The phone was ringing incessantly at the Hirigizawa mansion.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!!!" Nakuru shouted as she dashed down the stairs. "Hello." She said then she squealed when the person on the other line answered. "I'm ssooo happy to hear from you!!!!!! Uh-huh… yes… How are Eriol and Syaoran? Oh they have a girlfriend now!" Nakuru moved the phone away from her ear when the person shouted in the other line. "Now, now, it is wonderful news isn't it?!? You should be happy you know? I know we should've informed you but it happened all of a sudden…. What?!? You're coming here… you are here?!? Why didn't you say so?" Nakuru sighed while the other person was talking. "Alright then… yes I won't tell them… Of course you can trust me!!! If you keep on pestering me about it I'll tell him right now!!! Good then I know you're such a sweet little sister. You don't know how I missed you so. Are you sure you don't want me to fetch you? Ok then bye, see you later." Nakuru smiled a mischievous smile when she had put the phone back to its cradle. "I wonder what would you do Eriol?" Then she giggled then went out to meet with her friends.

At the school…

Tomoyo was once again sitting under their favorite tree, reading her favorite book, waiting for her favorite cousin to come by, when a shadow was cast on her. Frowning, she schooled herself and smiled coolly to politely tell the person to back off. Her smile had freeze when she saw who was blocking her sun.

"Good morning, Tomoyo." Eriol greeted. This made the whole school stopped what they're doing and waited for the event that would unfold in front of them. After all, the Daidouji heiress was hell bent on killing Hirigizawa just last week. Eriol who was well aware of it, smiled secretly.

Tomoyo on the other hand was also aware that everyone was staring at them. This made her a bit nervous, but she strengthened her resolve. "Good morning too…Eriol." She said, which made Eriol smirk a little. The people around them gasped when they've heard Tomoyo called Eriol in his first name. Their eyes bulged out when they saw Eriol sat beside Tomoyo and draped an arm over her shoulders and lean towards her as if to kiss her.

Tomoyo was blushing profusely. She burrowed her face to her book more pretending to be interested in the story. Her face brightened even more when Eriol leaned towards her and began to whisper in that low masculine voice of him that sends shivers to her spine.

"Looks like, we're going to be the talk of the school again." Eriol whispered. He grins wider when he saw Tomoyo blushed. 'She's so pretty when she blushes.' He thought. 'But it would be no fun.' Then he smiled an idea forming in his mind. "Are you afraid of what others might think of you Tomoyo?" His smile widens when he saw Tomoyo snapped her head.

"I'm not afraid of what people might think Hirigizawa." Tomoyo said fiercely facing him in the process. And this she thought was a big mistake when she saw how close Eriol's face is at hers. She blushed and tried to turn away but Eriol's hand swiftly cupped her face.

"Then let us give them something to talk about, shall we?" He smiled teasingly before he swooped down and captured Tomoyo's lips in a sweet but short kiss. Another gasp was heard then everyone waited what Tomoyo would do now. Last time Eriol kissed her, she was so mad, she hunted him down.

"I hate you!" Tomoyo spat. Her face was all red but a smile was evident on her face.

Eriol faked hurt, putting the hand that was on Tomoyo's face on his chest. "You hurt me Tomoyo." He said dramatically.

Tomoyo giggled which made the people gasped again then started to scamper off to tell everyone they know about a very big news… Tomoyo Daidoji and Eriol Hirigizawa is now an item. But the people halted on their way, their eyes widens once again as they saw Sakura Kinomoto and Syaoran Li, walked to the school together. Sakura with her usual cheery and vibrant face and Syaoran with his… everyone gasped again… (Are they not tired of gasping?!? -rolls eyes-) Is Syaoran Li smiling?!? And indeed Syaoran Li was smiling while looking at Sakura's beautiful face. Everyone in the vicinity hurried up again. They want to spread the second big news… Sakura Kinomoto and Syaoran Li is also an item now.

"Good morning Tomoyo. Good morning Hirigizawa." Sakura greeted them lively as she and Syaoran came into them.

"Good morning Sakura, Li." Tomoyo greeted in return. Still blushing as Eriol's hand is still on her shoulders.

"Good morning Kinomoto, and good morning to you too, my cute little cousin." Eriol greeted back with his usual smile thrown at Sakura and a smirk at Syaoran.

Syaoran nods his head towards Tomoyo but glared on Eriol. Eriol just grinned again and shrug his shoulders.

Sakura sat beside Tomoyo and looked at Tomoyo's shoulders, smiling sweetly, noting Tomoyo's blushing face, she turned towards Eriol. "You can call me Sakura, since everything's alright now." Sakura smiled cheerfully.

Tomoyo blushed more and buried her head even more while discreetly trying to shrug Eriol's hand away. Eriol on the other hand just grinned at Sakura. "Then you can also call me Eriol." He said then teasingly added. "As I can see that everything's alright between the two of you too." He smirked when he saw Sakura and Syaoran blushed. Syaoran glared at his cousin once again in which the other just shrugged off.

The four talked for a while before the bell rung, signaling the start of today's class. They walked together to their classroom. Sakura and Syaoran's hand bumped each other. They looked at each other before they intertwined their hands together. Eriol just gently grasped Tomoyo's hand, which the latter did not object too. They all walked hand in hand towards the first class of the day.

At the airport…

"Hana!!! Hurry it up will you?!?" A girl with a long black hair and ruby eyes said loudly to her companion. "We still need to drop our things to our respective houses before we can go look and search for them." She said when her friend neared her.

Hana has a long brownish blonde hair, dark brown eyes and a beautiful angelic face. "I'm sorry. I was caught up between two many people." She apologized to her friend. "You sure are excited to see Syaoran." She said with a teasing glint in her eyes.

Her friend scowled at her at first then grin. "Of course!!! Don't tell me you're not excited to see Eriol?!?" The girl smirked when her friend blush. "So we better hurry up now… I can't wait to see their faces after we're through with them. Getting girlfriends!!! The nerve!!!" A vein popped out of the black haired girl. "And I want to see those girls." She said as she started to walk out of the airport.

Hana sweatdropped when her friend stomped towards the airport's exit. Then she remembered something. "Meilin!! Don't forget your bag!!!"

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