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"Let's go get some candy," said Brick, walking with his hands in his pockets.

"Yeah, not unless the weenie gets beaten up again," teased Butch. You could probably guess who they were saying it to.

"Hey, those girls out matched me three to one!" Boomer complained.

"You got pwned by some girls," laughed Brick. Brick and Butch were laughing their way to the candy store. The boys stood looking at the sign.

"I think this is the place…" Brick said, making his way in.

The storekeeper looked up in a jolly manner until he saw what was coming.

"What can I do for, oh my god, it's the--"

He never finished. Butch pounded him to the ground and started beating him to a pulp. Brick looted all the candy from the machines, taking all he could. Gumballs rolled across the floor. He peered over to Boomer, who was doing nothing.

"Wake up and get the money from the cash thingy, dunce!"

Boomer awoke from his staring into space trance and flew over to the cash register. The register was locked so he was stumped. Boomer rubbed his chin in thought thinking what to do. He wanted to prove to his brothers he was just as tough as them. So he resorted to brutal tactics. He flew away from the register just a few yards and charged, his foot heading for it. He thought the register was going to crash open but instead…

He fell to the ground holding his foot.

"Oww," mumbled Boomer. He could tell his foot was broken. His brothers seemed to take notice of this and started laughing.

"Ha, Boomer got pwned by a cash register," Brick chuckled.

Butch pointed and laughed. "Hey look Brick; I think he's starting to cry. What a baby!"

Boomer could feel hot tears running down his face. He didn't want to cry, but the tears just kept coming. His brother's words harmed him so badly, physically and emotionally. He couldn't help the noises coming out of his mouth. He did the only thing in his mind. He ran away. Boomer flew from the store, tears streaming behind him. He didn't know where he was going. He just wanted to leave…


Something abruptly awoke the girls. Bubbles was the first one to wake up. She shook Blossom.

"Wake up, I think someone's crying."

Blossom flipped over in annoyance. "Bubbles, it's all a dream. Go back to sleep."

"Well, I tried," Bubbles said. She used her super scream and blasted it towards her sisters. Buttercup slammed against the wall, Blossom landing on top of her.

Buttercup glared up angrily. "Why you—"

"Hey wait, Bubbles is telling the truth," said Blossom. "Do you hear it? It sounds like crying."

The girls used their super hearing.

"The voice sounds familiar," said Blossom. "We better check it out."

The girls got dressed and it was near morning. Buttercup angrily grumbled to herself.

The girls flew out into the dawn's light. Blossom scanned Townsville for a source to this noise.

"By my guess, it's coming from the junkyard," estimated Blossom. She used her super vision to scan the junkyard. "It's Boomer, he is crying."

"Let's just ignore him and go back to sleep," complained Buttercup. "He probably crying because he failed to not be stupid."

"No Buttercup, we have to see this through," Blossom said, landing.

"I wonder what's wrong with him," concerned Bubbles.

They heard the noises from behind a tall stack of tires. Blossom hesitated to walk towards it.


He sniffed. "Go away; you all are just stupid girls."

Blossom thought it over. "Boomer, I'm sure if you tell us your problem, we can help you."

"No, none of you will understand me," said Boomer, his voice breaking up. His leg still stung.

"Well, I guess that's it," said Blossom. "Let's go home."

"But I thought you said we'll help him!" Bubbles panicked.

"Bubbles, just give up and go home," Buttercup said, already leaving. "Well, aren't you coming!

Bubbles shrugged. "No, I think I'll just stay here."

"Suit yourself," said Buttercup, taking off.

Bubbles was determined to help him. So she walked behind the stack of tires. When Boomer saw her, he hid his face in his legs sobbing uncontrollably.

"It's okay to cry," said Bubbles, sitting down next to him. She gave him a hug.

"Oww," Boomer held his leg.

"What's wrong," asked Bubbles.

Boomer looked hurt and angry. "I broke my stupid foot, okay? Now go away and leave me alone!"

"I won't," said Bubbles. "Just stay here, okay?"

Boomer turned away. "Whatever!"

She flew home to get a first aid kit. The door creaked as she made it home. Blossom stood up in bed and wiped her eyes.

"Bubbles, what are you doing home?" Blossom restlessly said.

"I just need to get something," Bubbles said, pondering through various cabinets. "Found it!"

"Whatever, just don't stay out for too long, okay?" Blossom grumbled, drifting back to sleep.

Bubbles had all she needed from that. She flew back to the junkyard. She could still hear Boomer crying hysterically. Bubbles walked beside him, carrying the first aid kit.

"Didn't I tell you to just go away!" Boomer cried.

"I want to take a look at your foot," said Bubbles, pulling his broken foot out.


She took the bandages out and the plaster. Bubbles took the cast as if it was one of her works of art. Her hands padded it carefully around his leg.

"Oww," said Boomer again.

"Shush now, I'll make your boo-boo feel better," said Bubbles in a childish way.

Boomer wiped a stream of tears away. "Why are you doing this? I am just a mean, stupid loser!"

"No you are not," Bubbles said, placing his cast down. "You are just a sweet, misunderstood boy, that's all."

Boomer blushed at this remark. "Do you want to know why I was crying?"

Bubbles sat patiently beside him. "Yes, why were you crying?"

Boomer finally felt comfortable enough to tell her. "I tried to prove to my brothers I was just as tough as them and so I broke my foot, and ran away like a sissy! I just felt like everyone was in a group and I am all alone."

Bubbles felt contented to hear this coming out of a boy's mouth. This almost made her cry, too. "I once felt like that, too. I once felt the urge to prove to my sisters I was tough as them. Don't take what your brothers say seriously because deep down, they do care for you in a way."

Boomer felt a lot better right then.

Bubbles put her hand to her mouth. "Um, so do you want to stay here a little more?"

"Sure," Boomer said.

The conversation started with small questions until it got to big answers. Sometimes, both of them would be freaking out at the same time because of something they had in common. There they were, sitting side by side, talking in the junkyard behind a pile of tires. They talked until morning…