Mortal Kombat 3

The realm of Edenia was truly a beautiful realm, surrounded by vast trees and water. The realm was ruled by its king, Jerrod, along with his beautiful wife, Sindel. At Edenian Palace, word spread of an impending birth. At the palace, the cries of life erupted and a beautiful baby girl cried out through the empty walls.

The baby was wrapped in a white blanket as the doctor took her over to her father. "Congratulations sire, you have a girl."

The king smiled warmly as he took the baby into his arms, the girl immediately stopped crying as she looked into her father's eyes. Jerrod turned to his wife, who lay bed-ridden, exhausted from going into labor.

"Look, Sindel. We have a daughter." Jerrod said, happily. Bringing the girl down close enough for Sindel to see, who smiled back at the child.

"She's beautiful Jerrod, what should we name her?"

"Hmm," the king said, in deep thought. "Kitana. Yes, that will be her name, a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. What do you think?"

"I like it." Sindel said, smiling warmly as she took the baby in her arms.

Just then, the general for the Edenian armies entered, he was a tall man, and an old friend of the king's. His name was Derek, who too had a child. It had been arranged by the two men that should Jerrod have a daughter, she was arranged to marry Derek's son, Rain.

"Derek, it is good to see you." Jerrod said, standing up and walking towards his friend, who was clad in armor, he was Edenian's finest knight. Derek kneeled down before the king, who shook his head.

"No need to do that, my old friend." Jerrod said, as Derek stood up, the two embraced each other as Jerrod lead Derek over to the bed-ridden Sindel. "This is my daughter, Kitana."

Derek stood for a long moment in awe and started at the baby. "She's beautiful, Jerrod."

"Yes, she is. She and your son will be the next king and queen of Edenia."

"Sire! Sire!"

The voice shouted through the palace walls as a guard made his way into the royal chamber. "Sire! Sire!" The guard ran out of breath and started panting in place, but was able to salute to both his superior and his king.

"What is it soldier?" Derek asked.

"Word has reached us. Outworld has won Edenia in Mortal Kombat. Shao Kahn is coming to take Edenia!"

A wave of shock ushered over the room. Jerrod gave a look of anger and despair. "Damn you, Kahn…" he whispered softly. "Derek, prepare your soldiers. I will not let that madman take my kingdom and people without a fight!"

"Yes sire!" Derek said; a hint of urgency was in his voice. "Move it! We must defend the palace!"

Derek and his fellow guardsmen quickly exited out of the room as Jerrod turned to Sindel, staring into eyes for a moment before turning to the guards that remained. "Take my wife and daughter to safety!"

"But Jerrod…" Sindel started.

"No time to argue, Sindel."

"But what about you?"

"I have to stay, I myself must challenge Kahn to Mortal Kombat to save our realm from his evil. Now, you two must go! Now, you have to leave!"

Sindel struggled to stand, exhausted as she was, she knew that she couldn't just wait helplessly in bed for Kahn's forces to storm the palace, her husband was right, they were short on time.

"Sindel, whatever happens, just remember that I love you…" There was nothing else that could said; as he gave his wife a kiss on her forehead, he then tilting down he gave his daughter a kiss as well. "I'm sorry that I didn't have much time to hold you, daughter."

That was the last time either of them would ever see Jerrod.

In the fields of Edenia, portals opened all around, the people fled in terror as the Outworld armies emerged forth; almost as though they had come from Hell itself. Then in the midst of the chaos, as homes were burned and villages destroyed, came Outworld's ruler; Shao Kahn…

Shao Kahn was enormously tall, his face hidden by his mask, all who looked into it saw one thing: Death.

The Edenian Knights charged bravely into battle, but they were slowly being overwhelmed by Outworld's forces. Soon, in no time, they were nearing the palace gates. Derek ordered the gates to be raised, but some well time arrow strikes struck the guards in their necks, as they fell lifelessly to the ground.

Soon the Outworld armies were at the gates, Kahn himself leading the charge, as he prepared to cross the gate to the palace, Derek stood before him.

"Halt! In the name of King Jerrod, I will not allow you to enter the palace!" Derek said, as he drew his sword from its cover. "For Edenia, I challenge you to Mortal Kombat!"

Kahn smiled, as one of the soldiers offered him his sword. Kahn took the sword and pointed it at Derek. "I accept."

So the two clashed swords, the sounds of steel echoing throughout the sky; as their blades crossed, Derek was quickly becoming overwhelmed. Though skilled he was; he knew he was no match for one as strong as Shao Kahn. His bravery was to be commended, but bravery does not win a fight alone unfortunately. After a few moments of battle, Derek's head had been severed by Kahn's blade, falling into the moat that surrounded the palace. Blood stained the peaceful water.

Jerrod had seen it all; the death of his best friend was nearly overwhelming. "No, Derek… you murderer!"

Kahn turned to face Jerrod. "Ah, Jerrod." He said, throwing his blood stained sword aside and putting up the sword that Derek had used to fight him. "I was hoping to get a chance to kill you today."

"It ends here, Kahn. I will not let you take Edenia for your evil purposes! I will stop you! For my people, for my land, for my family and in Derek's memory; I CHALLENGE YOU TO MORTAL KOMBAT!" Jerrod bellowed.

"I eagerly accept." Kahn said. "But first, let's get this trash off of the battlefield." With that, Kahn kicked Derek's body into the moat.

Jerrod and Kahn clashed swords, the sounds of steel once again echoing throughout the air. Their battle took them into the palace itself. Edenia's soldiers were falling everywhere, this battle will decide of Edenia. Their battle took them up the stairwell. Blade-by-blade, they appeared equal. But Jerrod was slowly tiring; he desperately tried to find any weak spot in Kahn's parries.

As they reached the top of the stairwell, Kahn undoubtedly had the advantage. For a long while, the two clashed with their weapons of steel. But eventually, in an instant, Jerrod had been disarmed. Jerrod collapses to his knees as Kahn pointed his weapon at the king's throat.

"Before you die Jerrod, I just want to tell you. Sindel will now be my wife, she'll forget all about you, it is me who she will love and you will fade out of history, never to be remembered. Any last words?"

