Chapter 5

Ron stood in front of his favourite house in the whole wide world after the Hogwarts Castle – The Burrow. It was a beautiful evening with the birds flying around amelessly and the sun setting, painting the sky in all the beautiful golden yellow, orange and red tones you can imagine. There was a small warm breeze ruffling his hair gently and he swore he could actually see two squirrels chasing each other through the branches of a nearby tree. With his current paycheck he could afford a perfect apartment in the center of Wizarding London, but he always felt strangely lonely there. Well, whenever he was there anyway, because he preferred to bury himself in work. Workaholic was the word Muggles would use.He was home to see his parents almost every other Sunday, but now he had not seen them for almost two months. He was going to come on Sunday, but he had felt restless this evening and he knew exactly who was to blame. Hermione Granger.

It wasn't about the way she looked or what she did... it was about the whole essence of her being on the same continent, in the same country, in the same city and, for all that is magical and holy, even in the same part of London. He actually envied Harry who could still spend time with her, being her friend. He had known with some sixth sense, that they were more than competent in fing up this wonderful thing that they had. Now, he would have given anything to have an invisibility cloack just to follow her around all day long. Hermione Granger.

´Or was she still a Granger? Maybe she had some sort of a fancy last name now and an even fancier Brazilian stud to go with the name... Uhh. Stop it!´
He breathed in and started walking up towards the front door of his childhood home.


"Oh Harry! You are such fun to have around the house. I am ever so happy that you were the one to charm my little Ginny." Molly was gazing fondly at Harry and ruffling Ginnys hair.Oh so Harry and Ginny are here for dinner? Thank you spirits. Having them around alwways makes dealing the whole ´family life issue´a lot easier Ron thought to himself.
"Oh I bet he's done a lot more than just charmed Ginny," Hermione remarked and gulped down some wine, almost choking on it, because Ginny kicked her under the table, making her cough violently.
Ron walked in to find his parents and the soon-to-be newlyweds laughing hard and Her resembling an overripe coughing tomato. She. The same woman who had been the subject of his thoughts every day for as long as he could remember.
The look in Hermiones eyes told him that she had recognized his presence also, but to his great fortune she still had something in her throat and was still coughing so hard that she couldn't utter one coherent word. Actually he couldn't even tell wether she wanted to say something or not. The only thing visible to him was the fact that she didn't approve of his presence.
"Mom, dad you ought to be ashamed of yourself. Hermione here comes to visit from Neverland, leaving behind Peter Pan and Tinkerbell and all other lovely creatures form her fairytale life and you give her a bite of what seems to be a poisonous apple that she is choking on."

„Ron, darling! Why didn't you tell me you were coming today! Not that its bad, I am of course delighted to see you honey, as always, but if you would have told me that all of you were coming I would have made your favourite dishes. Look how nice it is - all of you here together.. The Dream team. Isn't it nice!" Molly was chatting away merrily not noticing the tention between Ron and Hermione and the intensity of the stare the two were sharing.Spraks were flying from their eyes. Harry and Ginny however did take notice of the fact and shared a look of amusement. The evening had been lovely but now it was promising to be ever so much more interesting.
"Yes Hermione, indeed. Isn't it lovely." Ron directed this ball of sarcasm towards Hermiones courtyard and she could have probably murdered with the mere flick of her eyelashes, because her eyes were flashing furiously with anger.
"Oh yes Mr. Weasly, it is very lovely indeed," Hermione flashed a smile in Rons direstion that never reached here eyes but it made the young redhead weak in the knees nontheless and he hated himself for that. He decided to take a seat next to Hermione because he just couldn't help himself. He hated himself for it, but he couldn't help himself. He never could. Besides, he knew it would irritate Hermione to no end.
"Dad I brought you a little something," Ron said putting a bottle of whisky on the table, „and Mom here is a little something for you also. " Another bottle, this time red wine, found its way on the table.
"Oh Ronnie, you shouldn't have. You know we never drink this unless you and your brothers are over."
"Oh well, no wonder. Its the only way they can tolerate you lot," Hermione piped in and took another sip.
"Oh miss Tomato. You managed to clean your airways enough to start spurting out sarcasm I see," Ron smiled at Hermione flirtatiously. „Although, that was a weak remark. I expected something better of you." He pinched her chin lightly just to irritate her some more.

