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A First Class Script

Chapter 3: Susto (Shock)

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Leon's eyes widened. His breath quickened. His mouth dropped open. He stared blankly ahead at Salazar's slowly retreating form. He gave his eyelids the permission to blink and his lips the permission to try to find the words he was looking for, but before he spoke the ones he found, he quickly touched a hand to his lips to make sure that had actually just happened. It had. "Wha-Wha-What the hellwas that Salazar?" Leon shouted, getting up from his sitting position.

The castellan turned around and tilted his head slightly, looking like he was seriously pondering the answer. "…Uno beso, I believe… And I'm fairly certain we now know each other well enough that you can just call me 'Ramon'." Salazar didn't bother hiding the sarcasm in his voice.

"Oh. Okay then Ramon," Leon said, his anger building with every word. "As long as you just call me Leon rather than Meestaar Keeneedee."

The smaller man growled and his eyes narrowed into a very nasty golden glare. "Say one more word, I dare you." Salazar's voice was dripping pure venom.

"One more word," Leon said, the sarcasm and his smart-ass attitude evident in his voice. Salazar ran at the American, the intent to kill written all over his face. Leon used his size to his advantage, however, picking up the Spaniard and pinning him to a wall.

"Get off of me!" Ramon said, struggling against Leon's tight hold on him.

Leon leaned in dangerously close to the younger man and gently whispered in his ear, "You forget, I happen to be a little bit stronger than you, so you're in no position to be making any orders."

"Well, well, well…" A low, sultry voice said. Without even looking, both men recognized the owner of the voice.

"L-Lord Saddler this –" Salazar stammered.

"Completely isn't what it looks like," Leon said, finishing his thought.

"Oh? What is it then?" Saddler said, amused by their denial. Leon and Salazar exchanged a short glance trying to tell if the other had any idea on what to say, however the results were not quit as promising as they had hoped.

"Leon! What in the world were you doing?" Ashley screamed, causing one of the monks guarding her to put a hand up to his ear in pain.

"I'm taking care of the enemy, Ashley."

"That's a hell of a way to take care of an enemy, comrade," a bemused and very familiar voice said.

"Oh lord…" Leon sighed. "And here I was thinking this situation couldn't get any worse. Apparently, I was wrong."

"I recall a very similar situation between you and I… Only you were the one pushed up against a wall that time," Krauser said with a chuckle, walking towards Leon.

"Get the fuck away from me," Leon growled, setting Salazar back on the ground.

"I suggest," the pale boy started, "that we all retire for the night. And we can discuss our… Situation in the morning…" His statement ended in a glance at Leon and a small blush.

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