"Yes, you may strike me down, you may take Edenia today. You may conquer countless other realms, but I know that one day; a warrior will rise up to defeat you in Mortal Kombat. Our wisemen have foreseen this; you will be defeated one day and Edenia WILL BE FREE!"

These were Jerrod's last guards as Kahn slashed the king across the throat, blood spill from Jerrod's neck as he collapses onto the ground. As Jerrod lay in a pool of blood, Kahn extended his hand and from Jerrod's body came his soul, now it was belonged to Shao Kahn…

Sindel had no chance to run, for she was quickly surrounded by Kahn's soldiers; she sank to the ground, holding her daughter, who cried out in fear. As Sindel desperately looked for a way to escape, she saw Shao Kahn walking towards her. This could only mean that Jerrod had fallen.

"No… No! Stay away! Get away from us!" Sindel called out in fear.

But Kahn just walked forward, until he was inches from Sindel. He reached down and grabbed the baby that Sindel held in her arms by the blanket. Sindel tried to hold on to her precious child; but Kahn was too strong.

"No! Let her go! You monster! Let her go!"

"Such a beautiful girl." Kahn said, through the baby's cries. "She will make a lovely daughter."

From that day forward; Sindel became Kahn's wife, while Kitana became his daughter. They then ruled Outworld at Shao Kahn's side. Unable to bear this life and driven to insanity over the grief of Jerrod's death; Sindel committed suicide not long after. Like Jerrod before her, her soul was devoured by Shao Kahn. Devastated by her loss, Kahn was determined to have her resurrected. Yet Jerod's words did occasionally make Shao Kahn uneasy… who could this warrior be? Kahn would not know until thousands of years later…

10,000 years later

The guards entered the Outworld Palace Court, it was not unusual for them to bring along a prisoner, but in this case, it was different; one of Emperor Shao Kahn's own daughters had been accused of murder and treason. They brought in a young woman clad in a blue leotard, which was torn in various places; rope had been tied around her waist, along with her wrists behind her back.

The guards were using one of the ropes that were wrapped around Kitana's waist as a leash. As she entered the room, Kitana tilted her head up. She looked around at the citizens of Outworld as they looked at her in awe and surprise. Kitana did not give them a response, for she did not know what kind of response to give… to her left, she saw her best friend Jade, who was similarly dressed like Kitana, but in green instead of blue.

Kitana looked at Jade, who looked guilty and ashamed, for what Kitana did not know, but she had no time to ask for she was placed in her chair and before she could make a move, they further chained her to it, locking them into place.

She had already spent some time in the dungeon; waiting for her trial, for after Shao Kahn's tournament, she was captured by Shao Kahn's army while her Earthrealm allies had managed to escape unharmed. But Kitana was not lucky enough to escape for she had to go back; she needed to learn just what they were resurrected on Earth.

The questioner approached her, staring into her eyes, reading her the charges. "Lady Kitana, daughter of Emperor Shao Kahn; you are charged with high treason of associating with the Earthrealm terriorists; for murdering your twin sister, Lady Mileena. Don't bother with the plea for the first accusation… but how do you plead for the second?"

"Well, yes I did kill her, but it wasn't…"

"Guilty or not guilty?" The questioner interrupted.

"Not guilty." Kitana pleaded, there was no evidence anywhere that it had been Kitana who caused the death of Mileena; although it was no secret that Kitana helped the Earthrealm warriors in their battle against Kahn in the final moments of the Outworld Tournament, but at least clearing herself of the murder charges would give her more time.

"But there is word that she attacked you for consorting with the Earthrealm terrorists is that right? Word has it that you had secret meetings with Liu Kang."

"No, I did not."

"Then what were you doing with him after you defeated Kahn? It looked like you two were sharing an… intimate moment."

Kitana blushed slightly. "Well, that wasn't really…"

"Enough. You're not giving clear answers." The questioner said, walking over to Jade, who immediately froze with horror. "Lady Jade?"

"Y-yes?" Jade stuttered, Kitana could tell that Jade was afraid.

"Did you see Lady Kitana talking with Liu Kang at any time?"

"No, not from what I know." Jade said, quickly.

"What about Mileena?"

"I-I don't understand what you mean exactly…"

"Did you see Kitana slay Mileena?"

"Well, I…I…" Jade stuttered, her face was covered in sweat and her whole body was trembling.

"Answer the question, Lady Jade. Did you or did you not?"

Jade did not answer for a long time, before finally she spoke up, her face filled with contempt and hatred for herself. "What I saw was that Mileena was coming at Kitana, but Kitana managed to throw her off the ledge, Mileena died shortly after."

"So Kitana did cause Mileena's death then? That's all we needed to know." The questioner said, turning to the counsel. "We rest and await your verdict."

The High Courts of Outworld turned to Shao Kahn, who sat a far distance from the court, watching the trials' proceedings. "Take her back to her cell, I'll decide on this later, I have more pressing matters to attend to at the moment."

The chains were lifted off of Kitana's chair and she was forced to stand, they led her down the hallway, Kitana turned to Jade, who held her head in her hands. Kitana didn't blame her; she actually felt great pity for her. She know that she was torn between betraying her or her emperor, who Jade was still loyal to. Kitana regretted never telling Jade about what she found about her, no their pasts.


Later that day, Kahn sat in his throne room, silently awaiting any of his subjects to enter his corridor. Sure enough, the leader of the Tarkatan armies; Baraka entered and bowed before the Emperor, a delicious smile was on his face.

"What have you to report?" Kahn asked.

"My lord, I wish to tell you that the rebels in the lower regions of Outworld…" Baraka smiled as he drew one of the blades from his arms; the blade was covered in blood. "They have been dealt with."

Kahn flashed a smile, which let Baraka know that he was pleased. "Excellent. Gather your forces, I have need for your skills once more."

"What is that you desire of us, my lord?"

"I need some more squads to exterminate any possible survivors."

"Yes, yes of course, my emperor, I will gladly assist you." Baraka said, bowing once more.

With that, Baraka was excused to leave the room, as soon as he did, a man entered; but this man was not a native of Outworld, he came from Earthrealm. His name was Kano, his head had been shaved bald by his own wishes, he had been given a new outfit, replacing his former white with red. Half of his face was covered by a metal plate with a glowing red eye.

