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Chapter 5: Freshly healed wounds drenched in blood

Hinata and Naruto stared in utter shock, did the Uchiha just said the word love? And more importantly Hinata's name in the same sentence? Everything froze for the three of them especially for Hinata who was still trapped in Sasuke's tight grip.

Sasuke's POV

"Shit!" was the word I kept repeating in my head. "Where the hell did that came from? That wasn't suppose to happen, I'm not even sure if I really do love her!" I thought as I remained motionless as Hinata. "Gotta think fast but what? What!" My mental struggle kept going until I saw Naruto suddenly move.

"Uhh maybe this is a bad time?" He said as beads of sweat became visible on his forehead. "I think I should come back some other time eer, bye!" He added uneasily while dashing off into the horizon, but before he left I noticed that hurt was written all over his expression. Although I try to ignore it I can't help but feel a small tug of guilt. I mean, all he wanted was to become friends again, but why did I suddenly feel angry and desperate after seeing them together?

Jealousy? maybe

But I'll worry about that later, right now my problem is Hinata.

Normal Pov

Hinata, after seeing Naruto retreat wanted to go after him, but realized that Sasuke was still holding on to her like a scared little child afraid to let go. She slowly regained composure as she shakily cleared her dry throat.

"Sasuke…" Hinata started while clutching on Sasuke's sleeve tightly.

Sasuke unconsciously gulped, but it was too faint for Hinata to notice. As she was about to speak again Sasuke blurted "Hinata you see its like this." he said while quickly letting go of the Hyuuga, but before he could reason out Hinata gently pressed her fingers against his lips, thus silencing the avenger.

"I know Sasuke…" Hinata smiled faintly.

"Hn." Sasuke muttered as he looked away swiftly as if he didn't care, but in reality he was trying to hide his embarrassment.

"I know…I know how you said those things because you were worried." Hinata said as she cupped Sasuke's cheek. After hearing her statement all he could do was blink in confusion.

"You were worried that Naruto might break my heart again. Worried that I wasn't ready to face him. Worried that maybe Naruto-kun was just lying." She looked at him sadly but at the same time lovingly. "You were just protecting me, that's why you said you loved me even though you didn't really mean it."

"Does she really look at herself this low?" he thought.

Sasuke wanted to say something but an invisible lump suddenly appeared in his throat, he was struggling with himself, he wanted to shout out that what she's saying is wrong he wanted to comfort her but her touch kept him in place as if short circuiting his whole system.

Hinata slowly continued "And for that I am grateful, but I need to learn how to fight my own battles." She whispered the last sentence while slowly walking away towards her apartment, but before that she muttered a soft "Goodbye." She walked away without turning back while Sasuke merely stared at her back not sure of what to do anymore.

Hinata Pov

I slowly closed the door as I watched Sasuke's silhouette, his expression was hidden within the sun's piercing raise. Why do sunsets always happen in times of sadness?

I sat at the floor recalling Sasuke's words. Truth be told my heart fluttered when Sasuke mentioned the magic words, but after looking at him I realized doubt and confusion was in his voice as if he was deeply humiliating himself . I've always dreamed that if ever I would receive a confession it would at least sound romantic and sincere. It was there that I realized how impossible it was for him to actually love a girl like me. After all I was nothing more than a burden.

But when did I start caring for Sasuke in a different way?

Ah I could never forget the night he first kissed me. (chapter 1) He probably thought I was asleep, but I wasn't, I was wide awake replaying the events over and over again, until I felt something soft and warm on my forehead. I imagined my mother's soft lips and there I found peace within myself, but after recovering a bit I realized it was none other than Sasuke, the man who took me in when my senses was clouded by misery, maybe it was there that sudden 

feelings for the Uchiha surfaced within my heart… I blush every time I remember how pathetic I looked in front of him crying over some boy that barely knows I exist.

Maybe the only reason I broke down was because I expected a little too much from my good deed, so what if I helped Naruto become Hokage? I should have realized earlier that It wouldn't be enough to make him fall for me. I was selfish and I greatly expected something in return which was wrong. Maybe… I did deserve all these.

Normal POV

Unknown to them a certain blonde and pink haired kunoichi witnessed the entire scene. "See Ino-pig I told you something is going on between Hinata and Sasuke-kun!" Sakura painfully nudged Ino's side. "Yeah yeah I believe you, but who would've thought the shyest girl in town caught Sasuke-kun's heart?" Ino said as she vengefully smacked Sakura's back. "Well I don't give a damn who Sasuke's girl is, as long as its not me, Sasuke-kun will remain single even if I have to use force!" Sakura said as she glared at Hinata's door as if it were the Hyuuga itself. "ino-pig follow my lead." Sakura spat the words mischievously.

They entered Hinata's house easily…well because the Hyuuga forgot to lock her front door. "Ino-pig you know the plan, we blind fold her before she can see our faces and tie her down." Sakura whispered while stealthily looking for the Hyuuga. "There she is!" Ino said while signaling Sakura to come closer.

Hinata POV

I tiptoed across my bedroom, careful not to drip water all over my clean carpet. I sighed at how refreshing a warm shower can be. I rummaged through my drawers looking for anything comfortable to wear as I tightly gripped on the thin towel, which for now, was the only thing I'm wearing.

I was about to pull out a white t-shirt when all of a sudden a thick black cloth covered my eyes. I screamed while trying to fight back, but it seems that there were two people grappling me into submission. I was roughly pushed backwards, I was surprised that I landed on something soft, it must have been my bed.

