Summary: Naruto finally became Hokage with the help of Hinata. But in time Naruto slowly forgets about Hinata due to power and Sakura who obviously is just giving Naruto attention because of being the Hokage and all... Depressed and heartbroken Hinata turns to the most unlikely person. (HinaXSasu)

Chapter one: A helping hand bruised and betrayed

"I will become Hokage! I will I will I will!" Screamed a blonde haired boy named Naruto as he lunged towards a random tree. Repeating the move countless of times, Naruto finally fell to his knees due to immense exhaustion and chakra depletion. "Kuso!" Naruto cursed as he simultaneously punched the ground with his battered up hand. "I'll never become Hokage at this rate!" He said desperately while his eyes were slowly becoming moist.

Not so far away a medic nin named Hinata happened to past by. She heard someone screaming and loudly cursing. Curious of what could possible make that person so irritated; she cautiously followed the source of the voice. And to her surprise it was her childhood and present crush Naruto. She gave out a soft smile upon seeing his face but when her eyes traveled to his body, she was shocked at how bloody and scraped his body was. Being a medic nin and all, she automatically ran towards him with out any second thoughts to how Naruto would react at her sudden "visit".

"Hinata what are you doing here?" Naruto asked innocently trying not to worry her so much. Hinata just kept silent, probably too embarrassed to mutter a single word, and continued to treat Naruto with her healing jutsu. After a while Naruto felt good as new. "Thanks Hinata!" Naruto said happily while wearing his usual cheerful grin that made Hinata blush a deep red.

A long silence engulfed the two. Naruto was starting to feel awkward and struggled to start a conversation. "I better get going; I still have to train to be good enough against that old geezer. Thanks again Hinata!" Naruto said as he slowly turned around but stopped when he felt something tug on his sleeve. "Na-naruto-kun, please stop I beg you, I-I hate to-to see you li-like this." Hinata said while keeping a firm grip on Naruto's sleeve.

Naruto merely gave out a huge sigh. "I'm sorry Hinata, but I really want to become the Hokage. It's my dream ever since I was a child! The old geezer finally gave me the opportunity to become Hokage, if I could beat him fair and square tomorrow afternoon." Naruto said while trying to convince Hinata to let him train.

Hinata perfectly understands how Naruto felt. She pondered at the thought, after a while she managed to conjure up a solution. "Na-naruto-kun I-I will let you train as long as you will l-let me stay to heal you from time to time." Hinata said pleadingly hoping for Naruto to take the offer. Naruto smiled brightly and said "I accept!" Naruto said as he pulled a dazed Hinata towards the training grounds.

Hours slowly passed by, Naruto would train for about an hour or two, then go to Hinata for healing and sometimes ramen, then he would go back to training again. The cycle went over and over again, until finally the sun peeked through the mountains of Konoha signaling the start of a new day. Hinata was half asleep by then while Naruto was still training; his stamina was effectively being fueled by determination.

Naruto, finally feeling satisfied of how he greatly improved went to check up on Hinata, who silently slept while leaning against a tree. Naruto smiled softly and whispered "Thanks" against the young medic nin's ear. He carried her home, careful not to wake her up and headed home himself to get some well deserved and needed rest.

Afternoon came and Naruto was already in front of the Hokage's office. After a while the doors opened revealing the third Hokage (come on Naruto would never stand against Tsunade-sama). "So Naruto you ready?" the Hokage said while raising an eyebrow at him. "Hell yeah!" Naruto said with huge confidence.

The two stood at opposite ends about 7 meters away from each other. Then a juonin slowly stepped forth and announced "The test shall now begin to see if Uzumaki Naruto is worthy enough to become the next Hokage! Ready? Begin!". "I won't go easy on you." The Hokage said while gathering all his chakra. "Bring it on old geezer!" Naruto said as he did the same.

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The fight ended with Naruto being declared as the winner. The former Hokage also proudly declared to the village that Naruto is now officially the fifth Hokage. Everyone rejoiced for the new Hokage especially Hinata, knowing that his and her sacrifices wasn't put to waste. The next day Naruto already started his term as Hokage.

At first Naruto was the same old cheerful kid we all knew, but in time he became too indulged in his position and authority that he started to cancel his frequent visits to a certain midnight blue haired girl, saying that his too busy with work. Sometimes he would ask his assistants to tell Hinata, who personally visits him everyday, that she can't see him because he has a lot of important things to do for the well being of the village.