"What is he doing here?"

"We found him scouring the wastelands." said a Masked Guard showing his distrust towards the mortal, "he requested to see you."

"Hmm," Kahn said, growling slightly before turning to Kano. "You had better have something worth my while, mortal."

"Believe me. I have something to offer in your conquest of Earth."

"I'm listening…"

"You need someone who knows the ropes there, you need someone familiar with Earth, you'll need…"

"I do not need a field tactician. Your offers are pointless. Kill him!"

Kano turned around in horror to see the Masked Guard walking towards him, their staffs at the ready. "Wait! Wait! There's more! I can teach your men how to use the weapons on Earth! It could come in handy! Think of it! All you have to do is spare my life!"

"Hmm," Kahn said, thinking. Such a thing could prove useful to the extermination squads as they hunt Earth's warriors. But a mortal helping to lead his armies would be controversial with the other warriors, but nevertheless. "Stop!"

The guards halted in place, shocked at Kahn's order. "I accept your terms, mortal. You may live."

Kano flashed an evil grin as the guards reluctantly, but loyally dropped their weapons. "I'm glad that we could." Kano started.

"Now leave, before I change my mind." Kahn ordered loudly, as Kano quickly complied.

Hours later, the visitors that Kahn was waiting for finally arrived; the Centuars, the mortal enemies of the Shokans. Motaro stepped through the door, he was the leader of the Centuars, a former rival of Goro.

Motaro approached the emperor; he stopped and bowed at Shao Kahn, who rose from his chair.

"Welcome Motaro." Kahn said, walking down towards the Centaur.

"Great Shao Kahn, it is an honor to serve you."

"Yes, you need not worry about the Shokans, they have lost their favor, the king is dead." This caused Motaro to smile.

So the two conversed about the Centaur's role in the battle to come, Kahn gave Motaro the order to gather all his troops and prepare for an invasion, to scour the planet in search of those warriors who Raiden would choose to protect it. Kahn had no doubt that Raiden was forming some kind of plan of his own, but Kahn was ready. He was always ready.

After the Centaurs had left, Kahn had left one Shokan in his service, for means of protection. This Shokan's name was Sheeva and she was to protect Queen Sindel, once she was revived. Unaware that Kahn had enlisted the Centaurs, she eagerly agreed in hopes to avenge both Goro and Kintaro, both of whom were missing and presumed dead.

Kahn had two generals already; Motaro and Baraka, but it was not enough, he would need two more. Fortunately, his chance came when the Tarkatan brought worth a warrior, clad in a purple ninja outfit. This warrior appeared terrified, and immediately sunk to his knees to beg for mercy.

"We found him along the outskirts of Outworld. We brought him back here, he begged for his life."

"Is that so? Hmm, you are from Edenia are you not?" Kahn said, looking this warrior over. "What is your name?"


"Rain?" Kahn said, he started to laugh, those his men at first remained silent, a quick glare from Kahn forced them to laugh too. "Your cowardice is pathetic and your outfit is just atrocious. Welcome aboard."

Rain breathed with relief. "Go before I change my mind." Kahn said, Rain quickly ran out.

3 generals now, only one more would be needed. But who? Shang Tsung was to lead the Shadow Priests, so he was not an option. Sheeva was to protect Sindel, while Kano had his own assignment. It seems he would have to make another general, for neither Reptile nor Jade were fit to handle such a task and this warrior named Noob Saibot that Shinnok had offered, was not to join until after the merger had started. Though then, he remembered, a warrior that he had created many hundreds of years ago.

Using several souls that had been trapped within, a new entity was born; he was a warrior composite of several innocent souls, but Kahn had made it so that this warrior would be loyal only to him. This warrior came off as a ninja, clad in red.

"What is your name?"

"We are Ermac." The entity spoke, in a voice that was complied with many voices it seemed. He referred to himself as "we" and "our" most strangely, but this was because his body possessed more than one soul.

"And who do you serve?"

"We serve Shao Kahn."

"Ermac!" Kahn called out.

Out of the shadows, Ermac emerged, glowing with green energy, he stood before the emperor.

"Yes, master?" said the ninja, bowing.

"I need one more general."

"We will gladly serve you."


The Netherrealm was a truly evil place; surrounded by pits of fire, all creatures there were evil except one; he was a specter who was out for revenge at a time; he had killed his murderer, but yet his soul cannot rest for beneath the hellspawn lay a man of honor, he now desired to redeem himself for taking one's family away.

His name was Scorpion, his appearance was that of a yellow ninja, his eyes were white that symbolized his former rage. Now while Scorpion was most assuredly not good, it would be a mistake to classify him as evil.

He was murdered by a Lin Kuei Warrior known as Sub-Zero, two years later, Scorpion was only allowed to leave the Netherrealm because its ruler Shinnok allowed him to. But Shinnok and the sorcerer, Quan Chi were not pleased to learn that Scorpion had vowed to protect the younger Sub-Zero so as of now, Scorpion must remain in the Netherrealm forever…

At Shinnok's palace, a new soul had entered the Netherrealm, eternal damnation awaiting it, yet Shinnok had observed what transpired above, this soul could be quite useful in his plans.

This soul was Mileena; the twin sister of Princess Kitana, murdered by her own sister, her soul was to be condemned to the Netherrealm, but it seemed that her part in this story was not yet over.

Mileena's eyes opened ever so slightly and before her, she saw a man dressed in red robes, his eyes glaring down upon her. To her left, she saw a black ninja, who merely gazed at her and showed no signs of emotion.

"Welcome Mileena." Shinnok said, as Mileena stood up.

"Where the hell am I?" Mileena asked, groggily and confused.

"Funny you should ask that." Shinnok said, chuckling slightly.

Mileena looked at Shinnok in confusion, before turning to the open window behind Shinnok's chair. Through it, she saw pits of fire roaring with an indescribable fury. The grounds were filled with flame waiting to rise, Mileena had heard tales of this, this couldn't be… it couldn't…

"No… I'm not… I'm not…"

"Yes, you are in Hell, my dear." Came another voice, through the doorway, the sorcerer Quan Chi entered. His skin was pale white so much so that he almost looked ill, yet he was a very powerful sorcerer, feared by nearly all the denizens of the Netherrealm.

