Authors notes at the end

Wilson was right. House hated that. He needed the night out. He didn't need the hangover and headache he had this morning, but the drinking and talking last night had helped.

He had to draw the line some where. Normally he had no problem separating his private world from his public one. But every once in a while the line blurred and things got complicated. Like now.

Very rarely did Steven resurface, but when he did it always kicked him up one side and down the other. He had to tone it down. He could still show he cared about Chase. It wasn't a lie; it wasn't something that he had to fake. He just couldn't allow it to run his life like it had the past few days.

This wasn't Steven. This wasn't his child.

But he was a father without a child and Chase was a child without a father. That was where the line got complicated.

He didn't know how he was going to fix this, but he knew he had to. If it was just Wilson who noticed the change in his behavior it wouldn't have bothered him. Even Cameron asking about him he could ignore.

But when Cuddy started in, then he had to worry. If she was asking questions then it was time to change. Was it even possible? Could he put his feelings for Robert on the back burner and put the line back in place?

He didn't have a real choice in the matter he decided. He had to. He had to work. He had to be himself. Arrogant, self centered, bastard that he was. At least the one that he showed everyone else.

Getting out of the shower he vowed to try harder. If not for himself at least for Chase. If Chase was to get better then the more normal things were for him the easier the recuperation would be.

That was the least that House could do for the boy.


Thank you all for reading. But don't worry. There is another part to this that is currently in the works. So hang in there, keep reading, and I promise to keep writting. Thanks again for reading everyone. You're reveiws mean everything to me!