Everyday Hinata receives the same excuse over and over again. One day she decided to make Naruto lunch knowing that maybe he didn't eat well due to stress and pressure. When she entered the office, the person in charge said the same excuse. She sighed and asked if he could give the lunch box to the Hokage. The person merely nodded and place the lunch box aside. Hinata slowly headed for the exit, the person upon seeing her retreating form quickly disposed of the cute lunch box into the garbage can.

Hinata felt sad that she can't see her friend/crush often anymore. She sometimes silently wish to herself that she should've never helped him in the first place but a part of her was happy that Naruto finally achieved his ultimate dream and that it would be selfish of her to take away her friend's happiness for the sake of her own.

As she slowly made her way to the side walk, she heard familiar voices. It came from the back of the Hokage's office. She recognized one of the voices, it was Naruto. She squealed in delight upon hearing his voice. Due to excitement and curiosity, she hastily activated her Byakugan to see how Naruto was doing, she knew it was wrong but it couldn't hurt just to check how he was doing.

Her smile slowly disintegrated into a huge frown when she saw Naruto and Sakura together giggling and having a good time. She wished she was in Sakura's place right now. At first she thought maybe it was just a friendly visit…but why wasn't she allowed to enter his office? As she kept staring she soon realized that she was dead wrong! Naruto and Sakura were kissing!

She felt tears slowly starting to well up in her pearly white eyes. She quickly deactivated her Byakugan, for she had enough. Tears visibly start to trickle down her porcelain cheeks that she desperately tried to wipe away with her sleeve. Before she knew it her legs started running on their own towards the forest. She kept running and crying at the same time. She wandered aimlessly in the woods while she ignored the deep bruises and cuts on her arms and legs.

After pointlessly running for quite a while, she found herself in a meadow with beautiful sceneries at every turn of her head. She would've smiled, but at that time she couldn't bring her light pink tinted lips to curve up even if it was just a fake smile. There she fell to her knees and cried all her heart out not bothering to wipe them away for she knew that they may never dry up ever again.

All her sobbing and crying woke up a certain raven haired and onyx eyed boy, who used to comfortably sleep on top of an old oak tree branch in the used to be calm and peaceful meadow. Sasuke grunted at the sudden interruption of his afternoon nap. He slowly rose to find a seemingly familiar girl. He sighed, probably due to annoyance, at the image before him. A weak and pathetic little girl crying over something worthless, how interesting he thought sarcastically.

Sasuke decided to just ignore her, but quickly changed his mind upon seeing her face. "Hyuuga Hinata, Neji's female cousin… I don't know why on earth they could be related." He thought. Sasuke stared at her in disgust but after while felt a hint of pity in his gut and decided to comfort her "a little".

He swiftly made his way down the tree and made his way behind her, unnoticed. Hinata kept on sobbing but soon stopped as she heard a familiar voice. "Stop that, you look so pathetic." Sasuke stated while crossing his arms in front of his chest. Teary eye's met piercing onyx eyes.

A long silence…and then Hinata all of a sudden cried twice as hard. "Yes I am pathetic! No wonder Naruto doesn't want a weak girl like me around!" Hinata blurted as she crushed the fertile earth between her palms. Sasuke flinched upon Hinata's outburst, knowing Hinata she wouldn't do something like this not unless it was something dead serious. He decided to keep silent while he tried to cradle Hinata between his arms to comfort her, rocking her back and fourth as time passed by.

The sun was slowly setting, Sasuke had no clue as to where Hinata live, he didn't really know much anything about her at all. He was about to wake her, but he hesitated at how angelic and peaceful she looked when she's in her own little dreamland. So he decided that she would spend the night at his house. He sighed in relief at the thought of his house conveniently having 2 spare bedrooms.

When he got home, he quickly tidied up the spare bedroom, where Hinata will be spending the night in. After his little spring cleaning session, he slowly and gently placed and tucked Hinata in the room's king sized bed. Before he left he stared at her face for a while, admiring every inch and detail, but soon after, reality smacked him hard.

He was about to flick the light off when he noticed something shimmering by her cheek. He moved in to take a closer look, it was a drop of tear that escaped from its owner's eyelids. He gently wiped it off with his thumb, while planting a light kiss on her forehead. He felt guilty at how wrong he was to think that she'll be in peace of mind when she sleeps, but in reality he was wrong even in her dreams she continued crying over the dobe.

He sighed and slowly shut the door close, careful not to make it creak, so it wouldn't disturb the young maiden's slumber.

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