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"Apparently navy guys are really sexy."


"Oh Cat, calm down." Karri Turner looked up at her friend with big blue eyes. The elevator shook slightly, as it pulled to a stop. Karri stepped off, flicking her blonde hair and smiling as young men passed the two women longingly. Karri let out a giggle, as she linked arm in arm with her friend, Catherine Bell, and began to walk down the hall towards what looked and sounded to be the main office.

"Karri, you are such a flirt," Catherine replied, rolling her chocolate brown eyes at her friend. She smiled down, the height difference between the two women wasn't too much, but enough for Catherine to be able to look down on Karri. Catherine tucked a piece of her long brown hair behind her ear, as she blushed at the men who were gawking at her.

"She's married." There was another man with them – Patrick Labyorteaux. He snipped at the man who tried to walk up to Catherine with a dazed look in his eye. Patrick turned back to his two friends, replacing the serious look with a gentle smile.

Catherine grinned at him. "I can take care of myself, you know," she informed him.

Patrick shrugged, "It makes me feel important. Besides, Adam asked me to make sure you weren't seduced by any navy men." He joked.

Karri nodded, "See, even your husband knows that navy men are sexy." She pointed out, as they entered what looked like the main office of the floor.

There were navy personnel all over the place, looking extremely busy. Files were being dropped, people were expertly avoiding others, and names were calling people towards their superiors. It was amazing to these three actors, how these people worked together, and just knew how the other would react, so they could counteract their own path to their own destination. Catherine stared in wonder at the buzzing office, before turning to her friends asking, "Do you think we'll be able to pull this off?"

Before either Karri or Patrick could answer, a young woman came up to them with a file in her hand, and a smile on her face. Her blonde hair was cut short, and tucked behind her ears, and she looked up with sparkling blue eyes. "Can I help you with anything? Show you to an office?" She asked.

Immediately Catherine could tell that Karri clicked with this woman. Karri smiled back, and replied, "Yea, can you show us where – wait." She looked up at Catherine. "Are we supposed to go to the Admiral's office, or just straight to our escorts?"

Patrick stepped closer to the women. "Don said he wanted us to just go straight to our escorts – John's escort's going to be the Admiral, so he'll sign us in while he's there."

Karri nodded, and turned back to the woman. "Well, in that case, could you show us to… Colonel Mackenzie for Cat, Lt. Roberts for Patrick, and Lt. Simms for me please?" She recited from the names from memory, ticking off each name on her finger as she said them.

The woman's smile widened, and they could tell she could barely contain herself. "You're the actors!" They all gave her a nod, smiling that she knew who they were. "I'm Lt. Simms, but you can call me Harriet."

Karri squealed. "I'm Karri Turner – you're my escort!"

Harriet laughed with her, until Patrick cleared his throat, slightly embarrassed. Karri turned to him. "O, be quiet you." Karri turned back to Harriet, quickly. "His escort's Lt. Roberts. We'd better drop him off first, before he gets all antsy." She grinned.

Patrick rolled his eyes at her, before turning to Harriet. "Please drop me off first."

Harriet laughed. "Sure. Actually," she started to lead the three over to his office. "Bud's my husband." She smiled proudly.

Catherine followed her, but kept her eye on the bubbling office in wonder. The voices and phones ringing faded in together, before all together becoming silent. Her mouth open slightly, she decided that she had found a new respect for these people, and the way they work. Maybe, just maybe, they would be able to pull-

"Ow." Catherine straightened herself up, after having walked into the stopped Lt. Simms.

Harriet turned back, and smiled at her, as Catherine blushed deeply. "Sorry – I wasn't paying attention."

"Well, obviously Catherine." Karri winked at her, as she looked back. Catherine sent her a friendly glare, which Karri returned by sticking her tongue out playfully.

Catherine turned her attention, shaking her head at her friend, back to the reason they were stopped. A young man was frowning at her. He must have realized that Catherine had caught him, because he blushed a deep red, and his eyes darted to Harriet. He was holding a file in his hand, and Catherine could tell immediately by the way he was looking at Harriet, that this was Lt. Roberts.

Well, that and the name tag on his uniform.

"Harriet, I think we got our files mixed up." He said, smiling and offering her his file.

Harriet frowned and opened her file. She nodded in agreement, taking the file away from Bud, and giving him her file. "Thanks Bud. O, since we're here, Bud," She turned to Patrick with a smile. "this is…."

Patrick jumped in with his name, having not given it to Harriet. "Patrick Labyorteaux"

Harriet smiled. "Patrick Labyorteaux. Patrick, this is Bud, your escort."

Bud's expression just dropped, and everyone could tell that he was nervous. Catherine bit her lip to stop from laughing out, because of how red Bud's face was getting. Patrick played it very cool though, offering Bud his hand. They shook hands, before a silence came over them, an awkward silence. Harriet rushed right in though.

"Well, Bud, why don't you show him your office and case files, while I take…"

Catherine had managed to gain control of herself, before giving Harriet a sweet smile. "Catherine Bell."

Harriet smiled back at her. "Catherine, to Colonel Mackenzie's office."

Bud seemed to look relieved to know what he was doing now. He turned his full attention back to Patrick. "If you want to follow me…"

"Sure." Patrick said, obviously glad to be out of the awkward silence.

Catherine couldn't help let out a giggle, as they walked away towards Bud's office. Both Karri and Harriet turned around to face her, both with smiles on their faces. "Um, this way is Colonel Mackenzie's office." Harriet said, letting out a laugh, as they walked towards Mac's office.

"So, what's Colonel Mackenzie like? I asked one of the men down on the first floor, and he said, and I quote," Catherine let out another laugh, before quoting the young man, " 'she's hot, but a total hard ass'."

Harriet also laughed at this. "Well, Mac can be like that… but once you get to know her, she's really very nice. Just… don't suck up to her, or ask really dumb questions," Harriet warned her.

Catherine nodded, as all three stopped at the wooden door. "Is this my stop?" she asked, turning to Harriet. After a nod from Harriet, Catherine straightened her blouse. "Okay, time to go in." she said, more to herself than anyone, and she brought her hand up to knock on the wooden door.