Chapter nine

I'm grounded. It's an actual snow day today and I'm bloody grounded. Not that it really matters though; I'm I'll in bed now anyway, all blocked up and burning like a fire. Well yesterday was fun at least, even if I did catch a cold from our snowball fight, and even if I am grounded. I got back late last night, and my dear mother knows I was playing hookey: needless to say she didn't appreciate why. She says she was young once but to be honest I don't believe her. She gave me an hour-long lecture last night, and me, Mako and Ami have detention when we go back. There goes Ami's spotless record, I guess.

Right now I'm lying in bed with Artemis curled up in a ball at my feet. He's glaring at me, obviously mad at me for pushing him outside yesterday morning. Oh well, at least I get some youma-free peace and quiet now. There's a knock at my door and I groan; there go my hopes of piece and quiet.

"Come in," I call and, much to my surprise, Usagi comes in. She's wearing a nurse's outfit and has a bag of things with her. If it was Rei in the nurse's outfit I wouldn't mind at all, but Usagi… makes me suspicious. It's reminded me of something… but what?

"Hia Minako," Usagi said. "I'm all better now, but when I heard you were ill I decided to come and help you get all better again."

My eyes widen. No, no, please tell me she didn't just say what I think she did. That, I tell myself, is why snowball fights are never a good idea. Gods, just when I thought things couldn't get worse… help! I don't want to die yet!


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