Wait…bed? I screamed louder knowing where all these might be going. I felt thin strings were being tied on my feet. I tried to loosen them but moving was impossible. I gasped when I felt something heavy on top of me. I squirmed in panic while ignoring the piercing grip of the strings tied earlier. I heard something click but I ignored it, all I wanted now was to protect my innocence. I was about to lose hope when suddenly I felt a lot lighter as I heard footsteps that slowly faded.

Did they leave? No matter, this is an opportunity for me to escape. With all my might I pulled myself free. I quickly untied the blindfold only to see an empty room. I gazed at my wrist and ankles, they were badly bruised and was starting to bleed fresh blood. I only cried not knowing what to do as I hugged myself, ignoring my injuries.

How could someone do this to me?


"Ahaha well done Ino I told you this would work." Sakura haughtily laughed while waving a photo like a fan. "Yeah well I knew learning that new jutsu would come in handy, although I didn't expect it to be used like this. Maybe we went too far." Ino sighed with guilt while looking at her hands. Upon hearing her statement Sakura roughly pushed Ino towards the wall.

"What are you saying? My…I mean our future happiness with Sasuke-kun is at stake! I had to date Naruto-baka just to get him to notice me, did you know how disgusting it was to kiss that fox faced nitwit?! Besides she doesn't know it was us, so stop sulking and lets get going!" Sakura retorted while pulling Ino forward. Ino secretly growled in detestation, she will definitely get even with Sakura someday.

The Next day

Sasuke in a daze walked through the streets of Konoha. He felt so light headed that his vision was a blur. "Hinata…" Sasuke gently whispered to himself unknowingly. "What do I really feel about you?, I don't know what it is yet, but I know its something strong." Sasuke thought as he continued to walk aimlessly, completely ignoring random squeals from local fan girls.

He continued to drown himself in deep thoughts until he bumped into something soft. His eyes quickly fluttered open, he twitched in complete annoyance at how he saw Sakura stare at him with seductive eyes. "What!?" I said in a hoarse tone completely thrilled to just get it over with.

"Oh Sasuke-kun I'm sure you'll be more than interested to learn something new about little Hinata." Sakura said while waving around an envelope at Sasuke's face. He quickly grabbed hold of it upon hearing Hinata's name. "I'm sure it will explain everything." Sakura said while rolling her eyes suspiciously to the side.

Sasuke's eyes widen with disbelief. On the photo was none other than Hinata, with nothing but a wet towel on, and Naruto caressing her shoulder while lying on top of her.

"I don't believe you." Sasuke said while glaring daggers at Sakura. "I at first don't too, but just the other day I heard screams from Hinata's apartment. I ignored it but I later found out that 

this was what really happened." Sakura said while tracing circles on Sasuke's chest, but screamed when Sasuke grabbed her arm and painfully twisted it.

"Your sources?" He questioned with pure hate and curiosity. Sakura panicked at first but quickly regained composure while trying to hide a pained expression caused by her throbbing hand which currently was about to break.

"M-my Sources? Sasuke you seem to be unaware that once you were Hokage the media will never let you go. You'll be surprised how much paparazzi I receive, being the ex-Hokage's girl friend and all. This was one of them." She said smirking while flipping her hair in dominance.

Sasuke glared at her before letting her go. She gasped for air from the sudden relief. "Sasuke-kun! Where are you going!? I'm suppose to have a reward for showing you this!" Sakura said while trying to cling on Sasuke's arm, but she was roughly thrown away.

"Get the hell away from me." Sasuke stated before he left towards the horizon.

Hinata's POV

I laid in bed quietly. I haven't eaten anything since the other day. The whole incident just seemed too much of a shock for me. I clenched my teeth thinking about who the suspects might be. I covered my face in annoyance, but I quickly sat up when I heard my bedroom door open. There I saw Sasuke, my first instinct was to run over to him and cry, but I was completely shocked when he painfully grabbed my neck while pinning me on my bed.

"Why are you still in bed this late afternoon? Could it be that your waiting for dobe to come back for round two!?" He said with pure disgust in his voice. I struggled from his grip while tears ran down freely from my face, 'now this?'. "Sa--suke what are you saying?" I said as I made use of the last lump of air I had left.

He smirked as he slowly let go of me. My upper body was now free, but I was still glued in place because he was still sitting on my waist. He grabbed a crumpled photo from his pocket and gently dropped it on my face.

My eyes instantly widened upon seeing it. "H-how can t-this be? Sasuke I!" I tried to tell him the truth, but he instantly cut me off when he surprisingly said "For a long time you were the first person I allowed myself to trust… but in the end your just like any other disgusting human being. You used me to get to him." He stared at me with a mixed expression. I didn't know if it was anger, sadness or hatred, but all I know for sure was that he was hurt, although it didn't really show.

He slowly stood while heading towards the exit, "Rot in Hell." he said and with that he left. I didn't move I couldn't, I wish Sasuke just killed me then and there.

Not only did I lose a friend, but I also found out that Naruto was responsible for the assault yesterday. Everything I knew turned out to be nothing but an illusion of fake ecstasy. More tears suddenly rolled down my cheeks, was I born only to suffer? I cried softly while replaying the events that had happened.

That evening, In the gates of Konoha

Two figures entered

"Naruto good work, the mission was successful ." Kakashi patted Naruto's back. "But why did you suddenly volunteer yesterday? You looked like you came running from an argument." he added while scanning his favorite orange booklet. "I did…well sort of. I just needed something to clear my mind, and I knew right away that a mission will certainly help." Naruto replied while fingering his slightly wounded arm.


"Kakashi-sensei lets go get some Ramen!" Naruto quickly lightened up as they both dashed towards Naruto's favorite stand.

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