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Chapter Three: Destination, Earth!

"Hello everyone! So nice to see you all! Welcome, welcome!" These were various greetings Eshino Goren threw at the arriving guests at the party.

Zeon, however, was too busy searching for his replica in the vast crowds. At this rate, he would never find him- But then it struck the king like a sack of potatoes. Fein's potatoes, to be exact. Many of the guests brought their own food along with them since there were many of them and many suspected that the food would run out quickly. And therein lied the answer. Food. No doubt Gash would be at the dining table, consuming everything in sight.

Yep. His hunch was right. There the yellow-haired demon was gorging himself on the Yellowtail.

Zeon was about to confront his brother when three figures approached him.

"Hello there Lord Zeon- or should I say King Zeon?" said a six-armed little girl with lavender hair smiling. She was wearing a flashy and slender purple sequent dress and had a pink flower in her hair.

"Congratulations, almighty king. How's the life of luxury doing for you?" A young puppet-like child with strange orange hair dressed in a dark green tuxedo teased.

Zeon grinned. "Hello, Ari. Hello, Haido. It wouldn't be too bad if a certain Eshino Goren wasn't following me around... He's not exactly what he used to be..."

Zeon then noticed a small white dog demon down beside them wearing a tuxedo as well.

"Baltro's here to congratulate you as well." Ari said, crouching down to hug the little guy. "He forgives you for burning his book." Baltro gave a happy whine and licked Zeon's face.

Zeon frowned and wiped the saliva from his face. He wasn't too fond of the canine-like demon.

"So, what is your majesty up to nowadays?" Haido asked.

"Actually, I have a special mission for you three..." The three of them stared each other for a moment and then turned their attention back at Zeon.

"What do you have in mind?" Ari questioned.

"The Seven Sins of the Makai have escaped."

The trio gasped.

"... You know who they are, I assume?"

"Who doesn't? They're only the most malevolent souls ever to set foot in the Makai." Haido said with a grim expression on his face.

Zeon was a bit upset with the fact that they had already knew who they were, whereas he did not. "Well, I would personally go myself and give them a good but sadly I cannot. I'm much too busy so I must send the next best choice- My air-headed twin and his friends. But they have grown quite attached to their Ningen partners, so I'm worried that they will become distracted from their main goal. I need you three to keep a watchful eye on them, making sure they don't get sidetracked. Just try not to die."

"Aww... How touching. He's actually worried about our well-being." Haido smirked.

"Hee hee. You've become a softy ever since the battle ended, Ze-Ze." Ari said giving him a hug.

Zeon twitched and thwacked her on the head. "One, don't touch me. Two, I told you to NEVER call me Ze-Ze. Three, call me a 'softy' one more time and I shall personally rip your head off with my bare hands and hang it on my bedroom wall...

"Yes sir..." Ari said rubbing her head.

"Good. Now I'll meet you at the dimensional gate in a few minutes."

They bowed and did left as instructed.

"Now that that's settled..." Zeon turned back to the table- but Gash was no longer there! "Grr..." Zeon began twitching again. This was going to be harder than he thought...

Out in the Backyard Garden

"Hah! This party is great! And it's sooo nice to finally see you again Gash!" A pink-haired child smiled as she and Gash were taking a stroll through the moonlit yard.

"It's nice to see you too, Koruru!" A smile spread on his face as well, but it quickly faded. "But... I'm sorry that I couldn't keep my promise..."

"It's alright. Promises are meant to be broken." Koruru giggled. "It's a beautiful night.. Let's forget about the past and focus on the future. Our Future..." She whispered in his ear making him blush like a ripe tomato.

"Uhh... Eheheheh... It's a bit hot out here don't you think?" Gash said nervously and redder than ever.

But Koruru didn't reply. She just closed her eyes and went in for the kiss.

"Hey! I was looking all over for you nimrod!"

"Gah!" Gash, surprised by the sudden voice, lost his balance and fell backwards into the small pond that was behind him creating a huge splash. The drenched child glanced up to see his brother Zeon standing infront of him.

"Oh! H-Hey Zeon! What are you doing here?" Gash laughed really embarrassed

"I live here dipstick... And you shall only refer to me as King Zeon, Master Zeon, Almighty Ruler Zeon, One-Thousand-Times-Better-Than-I-Shall-Ever-Hope-To-Be Zeon, whichever royal title that pleases you." Zeon replied trying to rub his superiority in. "I didn't interupt anything, did I?" He grinned as Gash crawled out of the pond.

