Chapter 8

Everything Happens for a Reason

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Hermione listened intently as Remus began explaining the finer points of what Dumbledore told him.

"So we have to...mate, Hermione. Dumbledore will perform some kind of ancient magic and when we transform back then we will be rid of the curse. There will probably be some after affects..." Remus drifted off as he explained something he never was going to experience, something he has waited so long for. It almost felt like being able to get that really big lollipop in the candy store window and realizing that someone has stole all your knuts.

Hermione felt herself go slack at what Remus was explaining. "We have to...mate? Dumbledore thinks we are attracted to each other? The bloody man is off his rocker!" Hermione exclained while blushing furiously. Remus felt himself deflate even more...she wasn't going to go for it. He really couldn't blame her. He wouldn't want an old washed up werewolf himself.

Hermione got up and brushed off her pants. She took one fleeting look at Remus and went back up to her room. She didn't mean to run out on him like that, but it was fear. Dumbledore was proposing something that she had never even considered, something she hadn't even thought about. What would happen to their relationship? They had something great going...they could tell each other anything. She didn't even know if she liked Remus in that way. There was no way she was doing this. She was nineteen years old for crying out loud. She had her whole world ahead of her. She wanted to go out on weekends and hang out with her friends not be tied down. She wanted to be free, not have to make sure she was home on time. She wanted to say what she wanted, not worry about what her husband might think. Heck, she wanted to go out and get drunk off her ass and not have to report to someone when she got home. There was no way she was going to do this. This was insane. She would put up with the pain if she had to if it meant her freedom. She lived for her freedom. She felt tears run down her face as she realized that if this was the only way to rid herself of this awful curse, she was going to be living with it for the rest of her life.

Hermione didn't know how long she'd been asleep, but when she woke up she knew that she had cried herself to sleep. She rubbed her sandy feeling eyes, hating herself for crying over something so trivial.

"Honestly Hermione. You need to straighten your shoulders, walk down there and talk things over with Remus. You're friends. He will understand. And a little pain never hurt anyone." She told herself. Well, more like trying to convince herself.

She walked to the bathroom ad locked the door. She started the shower and stripped down, stepping in under the hot spray. She felt the tension release from her muscles, as the water sprayed continuously around her. She loved taking hot showers, feeling as if the water would wash away all her pain. She shampooed her hair, twice, and then conditioned it. She had came to realize that it helped keep the frizz down. Once she finished that and washing her body, she stepped out, wrapping a towel around herself.

She performed a quick drying and warming spell over her hair and body, then got dressed, brushed her teeth, hair, and then added a little bit of makeup. Apparently it helped brighten her features according to Pavarti and Lavender. After assessing herself in the mirror and deeming herself satisfactory, she stepped out and decided to go down to Remus.

When she got down to the kitchen however, she didn't find Remus. She found a note.

Dearest Hermione,

Breakfast is in the oven. Please help yourself. I have urgent business in the village to deal with, don't know how long I will be. Please don't stay up or worry, I am fine. Don't worry about what happened yesterday, I understand completely that you do not want an old werewolf like me and that you still have your life ahead of you. Please do not pity me or feel sorry for me. I do not need that.

If I was in your position, I wouldn't want the alternative either. I understand you completely and I do agree that Dumbledore is completely "Off his rocker" as you so elequently put it.

I will be back, I just do not know when.


P.s. You have an letter, I'm guessing from Harry and Ron?

Hermione folded up the letter with tears rolling down her cheeks again. He had left because of her. He didn't feel like he could stay in his own home because she was there. Oh Merlin! There was a letter? She looke over at the counter and saw a scroll of parchment on the tea basket. She opened it and smiled as she saw the familiar chicken scratch of her best friends.

Hey 'Mione!

So summer around here has been insanely boring without you here. Blimely, even Ron has been sulking! How have you been, are you healing alright?

We are so sorry to hear about your accident, if there is anything we can do please let us know, even if it is just to talk, okay? :) Here, Ron wants to say something;

Hey there! Hows life with Old Remus treating you? If you need me call me! Remember what I told you, you can talk to me and Harry about anything!

Love you!

I'm back, Hermione, but not for long. The Weasley's and I are going shopping for school. Will I see you there?

Love always,


P.S. Hope this letter finds you well.

Hermione wiped the tears that were rolling down her cheeks again as she re-read the letters. She couldn't believe how much her boys had grown up.

She looked up as she heard the front door slam and gasped at who came through it...

DUN DUN DUUUN. Who will it be?

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