; it's a snow day! No school! Yes! I look out of the window just in time to see Artemis storm off around the corner, oh well.

I quietly sneak back upstairs and get back into bed, not bothering to change out of my uniform. I can sleep now. Thank goodness. Sleep now then go and play in the snow. Brilliant; this is definitely my idea of a fun day.

Next thing I know the blankets are being yanked off me.

"Get lost," I mumble, thinking its one of Artemis' tricks.

"Don't you dare tell me to 'get lost' young lady," a voice that definitely isn't Artemis snaps. Oh shit. I just told my mother to get lost. Now I'm for it. I sit up and prepare myself for the longest lecture of my life.

"Aino Minako, I have no idea why you were asleep in you school uniform, and quite frankly I don't even want to think about what you've been out doing but right now you need to get your lazy behind out of this house to school!"

Oh great; I think I've just figured out what she thinks I've been doing while I've actually been out fighting evil youma and saving the world. Just because I'm extremely pretty doesn't mean I'm some sort of slut! Okay, maybe that sounded a bit egotistical, and maybe I can be a bit of a slut sometimes (or so I've been told) but still… I don't even want to think of what else she suspects me of doing…

"Stop staring into space and get up," my mother snaps. "You're already late for school."

"But it's a snow day."

"Just because it's snowing doesn't mean you have the day off," she snaps back.

Great. I get up and begin to trudge out of the house, miserable already, when she yells at me again.


Oh what is it this time? "Yes?" I say, turning around.

"Don't you want your lunch?" she says, holding up my lunch packet.

Oh yeah… I grab the lunch off her and run out of the house.

Why do I get the feeling everything is going to go wrong today?