"Oh, n-no! Not at all!" Gash stammered quite nervous.

"Was there something you wanted to ask Gash, your majesty?" Koruru asked, flushing so her face was as pink as her hair.

"Oh right." His expression became more serious. "I need your help with an very important task..."

"Like what..?" He said puzzled.

"I'll fill you in later. First we need to find those friends of yours." Zeon responded. They suddenly heard a faint rustle coming from the bushes and the three turned in that direction. Gash and Koruru were now redder than ever before, because several familiar heads were sticking out from the shrubery, all in their formal attire (Tio and Patie were steaming with jealousy).

"Wow. That was fast." Zeon said bluntly.

"YOU GUYS WERE SPYING ON US!" The duo yelled in embarrassment simultaneously.

They all just grinned at the pair (Tio and Patie still steaming).

"Ahem? You'll have plenty of time to chat later, now hurry up and follow me." They all did as told, everyone wondering where they were heading.

Infront of the Gate Room

"Woah. Since when was the gate inside a building?" Ari looked up at a fairly large structure where the Dimensional Gate once stood. "What happened to the ancient ruins? And how did they build this?"

"Must be the recent Ningen influence on our Demonic culture." Haido replied.


"... It means we are becoming more like the Humans ever since the battle for king started."

"... Wha?"

"... Magic, Arisa. Magic." He said in attempt to shut her up.

"... Wha?"

"Grr..." Haido whipped up a whirlwind and sent the demoness spinning 'round.

"Wah! I was just kidding!" The dizzy Ari shouted as the wind died down and she collapsed onto the ground. "Hmph..." Haido frowned in dismay. "Must you always act like such an idiot?"

"Hmm. Looks like we'll have to discuss this later. Look." She pointed towards the group of mamodo headed towards them.

Minutes Later

"Okay... Now that we're all here, I shall explain to you your urgent mission. You'll have to return to Ningenkai to-"

"Mission..?" Tia asked. "But we just got back here yesterday! You can't be serious about sending us back so soon!"

"Oh, fine then. If you don't want to go then we'll just let the Seven Sins of the Makai destroy the realm along with all your human friends."

Everyone's jaw dropped and went pale. "T-The Seven Sins! In the Ningenkai!" Gash shouted, trembling in fear.

"The same one's that ran a muck throughout the Makai one millenia ago!" Koruru screamed, all the pink scared out of her.

"No way!" Everyone yelled simultaneously.

"... Calm down people... I'm sure they aren't that tough." Zeon said with a slight annoyance in his voice. How did they know when he didn't? Even Gash knew so that made him feel even worse. "So... Any volunteers?"

Everyone took a large step backwards except Gash.

"Gah! C-Come on guys! Our friends are in trouble! Are you just going to let them all die? Like Zeon said, they're probably not that strong! I mean we've went through much worse, right?"

The group all looked at each other and then nodded, taking a step forward to their original positions.

"Wow. I have to admit that your motivational skills are pretty impressive..."

Gash beamed with joy that his brother had finally complimented him. "Really?"

"Nope. Now let's go, blondie. Time is of the essence." He walked into the building with the others behind him including the crushed Gash.

Inside, the room was high-tech, computers stretching from wall to wall with a large circular gate-like portal in the center. Everybody was staring in awe.

"Holy crap... They have really out done themselves..." The king said wide-eyed. "... Hmm?" He had just noticed three knocked out mamodo scientists bound and gagged in the corner. "Hmm... Looks like they're out cold..." Zeon then walked over to one of the computers. "Uhh... Does anyone know how to work any of this?"

Arisa grinned and her teeth glinted. "Leave that to me..."

And with that, she began pressing all sorts of buttons. Within a matter of minutes, the computers fully functional and she had activated the gate.

"All set! I also locked our position so that we all land in the same area."

"Great. Now lets get our books and-"

"... Uh-oh..." Ari had interupted Gash.

"What do you mean, 'uh-oh?'" Zeon glared at her.

"Well... It seems that the Sins sabotaged the gate... Only seven of us can go..."

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