"I-I… no… no… I can't… I can't…" Mileena said, collapsing to her knees sobbing.

"Calm yourself, my dear. For she will find that while are in the Netherrealm, you are not longer deceased…" Quan Chi said.

"What?" Mileena said, standing up, wiping her tears away.

"Unlike Noob Saibot here." Shinnok said, looking at the black ninja. "You have been fully granted your life back."

"Why?" Mileena asked. "Wait! Am I allowed to go back and kill Kitana?"

"Not exactly." Shinnok said.

"What?" Mileena shouted, indignantly.

"You are to spy on Shao Kahn as he battles against Earth's warriors, not for anything else."

"What? I can't do that! Shao Kahn is my father! And I won't let anything stop me from taking my revenge on…"

But before Mileena could continue, a flash of light enveloped the room, and Shinnok floated up from his chair, towering over her, his voice had gotten much deeper. "INFIDEL! YOU DARE TO QUESTION ME? I GAVE YOU YOUR LIFE BACK AND I CAN TAKE IT AWAY AGAIN! DO YOU WISH TO QUESTION ME AGAIN?"

Mileena sank to her knees and trembled in fear and quickly bowed her head obediently, all the while Quan Chi just smiled as Mileena begged for forgiveness.


In Earthrealm, the warriors had managed to escape Outworld and began preparing themselves for the forthcoming invasion. In the United States of America, the Special Forces agents, Major Jackson Briggs and Lt. Sonya Blade had been busy trying to convince their superiors of the threat that the realm of Outworld held.

Jackson Briggs, or as he was called for short, "Jax" had previously embarked on a mission to find and rescue Lt. Blade, he was successful, but Kano eluded capture yet again. His commanding officers refused to listen to the Major's story, while Jax himself had been thinking on a way to save Earth from Outworld's forces.

"They're idiots, Sonya." He said, to himself as Sonya exercised in the Special Forces' gym. "Stupid bastards, every one of them."

Sonya, who was in the process of doing chin-ups, had to agree. The general refused to listen to neither her nor Jax. She stepped down from the pole and grabbing a towel, she began to wipe the sweat off her face. Sonya was a simply young and beautiful woman, her long blonde hair was tied in a ponytail, but her looks only concealed her hidden strength as a warrior and solider.

"We're not in this alone, there's Liu and the others. They'll help us out." Sonya said.

"Yeah, but what could just a few people do against a whole army of mutants and freaks and all that?"

Sonya did not reply. Jax merely turned around and stared at his arms. "I nearly lost my life a couple of months back."

"Hey, at least you weren't tied up in a dungeon with only Kano to talk to." Sonya said.

Jax couldn't help but smile, but yet he recalled his near-death at the hands of Kintaro, if it wasn't for Raiden, the Thunder God, he surely would've died.

"Anyway, I'm gonna hit the showers." Sonya said, walking out of the room.

"Yeah ok, kid" Jax said, silently.

"Don't call me that." Sonya said, somewhat angrily.

As Sonya left, Jax continued to fret over and over in his mind about what was about to unfold. These arms weren't enough; no they just weren't. He needed something stronger. Something more metal. Something that would give them an advantage over their Outworld invaders… Jax then decided that he was heading towards the technical lab.

Meanwhile, Sonya undressed and stepped into the showers, slowly thinking over and over in her mind as to what was occurring as she turned the faucet on.

"I guess Jax does have a point, we are in trouble. I mean, nobody here believes us and the only thing we can do is train and who the hell knows what Kano's up to over there? I know he's still alive."

She thought of the comrades and allies that she's made over the past 2 adventures that she's had involving Outworld. They would be instrumental to their success. Sonya was never easy with trusting people, but slowly she was beginning to warm up. "Liu Kang's cool, he's strong, brave, smart, just about everyone you look for in a comrade. But then there's Johnny Cage, a 9-year-old trapped in a man's body. He might almost be cute if it weren't that ego of his."


Speaking of Johnny Cage, the movie star had just recently released his newest feature film "Mortal Kombat", an exaggerated take on the events of the tournament. The film opened to mixed critical reaction, but so far is highly successful commercially.

The movie star was currently driving through the streets of Hollywood in his black limo. Dressed in a business suit and his trademark sunglasses over his eyes, Cage was currently talking with his agent on his cell phone.

"So how are the ticket sales going?" Cage asked.

"They're breaking records, Johnny. If this keeps up, it'll make "Star Wars" look like "Ninja Mime"!"

"Really? That great? Holy shit… that is awesome."


The Black Dragon existed as a clan of mercenaries, their leader, Kano was still missing and was now assumed to be dead. Several Black Dragon members entered an old abandoned factory, they had just robbed an entire bank, eluding the police, they laughed as they threw their sacks of money onto the floor.

"What a catch today huh?" said Jarek, who had a slightly haggard looking beard and black hair.

While the other Black Dragon members merely nodded in agreement, another member suddenly slipped away into the shadows, concealing himself from the others, in confusion and bewilderment, Jarek followed.

"What the hell are you doing back here, Kabal?"

Kabal turned to face Jarek, he came across as a rather handsome man, but this only concealed his criminal ways. With his two hookswords, he made quite a valuable ally to the Black Dragon.

"I don't know. I just am." Kabal said, silently.

"Hey, if your still mad about us robbing that one girl then you…"

"Look I just don't think it's right to rob from little kids, I mean, maybe a teenager, but a kid? That's too low." Kabal said, looking Jarek straight in the eye.

"Look! That's bullshit and you know it!" Jarek shouted. "We're the Black Dragon, we'll take what we want from everyone and everything!"

"But I just don't think that… the Red Dragon would never…"

"The Red Dragon? What the hell is wrong with you?" Jarek said, slapping Kabal upside the head. "You need to learn to stop thinking about the Red Dragon and more about your own clan. About how we're going to take down those Special Forces bastards, especially that Sonya Blade."

Jarek grabbed a knife from the side pocket in his leg and threw it at a large picture of Sonya on the wall, it pierced the left eye. Before Kabal could reply, they could hear what sounded like a missile hit the far wall, both Jarek and Kabal were instantly blown backwards.

