Kate moved a wavy strand of hair from her eyes and then look down to her feet. She sighed andthen shifted her eyes to stare out, beyond the sea. Surrounded by darkenss, tears slowly rolled down her freckled cheeks. She tried not to sob but reality hit her like a rock to her chest. She could hear someone slowly approaching from behind. She wanted to yell out "GO AWAY!" But a part of her longed for someone's shoulder to cry on. She wiped the tears from her face and cleared her throat.

Jack sat down beside her and though of something to say. "How are you feeling?" he asked.

Kate ran her hand over her lower stomach and sighed. "Still cramping."

"Any more bleeding?" He asked.

"Not Really."

Jack nodded, taking his hand to her forehead. "You still feel warm, come back to camp and get some rest."

"I'm fine," She said solemnly.

"This is a good thing, really it is Kate, think of the circumstances."

"Its hard, Jack. Its hard when you finally came to grips with what was going to be...finally accept it and then BAM. Its gone. I started to fall in love with this baby and now..." Her voice cracked and she hung her head.

"I know its been said here, thousands of times but...things happen for a reason?" Jack shrugged. Kate didn't respond. He put his hand on her shoulder and smiled at her.

"Its going to be alright...Please, come back to camp with me, have some water and lay down, you shouldn't be up like this."

"Jack, I'm FINE." She said, firmly. Jack nodded, patting her shoulder and getting up. "I'll leave you be."

Kate grabbed his hand before he started to walk off and softly said, "Thank You." Jack looked to the sand as he nodded, then turned to walk back, he needed to relieve Locke. Sawyer stopped Jack as he passed the camp.

"Look, Sawyer..."

"I just want to know how she is," Sawyer asked.

"And I'm to believe you actually give a shit?"

"Listen, cowboy, get off your fucking high horse for once," Sawyer started, waving his finger in Jack's face. "Go ride off into the sunset and stay out of our lives."

"You know very well if she had that baby and say someday...we ARE rescued, you'd take off before you would have to take any responsibility. Kate would end up in prison and her child would have no father. I stepped up, I've been there for her. You've sat around smirking at your "good work", that child is better off now," Jack snapped andSawyer was overcome with rage as he shoved Jack.

"You sayin' I couldn't love somthin' Jack?"

"You don't know what love is, Sawyer," Jack said, restraining himself from socking Sawyer smack in the jaw. "Just because you manipulated her into sleeping with you, it doesn't make you a father. It makes you a sperm donor, STAY AWAY FROM HER," Jack growled, before he started walking off again.

"True feelin' showin from under your armor there, brave knight Jack," Sawyer started. "A little jealous are we?" Jack started to turn to face Sawyer but started off again upon realizing ignoring him was the better option. "You come in on your white horse tryin" to steal my woman."

Jack stopped in his tracks, turning to Sawyer and glaring. "She is not your woman!"

Sawyer shook his head, smirking. He stood there for a second, finally decided he should talk to Kate. But as he started off, he saw that Claire was already doing so.

He shook his head again and laughed at himself. "You're the master of fuckin' shit up..." He muttered to himself, kicking up some sand and heading back to shelter. There wasn't much he could say anyways that could fix the situation. He laid down, closedhis eyes and was overwhelmed with thoughts & feelings he tried incredibly hard to ignore.

Off in the distance Claire gave Kate a hug and the two sat, staring in the night sky. Perhaps Jack was right, perhaps this happened for a reason... Kate stood up, dusted herself off and motioned for Claire to follow her back to camp. She was exhausted and as much as she fought it, she needed sleep.