The black pen slid against the paper, slowly, hesitantly, and came to a quick stop at the edge of the line marked with an 'X'. Cosmo leaned back, and looked at the divorce papers, now signed by him, through blank eyes. What was he supposed to feel? Pain? Sadness? Joy? What? He stacked the papers, having just finished signing the last one, and stared at them in his hands. This was the end of his and Wanda's marriage. They wouldn't be 'Cosmo and Wanda' anymore. They would be forever known as two separate fairies. It was going to be Juandissimo and Wanda now.

He looked around the room, and decided that he'd better get them over to Wanda so she could sign them. He felt his heart tug gently in his chest, as he thought of all the good times they had had. As he raised his wand, deciding that he didn't need his mother to go with him, and was about to poof himself into his and Wanda's old castle, he thought to himself: I still love Wanda. But wouldn't it make so many people happier if they weren't together? He could see that Wanda was happier with Juandissimo. Maybe if he could just talk to her, he could convince her to still stay his friend, because she was really the only true friend he had ever had.


Wanda gave Juandissimo an apologetic smile. "Sorry" she said, as she left his strong embrace, and stood up from the couch where they had been sitting together. "Timmy's calling."

Anger rose up in Juandissimo, and he forced a pleasant smile. "Farewell, mi amour. While you are with our godchild, I will go and fetch some things from my house" He kissed her hand, and watched as she smiled and disappeared. His eyes narrowed; this little brat was going to be harder to get rid of then he thought.


"What is it sport?" Wanda put on a pleasant smile for Timmy to see when she appeared in his bedroom. But Timmy didn't care about her smile, as much as he cared about Juandissimo breaking up his fairy godparents.

"Wanda, it's Juandissimo. He's trying to break you and Cosmo up so he can have you all to himself, and he plans on taking you away from me, and…"

"Timmy." Wanda interrupted him with the sternest voice she had ever given him. He took a small step back from her as her eyes narrowed. "That is the most preposterous thing I have ever heard! Juandissimo has been trying to help me through this, and it's not his fault that I happen to realise my feelings for him in the process. I-"

"But it's not your feelings! You don't have any for him, you have feelings for Cosmo, and Jaun-"

Again, Wanda interrupted Timmy, sternly. "Timmy, I will not have you saying such mean things about Juandissimo. If this is a way of telling me you're going to miss Cosmo…well I know you're going to miss him. You two were very close."

"Are very close." Timmy muttered, folding his arms across his chest, and rolling his eyes. Wanda ignored him.

"But you have to realize that Cosmo was only permitted to be a godparent because I was with him. There's no way Jorgen will allow him to be a lone godparent. So I'm sorry sport, but you have to stop blaming Juandissimo for this whole mess." She patted him lightly on the head, before giving him a hug. When she pulled away, she placed a finger on Timmy's mouth to stop him from saying anything. "Now, I'm going to get myself something from the castle, and then how about you and I spend sometime together?"

She disappeared before Timmy could say anything.


Wanda appeared in her kitchen, and her hand flew to her head, trying to stabilise herself. She still wasn't used to only having half the magic as before. When her eyes focused, she saw Cosmo looking at her with deep concern in his eyes.

"Wanda, are you okay?" he asked, worried. Wanda pushed him away from her, and moved to get herself a glass of water.

"I'm fine." She hissed, trying to show him as much of her anger as possible.

"Oh." Cosmo still hadn't gotten used to her being so cold to him, so he swallowed hard, and tried again to be nice to her. "Um, Wanda…I… I brought the papers." He set them on the kitchen table, just as she turned around from the sink.

"Good." She said. "Now we can get this over and done with."