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Warning: This is slash because I'm a twisted little psycho who is convinced that Capcom was secretly pointing at this paring all along. I'm assuming by the title and the summary that you can at least guess who it involves, and if not, you'll just be in for a little (actually, make that pretty damn big) surprise.

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A First Class Script

Chapter 1: Mismo Viejo Cuento (Same Old Story)

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Pain. White-hot, searing, stabbing, aching, unbelievable pain. It surged through his hand like an electric shock as he shakily turned his head to look at the knife pinning it to the stone wall. Blood oozed out of the wound down his arm as his opponent scoffed at his whimpers.

A group of black tendrils reached around Leon's knife, pulled it out of Salazar's hand, and whipped it back at Leon, who moved out of the way before he was killed by his own knife. A tear fell down Salazar's cheek as he gritted his teeth in an effort to suppress a painful gasp.

Shaking with rage and pain, he gave his faithful bodyguard the orders to kill as he stepped into the elevator alone. "Damn it," Leon mumbled grabbing his knife out of the door, "not another one."

--- ---

Upon reaching the ceremonial room, Salazar ripped off the bottom of his coat to turn into a makeshift bandage to wrap around his wounded palm. This task done, he walked toward their hostage and her current guards.

One of Ashley's friends from college had a psychic for a mother and she remembered her friend telling her that Ashley had a talent for seeing the auras of people. Knowing this, her friend gave her this advise: "If you ever see someone with a pitch black aura, run. This shade is present in people who are completely consumed by hate and evil." At the time, Ashley had rolled her eyes at this advise; she didn't believe that there was any person in the world who was totally evil and she definitely didn't believe that she could see people's auras.

She sure as hell believed it now. Salazar was walking toward her with this black… thing swirling around him. She probably would have tried running away if there weren't a pair of monks holding her by the shoulders obediently. She probably would have tried fighting if the monks didn't have crossbows at the ready and if Salazar hadn't used that moment to allow a cluster of brown-ish, pointed tentacles to burst out of his back. Even though Ashley was nearly twice his size, with the tentacles, tattered coat, and blood he looked a lot more foreboding than he did five minutes ago when he left the room.

Ashley clamped her eyes shut and whispered the Hail Mary to herself as Salazar grew closer. "Make sure that she gets to Lord Saddler without so much as a scratch on her."

Ashley was rather shocked by this, she was so certain that she was going to be killed or something. "So, you're not going to kill me?"

"Oh, trust me, pequeña niña," Salazar said facing her, "I would love to, but, sadly, my lord would never forgive me if I allowed my anger to get the best of me and ruin his entire plan." Ashley blinked at his logic. "And, plus," Salazar smirked, "there are several more things that I would like to do to you before killing you."

"What?" Ashley screamed in an angry panic.

"It's your fault, you know. If you didn't want people hitting on you, than you wouldn't have worn that skirt," Salazar said raising an eyebrow in challenge.

"Excuse me?" Ashley knew that that was how people saw her. She knew that people saw her as an attention seeking whore, but no one had ever said it to her face before. And that was way she started to walk towards him, ready to bitch-slap him into next week and she probably would have if the pair of monks hadn't grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her back.

"Take her to Saddler; I'm certain that he'll get worried if she's not with him soon."

--- ---

"Where the fuck is the liquid nitrogen when you fucking need it?" Leon shouted as he fired another magnum bullet. He dodged the… thing's razor sharp tail as it swung at his neck. Leon franticly looked around for a way to end this battle as quickly as he could and up on a crate he found his way: a rocket launcher. While Leon was momentarily distracted, the creature rushed up to Leon and tried to tear off the human's head. Luckily, Leon was too fast for it; he took another shot with his magnum and ran as fast as he could toward the powerful weapon.

Leon grabbed it off of the crate and spun around as quickly as he could, the thing was practically on top of him. Leon knew that if he fired it, he'd get caught in the explosion as well. Leon started to back up so he'd have enough room to fire when his back hit against a wall. 'Shit.' The thing whipped its tail at Leon's head and clawed at his arm. Leon ducked the bladed tail but his arm now had a few nasty looking gashes. Luckily, the adrenaline rush stopped Leon from feeling most of the pain in his arm as he ran to the other side of the room and shot the rocket launcher at the hideous monster.

--- ---

Salazar leaned against the wall grasping his bloody hand. It throbbed painfully as blood stained the blue silk that he had wrapped around it. 'I need to lie down… So… dizzy…' His eyelids fluttered slightly as he swayed slowly from side to side. 'Damn… I have to… stay… awake…' Salazar groaned slightly as he collapsed on the floor.

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