Boundaries between LOVE and HATE

Summary: Tomoyo and Eriol are two of the most popular among their school. Their endless bickering was so old that the school just disregards them. Everyone thought it's hopeless for them to reconcile but it makes one wonder… Would the saying "The more you hate the more you love" true for them?

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Chapter 1: Animosity

Sitting under her favourite tree was Daidoji, Tomoyo, one of the most popular girls in Tomoeda Highschool, currently engrossed in her book when her best friend Kinomoto, Sakura, also one of the most popular girls in school, came to a halt infront of her still catching her breath.

"Ohayo gozaimasu Tomoyo-chan." Sakura greeted her friend before sitting beside her.

"Ohayo gozaimasu Sakura-chan." Tomoyo replied. "I see you made it in school with time to spare." (Sakura arrived maybe 45 minutes before school starts) Tomoyo teased Sakura.

"Hai. Kero (it's actually her dog…) woke me up an hour earlier than usual. A good thing though coz I've already heard oniichan telling otosan that he's gonna throw a bucket full of cold water on me if I didn't woke up after 30 mins." At this Sakura frowned. Tomoyo giggled a little.

Their conversation went on to a different topic so they didn't saw the commotion done by the arrival of the two most popular boys in school, Hirigizawa, Eriol and Li, Shaoran.

Eriol saw the two girls sitting on their favourite spot but his gaze wandered to the raven haired girl with amethyst eyes, he let his gaze stay on her for a while then he smiled his enigmatic smile before he decided to greet them.

Shaoran on the other hand became wary when he saw his cousin started down the path towards where the two girls are. He knows what would happen. They've done it a million times since their elementary days.

"Ohayo Kinomoto-san, Daidoji-san." Eriol said the moment he reached their place. Shaoran just nodded his head in greeting.

"Ohayo Hirigizawa-kun, Li-kun." Sakura said smiling at both of the guys, while Tomoyo frowned and continued on reading as if she never heard a thing.

"Would you two mind if Shaoran and I sit with you for a while? We still have 10 minutes before the school starts." Eriol asked.

Sakura beamed before agreeing. She never saw Eriol's sheepish smile and Shaoran's helpless shrug as she turned towards Tomoyo. Sakura continued on chatting oblivious to the fact that she's the only one talking.

When Tomoyo could not stand Eriol's presence any more (though Eriol has done nothing but sit there in silence waiting for Tomoyo's reaction...) she closed her book and turned to Sakura "Sakura-chan I think I'll go ahead." She said to a startle Sakura who was still oblivious to the fact that her bestfriend and Eriol can't get along (after all those years, go figure…) "Suddenly I can't stand the air around here."

When she was about to stand a hand snaked its way around her slender wrist stopping her. "Matte kudasai Daidoji-chan." It was Eriol. "Why the sudden rash? Are you afraid of me?" Eriol asked with his usual demeanor.

"Excuse me? Why would I be afraid of you?" Tomoyo said with faked sweetness lacing her voice.

"I don't know? You tell me." Eriol said with his usual monotonic voice.

"Tomoyo-chan, why would you want to leave so sudden?" Sakura asked after bobbing her head back and forth from Tomoyo to Eriol to Tomoyo to Eriol again following their conversation.

Tomoyo turned to her friend schooling her features into their serene façade, before replying. "I told you Sakura-chan I can't seem to stand the air around here so sudden. And besides class is going to start in (looking at her watch) approximately 4 minutes so I guess we better hurry up." Then she turned to Eriol with a glare. "As for you, let go of my hand. You're getting it all dirty."

Eriol smiled, slowly loosen his grasp on her wrist. When Tomoyo felt sure that Eriol would release her she let her guard down which is what Eriol was waiting for. He suddenly pulled her down causing Tomoyo to fell on him then without missing a beat kissed Tomoyo on the lips for a fleeting second before letting her go then grabbed Shaoran who was beside Sakura dumbstruck and dashed towards the school entrance.

Tomoyo who was caught totally off guard just sat there for a moment with surprise evident on her face which is also the exact look on Sakura's face. Tomoyo's lifted her right hand to her lips then her expression turned into rage.

"How dare he?" Tomoyo said in a barely audible voice.

"Tomoyo, are you ok?" Sakura asked. A little scared because Tomoyo didn't throw a fit, which means that she's truly mad and she might do something that she may regret later.

"You're gonna pay Hirigizawa! I swear!" Tomoyo said before getting up and walked briskly towards the school rage still evident on her face causing the students to get out of her way.

Sakura followed suit, not really knowing what to do. She rarely saw Tomoyo get so mad. 'Eriol will surely be a dead man after Tomoyo was finished with him'. She thought as she made it to Tomoyo's side.

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