Damn. He noticed me beeing...slightly redder than usual.

„Oh this is lovely! Just like old times!" Molly clapped her hands together in delight."Not quite like old times though Mom," Ginny piped in and deciding to get back at Hermione added as an afterthought, „then they would have been snogging somewhere in the end of the night, when they thought nobody noticed when they disappeared after dinner or luch or sometimes breakfast at Hogwarts." Ginny smiled broadly at her brother and friend who were resembling something very red indeed.
"Ginny.." Hermione breathed out in shock. „What is this? Get-back-at-Hermione night and nobody told me? Why didn't you tell me I would have brought my armour and ammunition." She smiled a small catlike smile as she directed her gaze over the couple sitting across from her. Ginny gulped almost audibly and Harrys face mached Ginnys haircolour.
Ron didn't trust his mouth to say anything. Instead he conjured up whiskey glasses for everyone and another wine glass for himself. He tapped both bottles and they opened themselves and poured out some liquid for everyone.
Molly eyed Ron and Hermione in shock for a moment and then tried to gain her composure, Mr. Weasly was simply grinning to himself, Harry was trying to look as if he hadn't heard a thing Ginny said and the abovenamed redheaded elflike angel was mighty pleased witherself because the main attention was still on Ron and Hermione.
"Hey Harry," Ron adressed his oldest friend, „put a leash on your beast. She's making accusations I am not sure I can block."
"Beast? Well, excuse me Ronald! I am your sister and..."
Hermione, however, decided that it was definately the time for a cigarette because the brother versus sister fight was capturing all the attention which provided her with the time to sneack outside. As she lit the cigarette she thought back on these accusations that Ginny had made. Oh but at times these little snog brakes that she and Ron had been taking... Hot and bothered was the right expression to be used at the present situation she was in.
Sweet Merlin. What is wrong with me? I havent had... I haven't even thought about... I mean I have thought but I haven't wanted to for a long time. And it has been quite a while you know... She slapped her forehead with her free hand. Stop thinking about sex! Especially sex with Ron. But sex with Ron was... magical to say the least...

„So besides smoking you've taken up hurting yourself? Where are the cutmarks. Let me see." Ron was whispering somewhere near her ear and sending little shivers all over her body. He touched her wrist as if to see if there was anything to prove his point. Electricity.
She could have recognized his voice anywhere.What she didn't realise was how Ron had gotten so close to her, without her noticing. She could make out a soft smell of whisky and his aftershave. She let herself linger in it for just a moment.
Wrong. I shouldn't have done that.

Her knees were giving in and she was feeling a bit dizzy as she pulled her wrist from Ron's reach and gripped the railing of the porch. He was still breathing so close that she could feel his breath on her skin. She could swear that their lips were just mere inches apart.

Enough Hermione. Get out! Get out while you can! I mean NOW!

"Sorry Weasly, cheaters are not my type," Hermione managed to croack out, her voice still not completley hiding her true feelings as she brushed past him. If Ron had just listened more, instead of letting anger take over, he would have heard the little trembles that even found their way into Hermiones short sentence.
Instead of noticing, Ron acted like, well Ron. As Hermione was leaving to go back inside, he grabbed her arm and pull her up against him.
"Yeah?" He breathed looking her straight in the eye and making her do the same.
A rush of blood and hormones shot all through her body making even her toes tingle and feel more alive than she could remember.
„Yeah." Hermione pulled herself free from his grasp and managed to get to the door without stumbling, although she was sure she was bound to.
"Kissing a smoker is like licking an ashtray. Ashtary-licking is not one of my hobbies. Make your conclusions, Granger." Run pushed past her and left her standing there in utter disbelief.

