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"Honey! Hurry up and start cleaning the living room! I don't want it to be messy when I leave!" Amy called from their bedroom cheerfully. She was changing and getting ready for her long-awaited business trip to Florida to meet her boss. The female hedgehog hoped this is when she'd get the promotion she's been waiting for since last year.

"I can just clean it later . . . why now? Why not when she gets back?" Shadow muttered under his breath as he picked up a few of the cluttered papers of Amy's last case and put them in her brief case. (Yes, Amy's a lawyer.) He straightened up a few other things before Amy came out of the bedroom. She was wearing a very formal looking jacket with the opening collar that was a deep purple color. There was a shirt underneath that was a lighter purple color and she was also wearing the same deep purple skirt that went just below her knees. Amy was dusting off little pieces of dust off her shoulder as Shadow walked up to her.

"Shadow, I'm so nervous! What if this trip for a week isn't for my promotion? What if it's for something ba-"

"Don't worry Amy, you'll be fine." Shadow said calmly as he grabbed her arms and shook her gently.

"Okay, whew . . ." She said; now realizing how funny she had been acting. Just then the doorbell rang. Shadow walked over to answer the door and it was none other than Amy's previous crush, Sonic the Hedgehog. He was accompanied by his best friend, Tails.

"Hey Shadow." Sonic said. "Did Amy already leave?" He asked.

"Oh no, I was just about to take her right now." The dark hedgehog said.

"Hey Sonic, hi Tails!" Amy said cheerfully as she walked up to them. Shadow went over to the coffee table to grab his keys so he could take Amy to the airport.

"Hi Amy! We just wanted to come by and wish you good luck on your trip." Tails said.

"Amy get your things so we won't be late to the airport." He motioned to her brief case and suitcase inside. She rushed over to get them and then rushed outside. Shadow followed her and then turned around to lock the door.

"I guess we better head off then!" Sonic said.

"We'll be prayin' for ya, Ames!" Tails finished the conversation just as Sonic grabbed his wrist and darted off. "Bye!" He yelled as he looked back at the couple.

They both waved until the two friends were out of sight. "I wonder why Sonic always rushes off so soon when he comes to visit us?" Amy asked herself, but Shadow answered any way, "I don't know. Maybe . . . ahh no! That can't be it." He responded playfully.

"Oh c'mon, tell me what you were going to say!" Amy said just as playfully.


"I'm gonna keep asking until you tell me!" She continued to be playful.

"I don't think so!" He said as he repeatedly poked her in the ribs. He knew she was ticklish.

She wriggled trying to make him stop and her stomach was starting to ache from laughing so hard.

"Okay fine! Just stop tickling me!" Amy gasped for air and smiled up at Shadow. The two hedgehogs started for the car. He loved that face and always found it easier to show more emotion when she was around. These things were just a few of the many things he loved about her . . .


Sonic stopped in front of Tails' workshop.

"Thanks Sonic." He paused, finally deciding to ask Sonic what's been bothering him. "Y-you know, how c-come we always have to rush our con-confrontations with Shadow and A-Amy?" Tails stuttered.

"I don't know." Sonic replied quickly. He could feel his cheeks burning up.

There was a strange silence for a while as Tails thought about it and Sonic scratched the back of his head with one hand. He shifted around uneasily. Then Tails noticed Sonic blushing.

"Oh no, don't tell me it's becau-" Tails was interrupted as Sonic sped off. "Oh geez . . ." Tails said as he spun around on his heels and headed for the door.


Shadow and Amy had reached their brand new black Mercedes-Benz. Amy had wanted the silver, but Shadow won that argument and they got the black. The two of them got in and Shadow started the car. Amy was starting to get really nervous again and Shadow could tell. She was very fidgety and went through many positions, but she finally ended with her elbow on the car door. She also stroked through her pink bangs. Before Shadow backed out of the parking space, he tried to calm her down again. He placed his hand on her knee and patted her gently.

"Amy, just remember, this will be a good trip, you are gonna get your promotion! With all the things you've accomplished at work, it's impossible for it to be anything else!"

"But Shadow, I lost my last case, that was the most important one ever! And it was so easy! I lost because I was careless!" Amy remarked.

"It was just one loss, you know . . ." Shadow said as he removed his hand and started to back up the car.

"I'm sorry, Shadow. I'm just really freakin' out here . . ." She apologized.

Shadow didn't answer, he just nodded. It took them only 10 minutes to get on the freeway, but the freeway was backed up.

"Oh great!" Amy yelled in her frustration.

She took a deep breath. They sat in stop-and-go traffic for an hour before they finally got to the airport. But that whole hour seemed to last a century for the couple because it was so silent.

"Finally!" Amy said as she got out of the car and went behind the car to the trunk. "Shadow, can you open the trunk?" She called to him. He popped the trunk and also came to the back to help her with her things. They got her things and went through all the checking and finally got to her platform.

"Everyone boarding flight #647 to Orlando, Florida please have your tickets ready at the door on platform A7." A female voice rang over the intercom.

"That's me!" Amy said. She took her suitcase from Shadow and hurried off to the door, Shadow by her side. They stopped at the end of the line.

"I'm gonna miss you, Amy." Shadow said lightly.

"Me too . . ." She said. They shared a small kiss as the lady asked for Amy's ticket. Shadow backed out of the line and Amy gave her the ticket. As she was walking out the door she looked back to Shadow and waved. Shadow returned the wave until she was out of sight.

"This is gonna be a long week." They both said in unison, although they didn't know it.

Amy walked in to the plane and grabbed the first seat she could. She put her stuff in the compartment above her head and sat down to wait for the long trip to end.

Shadow walked to his car (past all the security) and just drove off to the house. It took half the time because people weren't leaving the airport just yet. He drove into the driveway of their house and went inside. He plopped down on to the couch and decided to go to sleep since he woke up so early.

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