I did not create, nor do I own the rights to, the characters portrayed in this story. The story itself, however, is all my own.

The Show Must Go On

The show was over.

For thirty years the network had profited from the life of Truman Burbank; his successes and failures were amongst their highest rated episodes.

It wasn't for another three and a half years after Truman's exit from his false World that the network could coax Christof back to the limelight; his ego had been severely bruised by the unexpected termination of the most expensive entertainment project in the history of the real World.

This time around, Christof wasn't willing to make the same mistakes as last time. He wanted the new Truman show to be bigger and better than the one before and he was determined to make it last longer, breaking new ground, new records and showing to the World an image of itself that would keep the populace glued to their screen for the next half-century at least.

The World started to tune in long before the new series went on air. Curious viewers watched as Seahaven was torn down and a new world erected: a new flawed and strangely unremarkable world that would house Christof's new vision. Viewers watched on as candidates were selected for the position of the show's star and before long a new TV show was on air.

Seventy nine percent of Americans blew the Nielson overnights away as they tuned in to episode one: The Birth. More than one billion viewers from all over the World were also watching live.

I was one of them.

There was about a week on either side of the birth when it was all the World could talk about; it blew every water-cooler moment that came before it away. Christof and the new cast gave interviews expressing their delight at being involved with making television history.

The excitement was so loud that it drowned out the cries from protesters who pleaded with the government to bring the show to an end.

The government ignored our cries, but we won't stop, we achieved the impossible once before, we'll do it again and the World will be tuned in when we do.

I was one of them who watched that very first episode and I'll be one of them who watch the very last. You won't be though; you'll be starring in it…