"What the fuck?" Jarek yelled as his fellow clan members quickly scattered. "It's the Red Dragon they found us! God damnit!"

More rockets entered the building, causing rubble and debris to scatter all over. The Red Dragon must be using rocket launchers to attack. How could they be so stupid? They forgot to check if they were being followed.

"We've gotta go!" Jarek shouted.

"What about Kabal?"

"Forget him!" Jarek yelled. "Let's get out of here!"

As his clansmen abandoned him, Kabal found himself digging his way out of the rubble that had collapsed upon him when the missiles first struck. As he emerged free, he checked for any more missile attacks, the Red Dragon seemed to have moved on apparently to pursue Jarek and the others.

The Red Dragon and Black Dragon had been rivals for nearly 50 years, and it showed no sign of stopping. But the Black Dragon's numbers had been weakening since Kano's disappearance; more and more were captured by the Special Forces, Kabal's group was one the last to avoid captured.

He emerged outside the hideout and he managed to crawl out of view just before he passed out.


A few months ago

In China, another clan existed, but these were called Chinese Ninja Warriors otherwise called the Lin Kuei. The Lin Kuei had existed for hundreds of years; a clan of assassins and thieves, one such member was known as Sub-Zero, who inherited the name from his now deceased older brother, he was clad in blue ninja attire and somehow naturally had the ability to freeze objects.

Sub-Zero and his fellow clansmen, Smoke, who was clad similarly, but dressed in gray, were returning to their temple after their failure to assassinate Shang Tsung in Outworld. Sub-Zero had encountered the ninja specter; Scorpion while in Outworld, the two fought and Scorpion came out the victor, but Sub-Zero never knew why the specter spared his life.

Having arrived at the temple, they were quick surprised to see a crowd gathered in the main hall. Looking at each other in confusion and in curiosity, they both began to make their way to the front of the crowd to discover what was the source of all the commotion.

In the center of the hall, standing before the rest of the Lin Kuei, was the grandmaster.

"My fellow Lin Kuei, it is with great pride that I stand before you today. For many years, we Lin Kuei have been restrained by human limitations, but no longer! For we have a way to surpass those limitations and become more powerful than ever! This warrior immediately volunteered for the process out of loyalty, it is to be commended. Allow me to introduce our first Prototype Cybernetic Warrior; unit LK-9T9 Sektor!"

A red cyborg stepped through the shadows after the grandmaster's words, all of the Lin Kuei, with the exception of Sub-Zero and Smoke, who could not grasp at what was happening, began to cheer. The cheering quelled when the grandmaster raised his hand to speak.

"Ah, but not is all. We have one more prototype to show you. Unit LK-4D4 Cyrax!"

Once again, another cyborg emerged, except this one's color was yellow not red. Once the Lin Kuei raised their arms as they cheered.

"Thank you." The grandmaster said as he died down the cheers. "But we need two more volunteers for the automation. They have been already been chosen, and I see that they have returned at last."

Sub-Zero and Smoke looked at each other in surprise.

"Sub-Zero, I don't know what the hell they're thinking!" Smoke whispered. "This is crazy!"

"Yeah, I agree Smoke, but right now the odds are against us."

"I can fix that."

"Well are you ready to begin?" the grandmaster asked, pointing them towards the door to a new laboratory.

"Don't we have a say in the matter?" Sub-Zero asked, irritated.

"No, you don't. You undergo the process whether you want to or not."

Raiden was right all along, the Lin Kuei had finally shown their true colors to Sub-Zero, they were not all the honorable warriors he had believed them to be. He had only just been faced with carrying on the legacy of his family, but now… instead of following in his brother's footsteps… he would make his own legacy…



"Whatever you're going to do, now's the time."

Smoke nodded and as he raised his hands up, a cloud of smoke appeared in the great hall, blinding all the Lin Kuei, and causing them all to cough violently. Sub-Zero and Smoke quickly escaped through the crowd.

"After them! After them now!" The grandmaster shouted.

In a flash, both Cyrax and Sektor gave chase, their sensors unaffected by Smoke's diversion.

Sub-Zero and Smoke successfully made it outside, Sub-Zero quickly sealed the door with a block of ice.

"Well, that was easy." Smoke said, panting.

"Too easy, actually." Sub-Zero said, worried. "Keep your eyes open."

Suddenly the ice was blasted apart and the two ninja were sent flying back from the explosion.

"You had to say it, didn't you?" Smoke said, groaning as he got to his feet.

The two friends looked on as Cyrax emerged from the Lin Kuei entrance, but where was Sektor?

Smoke turned his head, looking for any way to escape, when he looked up, he saw Sektor leaping at Sub-Zero, a knife in his right hand, about to strike the ninja down. Smoke shouted out a warning, Sub-Zero saw the attack and managed to leap back, but it was too late.

The blade cut down Sub-Zero's face, narrowly missing his right eye. Blood spilled onto the ground as Sub-Zero screamed in pain. He heard Smoke call out his name as he collapsed to his knees.

Sektor dropped the knee and suddenly his chest opened and a set of missiles was revealed. Before Smoke could react; Sektor had already fired 6 missiles and they were heading at Smoke. Smoke managed to leap out of the way, but although he succeeded in dodging the missiles, he had taken his eyes off of Cyrax, who leapt at the unprepared ninja.

Before Smoke knew it, he was on his knees clutching his stomach in pain. Meanwhile, Sektor strode in to finish Sub-Zero, his missiles aiming at the stunned ninja. Before Sektor could fire, he found himself unable to move. The now former Lin Kuei Warrior had recovered and had temporarily sealed Sektor in a block of ice.

Groaning with pain, Sub-Zero found himself dizzy after the slash he took from Sektor's knife. A red scar now covered the right side of his face… Holding his face in pain, Sub-Zero got up and quickly ran over to help Smoke.

But Smoke managed to pull himself up and blocked Cyrax's attack, bringing his foot onto Cyrax's chest, he knocked the cyborg back. Unbeknowst to neither Sub-Zero nor Smoke, Sektor had broken free from the ice that he had been encased in and came at the two. Like a cheetah, Sektor had pounced on Sub-Zero knocking him to the ground.