'Stupid git! He ruined the perfect moment! What perfect moment? Do you actually mean that if he had not said that, if you had not said... whatever. Do you actually mean that you would have kissed him? No! Well... No!... Actually...
What is wrong with me while he is around? I am perfectly normal composed woman but when he is around I...
Stop it Hermione! You do not care about him! You do not care! You do not care what he thinks, what he does, what he says. You don't feel anything towards him. Nothing. Never again. Just hate. Hate. Got it? Good.
I wonder why he came alone. Where is his wife, or at least his girlfriend? Didn't Ginny say...
Stop it!'

The evening rolled on with dessert, wine and whisky. Harry and Ginny were holding hands under the table and looking at each other every once in a while drunkedly and lovingly. Ron and Hermione were furiously sarcastic to one another every chance they got and Arthur had been yawning widely for the last hour already.At least thats what it seemed like to Mrs Weasly.
From Harrys point of view things were seeming a little different.
Ron and Hermione are even more sarcastic towards one another after the time they had both spent a few minutes out on the porch, but at the same time... Ron is definately flirting with Hermione and every time their hands (or for that matter probably feet too) happen to touch they both flinch ever so slightly. This is almost as amusing as I remembered . I know am avoiding making eyecontact with Molly and Arthur, or for that matter with even Ron... I hope they won't notice. But God that skirt...
Harry squeezed Ginnys hand to make her look at him and make her think the same things that he was thinking, although by the look she gave him – she already was on the same page with him.Ginny gazed Harry deep in the eyes, as he squeezed her hand.
I bet he is thinking the same thing I am. He is. Now we just have to find a way to get out of here. We cannot go to my place.. where would Hermione sleep then? We are not exactly quiet. We must think of something. I hope mom and dad haven't noticed anything. But they probably haven't with Ron and Hermione flirting! They are mean to each other and they are flirting. What a weird combination. But at the same time – I would not call either one of them actually normal.

Ron eyed the soon-to-be wife and husband.
My god! Harry is practically undressing Ginny with his eyes and he probably thinks the rest of us are completely and utterly oblivious to the fact. Daft prick he is. I never realised Hermione was so... but at the same time...this banter between us has always... damn it woman!

Hermione was staring at Harry and Ginny quite opnely.
Seriously. This is unreal! Those two... God! How am I going to sleep tonight? Are they going to Harrys place? I sure hope so. Otherwise... I am going to have to stay up all night long... and it will not be enjoyable.I really should stop drinking. I am quiiiiite... She finished her drink and set her sight towards Ron. ... drunk.

„Well, Mr and Mrs Weasly it has been lovely," Harry said getting up, „but we really should get going." Ginny quickly stood up next to him and Harry grabbed her hand a little hurriedly.

The perfect Sunday School Boy. Hermione smiled to herself. „Yes fair ladies and LONELY KNIGHTS. We really shoud get this SHOW on the road." Hermione waggeled her eyebrows at Ginny and Harry suggestively as she also got up.
"Yes, I think that is a good idea, seeing as Hermione is so drunk and she does not realise what she is saying anymore, that might be a wise decition. Come on Harry...let's walk a little before we go home. Ron can make sure Hermione gets home alright." Ginny grinned devilishly while grabbing Harrys hand, kissed her mother and father goodbye and with a soft pop! they were gone.
Hermione was completely dumbfounded. She had never thought Ginny would just abandon her in the lions cave to be...ravished?
"Well, yes...umm... Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Weasly, it has indeed been lovely." Hermione hugged the both of them and could see that Mrs. Weaslys eyes were once more watering as she looked at her and Ron standing next to each other. „I think I can get to Ginnys apartment allright just by myself..."
"No darling! I would not hear of it! Ron will make sure you get there allright, right dear?" Molly directed her sharp gaze at her youngest son.
"Yes, Mom. Do not fear. I will see that the lady gets home safe." He hugged his mother and father who both seemed very caught up in memories ad they eyed himself and Hermione.
"Well, Ron. Try not to splinch yourself."