As Sektor tried to get his hands around Sub-Zero's throat, Smoke quickly knocked the cyborg off of Sub-Zero.

"Sub-Zero! We've got to run now!" Smoke shouted.

Sub-Zero nodded slightly and managed to stand up, but before they could begin their escape, Cyrax and Sektor were already on their feet, the two cyborg charged, Sub-Zero tried to freeze them both in place, but Cyrax leapt upon him.

Sub-Zero brought a knee up into Cyrax's chest, only to then learn that it wasn't such a good idea since Cyrax's chest was made of metal. Holding his knee in pain, Sub-Zero jumped back, but the blow had caused Cyrax to recoil back as well.

Meanwhile Smoke and Sektor started to trade blows, Smoke was nearly knocked senseless as the automation had enhanced Sektor's strength greatly. As Sub-Zero started to do the same with Cyrax, he too was starting to be overwhelmed.

Soon both friends were on the ground, trying to stand as the two cyborgs advanced on them. But a quick flash of ice from Sub-Zero, temporarily froze the two cyborgs in place. Without a word, both ninja were running off into the mountains that lay ahead, but unfortunately both Cyrax and Sektor had broken free in an instant and gave chase.

The chase seemed to go on for hours, their pursuers were relentless for without human limitations such as exhaustion, they could go on for however long was needed to complete their mission. As Sub-Zero and Smoke came across a canyon that split into two directions.

"We got to separate!" Sub-Zero said.

"Okay," Smoke started. "After we lose 'em, we'll meet up?"


"OK, good luck Sub-Zero."

"You too, Smoke."

Bidding each other a quick farewell, Sub-Zero run off to the passageway to the left, and Smoke to the right. Just as Sub-Zero ran out of sight, Cyrax and Sektor found themselves the canyon, unfortunately for Smoke, he was spotted just at the last moment, with no sight of Sub-Zero, the two robots instantly followed Smoke, presuming Sub-Zero to be with him.

Smoke continued to run as far as his tired feet could carry on. Taking a moment to rest and catch his breath, Smoke did not see Cyrax and Sektor approaching behind him. Cyrax's chest opened like Sektor's but unlike his partner, who shot missiles from his chest compartment, a large green net fired out.

"Huh?" Smoke said, in surprise he turned around but it was too late. The net entrapped his body and caused him to fall flat on his back. He let out a shriek of terror:

"No! No!"

He struggled to free himself, but no matter how hard he pulled, the net wouldn't give. The last thing he saw before he blacked out was Cyrax and Sektor closing in on him…

Sub-Zero, however, was much more lucky, climbing out of the canyon, he finally had a clear run to escape. Panting to catch his breath, he looked around for any sign of Smoke, hopefully he escaped as well.

"Smoke?" Sub-Zero called out for his friend, but he got no response. "Are you here? Smoke?"

No answer came… Sub-Zero paused for a moment, before turning around and walking away. Many thoughts roamed through Sub-Zero's mind as he traveled, eventually coming to a river stream. Its waves echoed into the empty sky.

"Smoke, I have this terrible feeling that he was… no, I shouldn't think that, I gotta keep hoping that he somehow got away too, but I never should've said that we should split up… now… no, best not to think of it… I wonder brother, if you were still alive today, what would you think? Would you have run like I just have or would you have loyally sacrificed yourself to serve a clan so appealing? Hmm, my encounter with Scorpion began to open my eyes, though he may be a hellspawn, he's not inherently evil otherwise I would not be standing here today…"

Sub-Zero felt the side of his face that had been slashed. The pain had stopped, but the mark was something of a symbol, it was a reminder of the mistake he made; of the clan that he was serving was nothing more than a despicable organization that slowly became more and more corrupt.

"This uniform must come off…"

With those thoughts running through his head, Sub-Zero began to pull off his ninja vest and gloves. Now wearing nothing on his upper body, he thrust the vest into the water below, he watched as it sank beneath the waves. After a moment's hesitation, he pulled off his mask.

Holding it in his hands for a just few moments, he stared down at it. This mask symbolized the despicable deeds he had done as a Lin Kuei, the blood on his hands, though he never killed innocents or those that were defenseless, he had still killed… yes, he killed and until now, he never really thought about how that person might've had a family that was expecting them to come home, that person has—had lives. And he took it all away from them.

He slowly loosened his grip on his mask and watched as it slowly dropped into the river below, taking one final look at the stream, he turned his back and walked away. Ready to start his new life.


China, Shaolin Temples

After winning the first Mortal Kombat tournament and escaping from the Outworld, Liu Kang looks to the future. He begins training a new generation of Shaolin alongside Kung Lao. The Shaolin Temples had recently been rebuilt after they were destroyed by Baraka's Tarkatan forces months ago.

The champion was currently training the new recruits while his friend was attending to the reformation of the White Lotus Society.

"Okay, here we go again." Liu Kang said, as he punched the air, as the other Shaolin followed his example. Back and forth, Liu Kang went between both hands as he performed his kata. The other Shaolin followed suite.

After a few more moments of practicing, Liu Kang excused the new trainees so he could have a moment to speak to Kung Lao, who had just arrived.

"Hey Kung Lao." Liu Kang said. "Did it go ok?"

"Well, it's alright, there's still a few more things to take care of, but I think we should have the White Lotus Society back up in a couple of weeks." Kung Lao said, with a smile.

Liu Kang returned the smile. "How many people have you recruited so far?"

"Oh, about five or so."

"Keep that up and you'll have 50 by the end of the week." Liu Kang said, as he and Kung Lao began to head inside.

"I'd like to get that many, but I doubt it." Kung Lao said, chuckling slight. For a moment there was silence, until Liu Kang finally spoke.

"It's been months, and still no sign of anything."

Kung Lao sighed. "Well, the best thing we can do right now is keep training until they make their move."

"Yeah, but how good is that going to do us? I mean, I barely won last time, next time I face him, I might not be so lucky." Liu Kang said, bowing his head.

"Still thinking about her?" Kung Lao said, referring to how Kitana saved Liu Kang at the end of the Outworld tournament.

Liu Kang sighed:

"Yeah, I just couldn't save her… I couldn't…"

Kung Lao put his hand on Liu Kang's shoulder.

"Don't worry about her. I'm sure she's fine. She's quite a strong woman. She can take care of herself."

Liu Kang looked up at Kung Lao, gave a weak smile, before lifting his head up. He was glad to have someone like Kung Lao at his side. To him, Kung Lao was something of a big brother. Although he was not the Champion of Mortal Kombat, he was quite knowledgeable about the necessities being that his ancestor was a former champion.

Little did they know how much little time they actually had…


Meanwhile, Sonya had just gotten out of the shower. After drying herself off with a towel, she went to her locker and got dressed. Just as soon as she had retied her hair into a ponytail, her hair still a little wet, she stepped out of the locker room, trying to find Jax. Yet she found that he was not in the gym anymore, where could he be?

Puzzled, Sonya searched the hallways for her partner. Faintly, she could hear some noise coming from the laboratory. Entering the lab, Sonya looked to her right to see Jax laying on a table, a blanket covering his body, except for his head.

"Jax?" Sonya said, surprised and a little worried.

Without another thought, Sonya dashed into Jax's room, running up to his side, Sonya could see that he was alright, but yet something was different. "Jax? What did you do?"

Jax stirred for a moment. "Huh? Oh, well take a look."

Sonya sighed as she lifted the blanket off him. To her surprise, she saw that Jax's arms were fitted with some kind of metallic alloy; bionic implants had been placed on his arms.

"What the hell did you do Jax?" Sonya shouted. "Just what did you do? You… you moron!"

"I don't know, Sonya. I guess some of us were just preparing for a war!"

"Yeah, but you didn't have to do this?" Sonya shouted. "There had to be another way."

"Well, you weren't the one fighting against Kintaro in the tournament were you? If they have more guys like that, it's going to take more than just human strength to take them down."

"But, Jax." Sonya started. "It's not…"

Sonya sighed, before speaking again. "Why are you lacking so much confidence?"


"I've noticed it ever since we got back, you've been all depressed and such."

Frustrated, Jax got off the table and stood up. "Well, at least I wasn't the one who got captured was I?" he snapped.

Sonya gasped, as he walked past her. Now, Sonya knew that her capture in Outworld, wasn't her fault. She had no way of eluding Outworld's forces for long. But, she was still worried about Jax, his lack of confidence was affecting him greatly, she too was troubled. Many challenges lay ahead for both of them…


Back in Outworld, the body of Sindel had been laid out, the sorcerer Shang Tsung had recently been made more powerful by the emperor in order to resurrect his queen. His Shadow Priests had gathered around, with Shang Tsung in the middle.

"Shang Tsung?" Shao Kahn said as he entered. "Are you ready to begin?"

"Yes, sir." Shang Tsung then whispered to himself. "You oversized ogre."

"Excuse me. WHAT WAS THAT SHANG TSUNG?" Kahn bellowed.

Shang Tsung whimpered:

"I said… when you're ready, sir!"

"Excellent. But first I must contact Shinnok. Open a channel to the Netherrealm."

Shang Tsung quickly did so, what seemed like a portal opened before Shao Kahn, and when Kahn looked through it, he saw Shinnok sitting on his throne in the Netherrealm.

"I guess it's time is it?" Shinnok asked.

"Yes, it is. I'm going to send you her soul so you can taint it with evil and erase all of her memories of her former life. Best that she doesn't anything, not one thing. Understand?"

"Yes, I do understand. But before you do, I have interesting news for you. We have resurrected your daughter Mileena, she should be quite useful, as we have also given her a new ability, which we think may come in handy."

"I see…" Kahn said. "Very well then."

Kahn took a step back. "Prepare yourself."

With that a lingering soul was shot out of Kahn's body. With a horrible scream, the soul was sent through the portal to the Netherrealm.

"I'll get right to work on it." Shinnok said, smiling as the portal closed up.

"Shang Tsung! Begin!" Kahn commanded.

"Yes master!" With that, Tsung's hands began to glow with energy. The other Shadow Priests followed suite and soon Sindel's body was lifted into the air, green energy enveloping all around her.

Finally, the moment that Kahn had been waiting for, for nearly 500 years was finally coming to pass, Earthrealm would be his for the taking. Yet the warrior who Jerrod had mentioned before he died on that day, 10,000 years ago. Could he be Liu Kang? If that was so, Kahn knew that he should take precautions in this case.

Liu Kang was not like the other Earthrealm warriors, for if anyone else had fought him at the Outworld tournament, they surely would've been crushed. Yet Liu Kang was amazingly able to pull out a win. Kahn knew that Kitana had a lot to do with Liu Kang's victory. That was it! Kitana was both his strength… and could be his weakness if it were exploited properly.

At Shinnok's palace, Shinnok had already finished erasing Sindel's memories and now, thanks to the Netherrealm, her soul had been tainted with evil.

"Quan Chi, send her back through the portal." Shinnok ordered.

"Of course, my lord." Said the sorcerer and in a flash, the spirit of Sindel was gone.

"When Earth has been merged with Outworld, I will be sending you two to Earth. Saibot, I want you to take a look around first, before joining up with Kahn, after that, wait for further orders."

Saibot bowed modestly.

"Mileena, you will report immediately to Shao Kahn."

"Yes, of course." Mileena said, bowing immediately.

"I don't trust him." Shinnok said. "He's up to something."


In Outworld, Sindel's body vanished through a portal as Shang Tsung finished his incantation.

Tsung turned to Kahn. "Sindel's body and soul should become one again as soon as they reach Earth, then it's only a matter of entering through the portals to Earth, taking Earth's inhabitants' souls."

"Excellent." Kahn said, pleased. "Prepare the portals, I will give the squads their orders."

"Yes, sir." Tsung said, walking out of the room.


In the realm of Earth, on the highways of New York City, a strange woman seemingly appeared out of thin air. With a full head of white hair, she appeared to be a woman in her 40s. But her eyes were white, she was Sindel, the former queen of Edenia, reborn.

The cars immediately came to a screeching halt when Sindel appeared and the angry drivers blew their horns.

"Hey! Get off the road lady!"

"You're holding us up!"

Sindel merely flashed and an evil smile and she opened her mouth. Sindel let out a terrifying scream that shattered the car's windows and blew their horns out. The citizens covered their ears and began to scream in terror and panic themselves.

Cries of terror immediately started to ring out, as the citizens abandoned their cars and fled as fast as their feet would let them. Sindel closed her mouth and began to chuckle.

It was a truly shocking sight, one such observer was not from Earth, but from the Heavens. The Thunder God, Raiden watched as Sindel appeared in the realm of Earth. He knew it right from the start, Shao Kahn had made his move… and it was time he made his.


In Outworld, Shao Kahn's armies had gathered outside, waiting for the Emperor to speak from atop his palace. Reptile, Jade, Ermac, Rain, Kano, Baraka and Motaro had gathered outside with their militia. Shang Tsung and Sheeva must be up with the emperor.

Soon enough, the emperor himself appeared on the balcony, his cape flapping with the mind. The army raised their fists and began to cheer as Kahn approached.

Sheeva, however was horrified and instantly angered when she saw Motaro and his army of Centaurs below.

"My lord! What is the meaning of this?" Sheeva angrily questioned.

"Silence Sheeva! Your orders are to guard Sindel when we get to Earth, nothing more!" Kahn ordered.

In the dungeons of Shao Kahn's palace, Kitana had been chained to a wall in a cell. Through the hollow walls, she could hear everything that was transpiring outside.

"Friends and warriors alike! Our moment has arrived!" Kahn bellowed.

The crowd cheered.

"Long have we sought to take the realm of Earth, but there were always boundaries, rules that had to be followed. Though I have lost the Mortal Kombat Tournament, I have found a way to breach the shields that protect the realm of Earth. And soon every man, woman and child's soul will belong to me!"

The crowd cheered again, perhaps even louder than before.

"But there will be souls that I cannot take. Raiden has no doubt prepared for this. Raiden will choose warriors to represent their realm in a new Mortal Kombat. No longer will we be restricted by the rules of a tournament! We ARE AT WAR!"

Once again, the crowd erupted in cheers.

"That is why I have summoned you here, you are to eliminate those warriors by any means necessary! And also, there will be a special award for the one who brings me the head of Liu Kang!"

Once again, there were cheers.

"The realm of Earth is ours now! Take it!"

For one last time, there were cheers.

"It has begun." Said Kahn as he smiled. "Shang Tsung! Open the portal!"

With a nod, Tsung waved his hands as a giant portal appeared behind the extermination squads.

Kahn ordered his army forward into the portal, as it began to grow larger, slowly enveloping the palace itself. The time had come to retake his queen.


First, the portal opened over North America, soon every city began to shake as the ground shook and several buildings started to break apart. Riots broke out almost immediately. People were under the impression that it was the Apocalypse.

Shao Kahn's palace began to materialize out of thin air, the skies turned blood red, the castle stood tall over one of the cities of Earthrealm

In Chicago, a riot control brigade was immediately dispatch to quell the rioting. Panic and chaos surrounded the air, as teenagers, and even young men and women had begun to break open novelty stores and stole what was inside. Kurtis Stryker, the leader of the Riot Control Brigade had never seen anything like this before.

"Alright men, let's stop this!" he ordered.

"Yes sir!"

Stryker's men took out their clubs and began to advance on the rioters. Stryker turned to his partner, to ask about the assessment of the situation.

"Mike? What caused this?"

"I-I don't know, all of sudden things just started getting out of control, I don't what ha-AAAHHHHH!" Mike screamed.

Stryker let out a yell of horror:

"Mike! What's wrong?"

But his attention quickly turned to the crowd, who began to scream in pain as well. Stryker watched as every inhabitant's soul rose from their bodies and up into the sky.

"What the hell is going on here?"


Meanwhile, on an ancient Indian tribe land, a preserver and historian of his people's culture, Nightwolf had seen the coming of this invasion in his dreams, though his friends' souls could not be spared, Nightwolf's was, he had drawn a protective circle around his tribe's land. Looking up at the sky, he knew that the time had already come; he whispered a mystical incantation that protected the land that was inside the circle.


Meanwhile, Johnny Cage was still talking with his agent on the phone, completely oblivious to what was happening around him.

"Yeah, tell me about it. Hey look, Chuck. It's not like that… it, hello? Chuck? You there?"

No reply. Cage figured that Chuck had to have been disconnected. "Weird." He said to himself.


At the Special Forces Headquarters, Sonya and Jax could hear their friends screaming outside, with a nod to each other, they both ran to investigate, what they saw was not describable, their friends' souls were leaving their bodies. Sonya froze with horror, and sank to her knees.

"No… no… Jax, it's happening, they're invading…" Sonya said, softly.

Jax clenched his fists with anger, there was nothing that they could do, and he knew it.

"Damn it… we're in trouble, girl."


In China, Liu Kang and Kung Lao silently watched with horror as their new Shaolin Warriors had their souls taken out of their bodies, the time had come to face the Outworld Invaders.


Every soul that had been taken, headed straight for Shao Kahn's palace, Kahn outstretched his arms and took every single one, and they were all absorbed into his body by the dozens. While most of Kahn's subordinates cheered as their leader slowly became stronger with each soul he took, Shang Tsung cast Kahn a glaring look. All those souls, and Kahn got to have every single one.

As the last soul was taken, Kahn's extermination squads scattered into the Earth to search for the survivors. There was no escape for them.


Raiden was now powerless, he had done all he could, though he wanted desperately to help, there was nothing else he could do at the moment. The survivors were stunned by the terror of what they had just seen, part of the Earth had been merged with Outworld.

He had managed to spare the souls of Earth's Chosen Warriors: Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Sonya Blade, Johnny Cage, Jax, Kurtis Stryker, Nightwolf, Sub-Zero, and Kabal.

Through the Heavens, Raiden spoke to the survivors one last time.

"You have been chosen to represent Earth in Mortal Kombat. Be warned. Although your souls are protected against Shao Kahn's evil: your lives are not. I cannot interfere any longer as your Earth is now ruled by the Outworld Gods."

These are the words of Raiden.